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Ryan did fine and didn't hurt himself and Biden did NOT help team Obama with undecideds.

Undecideds Not Budged By Smirking Joe Biden’s Debate Performance

By —— Bio and Archives October 12, 2012

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Joe Biden did not help team Obama tonight, folks.

I am seeing a few conservatives wringing their hands that Paul Ryan ‘missed opportunities.’ Maybe so, but since he was interrupted a full 83 times (yes it has been counted) it’s no wonder that he didn’t get all his valid points in.

With smirking Joe Biden and jolting Martha Raddatz both teaming up to interrupt every single reply Ryan tried to give, it is certain that his points got lost in some instances.

In fact, Joe was such a jerk that it is sure he only appealed to the radical, left-wing base that Obama has been slowly losing this month. Apparently Joe’s job was to shore up the base and not bother with undecideds. This is a bad sign for team Obama. If he is still trying to appeal to the base with only weeks to go before election day” well, let’s just say it’s a bad, bad sign.

But the final assessment of the VP debate will be that Ryan won on points. He seemed knowledgeable, even tempered, and nice. Biden will be loved by his base for being an # with his smirking, arm waving, interrupting, sputtering, scoffing, and laughing (Al Gore in 2000, anyone?) but independents, moderates and undecided voters will wonder why Biden was such an #.

All in all, Ryan did fine and didn’t hurt himself and Biden did NOT help team Obama with undecideds.

Here is one undecided from CNN”

And polls on CNN after the night was said and done showed Ryan with a slight lead in all categories with CNN’s viewers. Within the margin of error, often, but it still shows that Biden did not help Obama with the very group that he needs to win.

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