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Marketing Nazi propaganda to impressionable youth doesn't appear to be an isolated incident for Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Selling T-Shirt that Features Holocaust Imagery

By —— Bio and Archives--April 18, 2012

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imageIn what can be considered yet another sign of the times that liberal ideology is elevating anti-Semitism back to mainstream acceptability once again, the international retailer Urban Outfitters is selling an item of clothing that can best be described as “Auschwitz chic”. It is a yellow t-shirt featuring a blue patchwork Star of David on the left breast pocket that harkens back to 1930s and 40s Europe where Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear a yellow badge in public until they were rounded up and sent off to the concentration camps.

While the reference might be lost on some Americans, the vintage yellow color of the shirt and homemade looking Star of David would serve as an unmistakable allusion to the Holocaust for most Europeans, where the practice of making the Jews visually distinguish themselves in public dates back over a millennia. For hundreds of years Jews have been made to wear yellow and sometimes blue, as was the case in Poland in 1939, badges in order to mark them as outsiders. Considering the long history of the practice in Europe, there is little doubt that the Danish brand Wood Wood, which produced the t-shirt for Urban Outfitters, could be ignorant of the anti-Semitic connotations that their design clearly conveys.

Some research on Wood Wood, whose corporate partners include Adidas and Converse, shows a company that revels in war symbolism. Their 2012 clothing line features Afghan-style pakol hats, tunics and combat boots that one fashion observer described as “clearly inspired by the Afghanistan War!” Wood Wood co-founder and Men’s Wear Designer Karl-Oskar Olsen is often photographed wearing soldier style shirts and fatigues and appears personally dedicated to merging war imagery with high fashion, even if it means trampling on the graves of six million Jews. There is no way Olsen’s t-shirt homage to the Holocaust is accidental - the imagery is too obvious, too in your face to believe otherwise.

Marketing Nazi propaganda to impressionable youth doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident for Urban Outfitters, which has been making a name for itself lately selling hate inspired clothing for the left leaning hipster. A few weeks ago it was revealed that they also carry the Obey Clothing brand which specializes in communist inspired themes and Christian bashing as evidenced by their upside down cross shirt. While Urban Outfitters doesn’t have a problem carrying merchandise that insult and defame Judaism and Christianity, curiously a review of their website revealed no such products that do the same for Islam.

A Letter from Wood Wood

“Dear friends,
as some of you are aware, several news sites have been writing about our “‘Kellog’ T-shirt, which feature an image of a six-pointed star, allegedly similar to the yellow badge jews were ordered to wear by the German nazis.

First of all the graphic is not the Star of David, and I can assure you that this is in no way a reference to judaism, nazism or the holocaust. The graphic came from working with patchwork and geometric patterns for our spring/summer collection ‘State of Mind’.

However when we received the prototype of this particular style we did recognize the resemblance, which is why we decided not to include the star patch on the final production T-shirt.

I assume the image people have reacted to come from Urban Outfitters´ web site. This must be a photograph of an early sample, which is of course an error.

Here is the actual T-shirt as it is in stores:

I am sorry if anyone was offended seeing the shirt, it was of course never our intention to hurt any feelings with this.

Brian SS Jensen,
Co-Founder of W.W.”
Head of Press
T: +45 3535 6264
C: +45 2242 9797
F: +45 3535 6274

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Fred Dardick got a BS in Biology at Boston University and MS in Biology at Stanford University before deciding that science bored him. He now runs a staffing company in Chicago where he is much happier now.

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