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At what point will Americans say enough is enough of all the social justice and radical environmentalism initiatives

What If The Left Keeps Squeezing?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 31, 2009

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How much of Obama’s “fundamentally transforming America” will free Americans take before they ....... ?

How much of our unalienable, individual rights will we lose before Americans have no other choice but to ...... ?

How many outright radicals in Obama’s administration will Americans tolerate before they call him out and demand impeachment proceedings from the Senate?

At what point will Americans say enough is enough of all the social justice and radical environmentalism initiatives coming out of the hopelessly corrupt United Nations, that past Presidents, Obama and the U. S. Congress are turning into American law and eroding our sovereignty, in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution?

What is the threshold upon which Americans will act, in response to the never-ending propaganda, hype, distortions and lies, spewing out of the mouths of the President and the U. S. Congress?

How long will Americans undergo the incessant squeezing from the left, before they will be forced to exercise the last remaining alternative, because all other alternatives have been exhausted?

What is the final “trigger” that will send America into chaos and anarchy?

When Representative Joe Wilson shouted that the President lied during President Obama’s speech to a joint session of the U. S. Congress, it turns out Joe was right.  He shouldn’t have had to apologize for anything.  After Obama promised that no health care benefits would go to illegal aliens, we hear this from Lou Dobbs of CNN, about Speaker Pelosi’s freshly rolled out Nationalized Health Care plan.  These aren’t Lou’s words, they come from House Minority Leader, John Boehner.  Watch the video.  You won’t believe it.

It is inconceivable that President Obama was ignorant of these benefits-to-illegal-aliens contained in the House’s health care Bill, thus making him a pathological liar.

Then there is the Cap and Trade legislation with the so-called need for the law based on politically-motivated, pseudo science (more lies and propaganda), that man is causing global warming (now deceptively labeled “climate change”) because of CO2 emissions.  If passed, it could send America into third-world status, put America at greater risk of invasion by a stronger power, lock up America’s natural energy resources, force greater dependence on foreign energy and raise the cost of energy many fold.  Every single product produced in America requires energy.  If the cost of energy goes up, the cost to drive our cars and heat or cool our homes will also go up.  The cost of food will go up.  In fact, the cost of everything will go up ..... dramatically.

Should either Nationalized Health Care or Cap and Trade be passed by the U. S. Congress and signed by the President, it will be an overt act of treason!

If they pass them, will nationalized health care, Cap and Trade legislation, amnesty for illegals, passing the Clean Water Restoration Act, UN biospheres or wildlife corridors, gun control, water control, food control, energy control, or unconstitutionally ratified treaties, or all of them together, send us over the edge?  No one knows.  But when it happens and we say “when”, it will grow like an avalanche, picking up speed as it crashes down hill, destroying everything in its path.  Like an avalanche, it will be unstoppable and the outcome totally unpredictable.

The questions we ask here, have been looming for years.  Several years ago we wrote an article in which we asked the reader if he would wait until jack-booted thugs came to his door and carted him off (Nazi Germany), before he would lift a finger to save himself?  No one believed that the threat was real then and even now, many say we haven’t come that far yet.  If they believe this, they aren’t reading the very descriptive tea leaves in our national teacup of daily government swill.

Actually, the country is so divided it would appear that the more likely scenario is an outright civil war between the “takers” and the “producers”.  Unfortunately, the government would come to the aid of the “takers” because the “takers” represent solid votes for the status, socialism, quo.

This is one of the reasons why we completed the video entitled: “The Coming Civil War”.  We were vilified by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and taken to task by Alan Colmes on his radio show, for even predicting such a thing.  We were on the Alan Colmes talk show on September 15th for a half hour, following Dr. Ron Paul.  Alan did everything he could to discredit us and our organization, using excerpts from our video, but he did not succeed.  When he found he could not “shake” us from our perch, he unceremoniously dumped us off the air.

It is still possible that we may still be able to reverse course peacefully, but below is a response from a fellow regarding our recent article, “What is the Threshold of Revolution?”, that doesn’t think so.  We hope he is wrong, but many indications point to him being right.

“Naive, profoundly naive.  Blood will run down the streets of America.  Ewart is advised to study derivatives, credit default swaps, money and banking and the debasement of the dollar.  Even Rep. Ron Paul is predicting violence.  Link  ‘Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis, Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger’”

But on the positive side we must ask:  “..... When in all of our history as a nation, have conservatives marched on Washington DC almost 2 million strong, or held tea parties across America, or spoke out vehemently, by the thousands, at Town Hall meetings?”

The 9-12 March on Washington DC was just the beginning.  This is not a flash in the pan, this is real and it is sustainable and it will grow.  The sleeping giant has indeed been awakened, like the lady said to Arlen Spector at one Town Hall meeting last August.  The question is, will the sleeping giant act objectively and with a cool head, or will he be like the grizzly bear just awakening from a long winter’s nap, ferociously hungry and thirsting for red meat?

It would appear that the answer on what the sleeping giant will do will be determined by how hard the left keeps squeezing the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness out of free Americans.

As we celebrate this Halloween Day, think about your government threatening the American people with, “trick or treat”, knowing full well that the “tricks” government has in store for us, if we don’t “treat”, are unthinkable in the land of the free, not to mention unconstitutional on their face.

Is government’s grip on you squeezing you too tight?  What are you going to do about it?

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Ron Ewart, President, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. An organization dedicated to re-establish, preserve, protect and defend property rights.

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