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A coup d’etat or an election:

What is it that Barack Obama knows that the rest of us don’t?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 20, 2008

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imageIs November 4, 2008 more a coup d’etat than it is a general election?

Is Election ’08 a mere formality?

With ACORN under investigation for registering bogus voters in at least 15 states; with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—who leads a Congress even more unpopular than a fast-fading- from-the-scene George W. Bush—claiming “It’s 100% that Barack’s gonna win”, with Minister Louis Farrakhan claiming a “new beginning for the Nation of Islam” and Barack Hussein vowing to “change the world”, it certainly seems more coup d’etat than presidential election.

If it weren’t for the fact that the future of the United States of America is at stake; that a group of rich and powerful, elitist malcontents such as George Soros and Kyoto godfather Canadian Maurice Strong have an agenda to usher in a new era of Socialism for the USA, Obama for all of his media and Hollywood hype, would be something of a joke.

Obama came onto the scene comparing himself to the late great Abraham Lincoln, penned a book that some claim isn’t even his and arranged—or had arranged—Grade 8 textbooks with an entire chapter dedicated to him.

  As Gateway Pundit so aptly pointed out, “Lincoln was a humble man.  He did not compare himself after six months in office to great men from history.”

  Swooning supporters, some at the ready to fall into a faint, accord the senator a peculiar rock star status.  MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews admitted that an Obama presidential debate speech created a “thrill” in his leg.

  The tragicomedy of Obama as “The Messiah” includes an advance to the White House with a largely AWOL mainstream media, who having come up empty on Sarah Palin in Alaska—one outlet even after advertising that they’d pay for provable dirt—are now vetting Joe the Plumber, rather than Obama sidekick Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist bomber, who launched the senator’s career in his living room.

  It would seem that Obama cannot lose for winning.

  Already making a game plan with his “transition team” and unruffled that his wife snacked on lobster tails and Iranian caviar last week, Obama is already USA President without a single vote having been cast.

  Is it the blueprints from Kenya and Russia giving Obama an unshakeable confidence in the outcome of the Nov. 4 election?

  Two in the rogue’s gallery of world leaders both arrived and returned to power, minus the vote of their electorates within the past year.

  After the victory of his successor, Dmitry Mededev in 2008 Russian presidential elections, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was nominated by the latter to be Russia’s prime minister.

  “Your agent for change” Raila Odinga took over the office of prime minister in Kenya after his campaign called for protests—even though he had lost that election by more than 200,000 votes to incumbent Mwai Kibaki.

  Was Barack Obama who actually campaigned for Odinga merely learning the ropes to usher in an era of Socialism for the United States of America?

  In a page straight out of Marxist strategy, Barack Obama’s campaign is, according to FoxNews, “accusing Republicans of enlisting law enforcement officials in a “frenzied and pathetic” attempt to turn the allegations of voter fraud surrounding a low-income advocacy group into a political football.”

  How did Obama break all records in fundraising in a massive economic meltdown?

  Even for someone whose ego is bigger than his ears, the pre-election gloating of Obama and friends is unprecedented.

  Time to determine why he won’t produce a simple birth certificate, or why he’s artful dodging his increasing associations with controversial figures is fast running out.

  Time is hurtling November 4, 2008 America’s way.

  With what is likely malicious laughter, a mammoth Election Night Victory Party is being planned and at this rate, all the people thrown under the bus likely will be there; those who have already passed on, if not in body, then in spirit.

  What is it that Barack Obama knows that the rest of us don’t?

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