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Obama and the Democrats in Congress are governing exactly like a fascist state

What’s really wrong with the Cybersecurity bill?

By —— Bio and Archives--September 2, 2009

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A lot of attention has been paid in the last few days to US Senate bill S.773 that would give the president emergency powers to control private sector Internet sites.

Introduced in the spring by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa)  and Olympia Snow (R-Me) the bill gives the president extraordinary powers to control private Internet sites in case of a cyber attack upon the United States. There is much opposition that has emerged recently both to the vagueness of the bill’s second draft and the proposed interference with private property rights, specifically the net.

Is such a law necessary? Probably. While it is hard to fathom a death being directly caused by an attack on computer systems, a well orchestrated cyber attack would wreak havoc on a modern day society. Electricity and communication grids could be totally knocked out; billions of dollars of peoples’ money could be wiped out even faster than Barack and the Democrats could spend it. A cyber attack on the United States by a hostile state or an organized terrorist group would have a devastating impact upon the United States. Although the 9/11 attacks upon the US were deadly and took the lives of 3,000 innocent people a well planned and executed cyber attack would adversely affect the entire country.

It is often said that the most important function of a democratic government is the protection of its citizens. It is difficult to imagine that any right thinking American would begrudge the president the power to take emergency actions to protect the country under attack. This type of action was taken on September 11, 2001 when G.W. Bush ordered all planes, most of them owned by the private sector grounded on that day. There is nothing unreasonable about giving the president the same type of power in the case of a cyber attack. Nor is it unreasonable to require employees of critical computer systems to be licensed.

Obama and the Democrats in Congress are governing exactly like a fascist state

The problem is not with what the bill is trying to do although common sense dictates that it has to be drawn with specificity. Although it infringes on private property rights, much like special powers to protect the country that is under an actual attack, such powers are necessary in a democratic country. The problem with S.773 is not what it purports to do but the fact that Barack Hussein Obama happens to be the president of the United States.

Despite the fact that the United States is at least nominally a democracy and citizens have the right to go to the polls and freely vote every two or four years, Obama and the Democrats in Congress are governing exactly like a fascist state. They impose their will regardless of how many Americans oppose it. Whether their policies and actions actually make the country better off are of no consequence. Companies like General Motors are not nationalized but Obama decides who is going to the CEO.

Government action is taken not by elected representatives but by unelected czars. When it comes to healthcare Obama himself has decreed that he will let people choose their own doctors; he will decide whether a person gets critical treatment or a pill. Freedom of the press is becoming a distant memory in present day America. Barack Obama’s megalomania knows no bounds. The reason why the protections that are proposed under S.773 are scary is not that the president is to be given extraordinary powers to use in the event of a cyber attack but the person currently occupies the Oval Office.

The problem with this proposed legislation is that Barack Obama will not use it to go after America’s enemies but his enemies. It will be used to go after everyone from El Rushbo to those evil insurance companies. Obama simply cannot be trusted with the power he already has.

The critics are right; this bill is scary.

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Arthur Weinreb is an author, columnist and Associate Editor of Canada Free Press. Arthur’s latest book, Ford Nation: Why hundreds of thousands of Torontonians supported their conservative crack-smoking mayor is available at Amazon. Racism and the Death of Trayvon Martin is also available at Smashwords. His work has appeared on,  Drudge Report,

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