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If 27 states can’t afford this albatross, why will you be able to afford this failure!

Why is ObamaCare such a failure?

By —— Bio and Archives--November 21, 2011

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When 27 states file suit against ObamaCare what does that really say? The Courts and the pundits seem to be focused on the citizen being forced to buy healthcare, but is that really the problem?

Do you recall the reason (wink wink) that the Liberal Democrats passed ObamaCare? There were 30 million people without healthcare. The odds are that there are probably more people without their own healthcare today then when ObamaCare was passed!

The problem is the word ‘insurance’. Healthcare stopped being insurance when the bleeding heart liberals started messing with it. And it took a bunch of idiots like Obama, Reid and Pelosi to put a nail in the coffin of healthcare. Before ObamaCare came along we had the best healthcare in the world. What will we have tomorrow?

The main problem with all these liberal policies is the semantics of the term insurance or entitlements. When capitalistic Social Security began, it was reasonable. The taxpayer paid a small amount and when you retired you received a small amount to help you out.

The entitlement was self-sufficient and it would have survived forever and it would have created a great deal of revenue. That’s the problem with good capitalistic programs. It creates revenue and the liberals just can’t help themselves. They want to turn it into a commie program that will become nothing but a revenue sucking mess.

The commie liberals got involved with Social Security and look what happened! They cover all sorts of different socialistic programs which it was not intended to do. It pays people who have not paid into the entitlement. And the government politicians steal from the lock box.

Insurance is actually supposed to work the same way. The insured pays into a big pot and when you have a medical emergency there is money in the till to pay for the cost to treat the insured for the medical emergency.  The insurance companies became greedy as well as the politicians. Again they turned a fantastic capitalistic system into a money sucking failure. Don’t you wonder how much a taxpayer pays for Senator Casey’s health insurance? I bet it is a lot of money. And you will pay for that insurance until the Senator stops living, or maybe until his entire family stops living? And now they want ObamaCare to pay for contraception for all. It always comes down to screwing the taxpayer!

Now the only claim to fame for ObamaCare is that pre-existing conditions are covered and children can stay on their parents’ insurance until the age of 26. Well I hate to tell you this but this is no big deal!

The reason that is so is simple. When you add your child to the policy or continue the coverage the premium goes up. The question is if there is an increase is it greater or less then if your child had his own policy?

Pre-existing conditions were always covered. As long as you maintained coverage when you switched companies, you were always covered with no pre-existing limitations. Some where along the line the liberals and the politicians decided it was best to remove that stipulation. My guess is that it was not eliminated for union public workers and government workers. Now we can try to rationalize the loss of the benefit; was it lost for the purpose of lowering the premiums. But if that was so, why didn’t the insured have that option?

For example for an extra $8 dollars a month you will be covered and if you change your insurance company, you will not be subject to the pre-existing conditions clause. All of a sudden you woke up one day and you found out that if you changed your insurance policy you were now subject to the pre-existing clause limitation. So let’s write this off to the greed of our friends at the insurance company. You know the ones with the big buildings with their names on top. How many doctors do you know that have their names on the top of very large buildings?

So Obama comes along and resurrects the pre-existing conditions clause. So now the insurance company has a license to raise your premiums for the same insurance you had pre-ObamaCare! If you are with the same company why did your premium go up? If you didn’t add an adult child to your policy why did your premium go up? That’s simple. When Obama had all those closed door meetings that was the deal. The insurance companies would be allowed to raise your premiums for no additional benefit to you? That doesn’t sound right, does it? That’s why ObamaCare is a failure. It is nothing more than an entitlement whose main purpose is to redistribute the wealth. But the problem is it will be on the backs of the middle class!

Why shouldn’t people be allowed to pay more? If you have car accidents, they raise your premiums. If you earn a lot of driving citations (tickets) they raise your premiums.

So why on earth should you get a discount for health insurance because you have a pre-existing condition and you let your insurance lapse?

Some companies are now charging more for healthcare if you are obese or a smoker. That is what freedom is all about. If you want to smoke 5 packs a day why wouldn’t you want to pay more for health insurance? The odds are great that if you are smoking that much, you will need a great deal of healthcare in the final ten years of your life. By paying more, this would provide you with the best coverage possible when you really need it!

The liberals see this as punishment. But why should someone who eats normally and does not smoke pay more for someone else’s healthcare treatment. I guess we should be saying or calling it a discount. In other words, let’s say the base premium is $12,000. If you don’t smoke and you are not 50 pounds over normal weight, (not phony skinny weight) you get a discount.

Not sure how you check to see if one is smoking. How do you determine if it is one packer or a 5 packer? What about a heroin user? What about a race care driver? What if you come from good stock? What if you come from bad stock?

It makes more sense to offer discounts then to have Lady Obama trying to preach about good foods while Obama pigs out on beer and beef.

But Obamacare is a failure because the liberals didn’t want to create a great healthcare system. We already had the best! They wanted to create a giant revenue maker. Not the revenue you are thinking about. Healthcare would become a giant mill that would provide countless jobs and lifetime benefits to all the politicians, their friends and their families.

Can we really afford such an albatross? Keep in mind they will cover everyone. They will cover all the illegal immigrants, all the folks that choose not to work. If they don’t work, guess who ends up picking up the tab? It won’t be Obama and his friends. They will be exempt! It will be you and all the taxpayers and the disappearing American businesses.

Now that’s why ObamaCare is a failure. If 27 states can’t afford this albatross, why will you be able to afford this failure!

Dr. Phil Taverna -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Dr. Phil is the author of “Is Now the Time for Revolution or Aggressive Reform: Volume 1”.  Dr. Phil seeks a solution to the bi-polarization of America and a common sense solution to bringing peace to the political anger. He has hosted talk radio shows and has written newspaper and internet columns.

Dr. Taverna has presented seminars nationally.  He has attended Utica College of Syracuse University,  Wagner College, NYU School of Dentistry, and Seton Hall School of Law.

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