Who does he really think he is; the health fairy?

By —— Bio and Archives July 21, 2009

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Why is that man that sits illegally in the Oval Office spending OUR tax dollars to give 12 million (at least) illegal aliens free health insurance?  Who does he really think he is; the health fairy?

Who told him he could spend all these taxpayers’ dollars on people who broke the law to sneak into this country instead of waiting their turn like the good people of Europe and other countries who wait their turn on our standard immigration lists and get nothing for their obedience to our laws while the cheats get a free ticket?  It’s almost like the gang of cheats and thieves that Obama has surrounded himself with at the White House; try to find one that ISN’T a tax cheat. 

And while we’re at it; who are these crazy people who call themselves Congressmen allowing him to do it?  Just who are the craziest among us?  I’ll tell you who – it is us; we the taxpayers who worked hard to save some money to pay our taxes so we could get things done in this country and possibly help those most needy that cannot fend for themselves and need financial assistance to get by.

We didn’t pay all those taxes to our federal government so that a bunch of criminals, who stole across our borders in the dark of night, raided our farmers fields and in many cases, their homes as well, to get health insurance that WE have to pay even MORE money to get.  Why in God’s name should we have to pay for insurance for those who are criminals, most of whom actually hate us and our country and would do anything in their power to help their ally, our usurper president, destroy us and our homeland?  There are even murderers among the many millions who are here illegally.  These are Obama’s people; we are NOT his people, we are his chattel to steal from at his whims and desires so that HIS people can benefit.

This charlatan and seducer of young peoples’ minds does NOT have the right to just take our tax dollars that were paid to improve our country and just GIVE it away so some of these new illegal aliens will become citizens and have the power and privilege to vote for him and his crooked and corrupt henchmen and women in our Congress.  Why isn’t there some one or some other government department that can stop this blatant thievery?  Can and will you answer that question Mr. Chief Justice of the SCOTUS?

One Republican Congressman, Dean Heller of Nevada, submitted an Amendment to prevent subsidizing health care to illegal aliens.  It was unanimously backed by other Republican representatives from other states, but the liberal Democrats unanimously sided with Obama to defeat the amendment then went on to approve the actual bill in the House.

Is this the kind of government we can expect to see in these final days of the United States as a free nation?  Can we expect more raids on our tax dollars and even our income savings accounts?  At what point can we expect the American public to stand up and say, “ENOUGH”?

David Patten, writing for NewsMax.com on July 19, 2009 stated that “Congressional Democrats and Obama have argued that their health plan is necessary to contain rising health care costs.”  This is living proof that these liberal Democrats have no shame about lying to the public, when there have been so many news hits lately from their own Congressional Budget Office to the contrary.

NewsMax.com writer Patton states, “…last Thursday, (July 16) CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf testified before the Senate Budget Committee and warned lawmakers that the proposed “legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs.”

Through slight of hand, smoke and mirrors and just general deviousness, liberals in Congress and Obama have been making irrational promises on all things concerning their pet plans for national health care, promising everything in one breath while claiming to contain rising costs at the same time; a physical impossibility. 
But when their own Budget Office warns of costs exceeding a trillion dollars over the next 10 years for that one item alone, there is no way of completely covering up these huge increases in costs.

There is no getting around the mounting evidence that the liberal Democrats in our Congress are no longer serving the American people; they are instead assisting Obama in his quest to destroy this country and deliver it into the hands of the corrupt and incompetent United Nations.  There is some indication in polls that even the real American Democrats are in agreement with that.

They now have the votes necessary to carry out just about any vicious and damaging plan they wish and with the concurrent approval and shepherding from the White House, it can be a done deal.

Which is why it is so important that the people of this country who wish to see it remain an independent sovereignty on its own, rather than a minion of a group of corrupt third world dictators, need to make wholesale changes in our legislative ranks and soon.

We can do nothing about the Executive Branch personnel until 2012 when we can make some REAL and POSITIVE CHANGE back to our founding fathers’ ideals; but in 2010 we can begin cleaning house (and senate) of the radical leftists of the socialist/communist persuasion that are delivering us unto evil and damnation.
November 9, 2010 is less than 16 months away; which is why those currently in power are trying to move so quickly to break this nation down.  Watch them carefully.

Oh, I almost forgot; but I guess you’ve heard that the new health care bill exempts our Congress, the President and his staff, and the Supreme Court Justices.  What’s that?  You hadn’t heard about it?  Well, now you have.  Seems Ted Kennedy, principal author of the bill figured if it was going to be free for illegal aliens it would not be good enough for the elites as outlined above, so they were exempted.

Now isn’t that just like good old Teddy to make sure our royalty wouldn’t be tainted by the same old drab insurance that criminals will be getting at no charge to them?  Ever notice how the stench in Washington starts at the top and works its way down?

Let’s have more tea parties; it has been proven that they really irritate and concern the anti-Americans who plot against this country and the common people.

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