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I hate duplicity, deceit, cheating and theft. I hate what is being done to my country. I hate communism and socialism, I hate ignorance, I hate Delusion, I hate cowardice and greed

Yes… I’m a Hater

By —— Bio and Archives--November 9, 2012

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As dangerous a practice as it has proven to be, I still can’t help but finding amusement in the political left’s Orwellian employment of the term “hate.” Nearly every conservative or libertarian with a social media account has experienced liberal flameage and accusations of being a “hater” upon casually expressing any number of conservative or libertarian opinions.

If you believe in secure borders, or English being the official language in the US, you’re a hater. If you don’t support the oxymoron of “gay marriage” and practical labs in homosexual foreplay being conducted in grammar schools, you’re a hater.

The irony of the left being the most hateful and intolerant group of people on the planet is not lost on conservatives and libertarians. Some of the most blatant and newsworthy examples of this surfaced during the recent election cycle, when certain Hollywood celebrities endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The left’s gutter invective and vitriol in public and cyberspace (in particular) are painfully evident to all, save for those spewing it. Sadly, with a Marxist administration in power and complicit press, these inconsistencies are left for those Americans still possessed of critical thinking skills to consider among themselves.

While I do believe that voter fraud and possibly electronic tampering played a part in the victory of Barack Obama and other Democrat office holders in the recent election, the fact is that a whole lot of Americans have bought into liberal-socialist doctrine, even though it resides at the intellectual level of most six year-olds. Many liberal Americans don’t realize (for reasons I’ve belabored previously) that Obama is a dedicated Marxist, and what this portends for them and their progeny. They believe what Obama says, rather than what he does, even with proof to the contrary.

Others simply do not care; they have been sufficiently indoctrinated into a shallow, narcissistic, predatory worldview by American educators and media. They possess little knowledge of their country, its history, or its formerly unique place in the world. The unfortunate long-term consequences of their actions (and their votes) will ultimately be blamed on something or someone else – perhaps former President George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan.

In answer to liberals’ charges of being a hater: Yes, I am a hater. I hate duplicity, deceit, cheating and theft. I hate what is being done to my country, and the suffering being caused in the name of bastardized concepts of justice. I hate communism and socialism, because they have caused more human suffering and death than any other political systems. I hate ignorance, because it facilitates otherwise intelligent, decent people falling prey to these harmful philosophies. I hate delusion so deep that people can see and feel the blade twisting in their bodies, yet believe the man holding the knife when he says that he is not in fact stabbing them. I hate laziness, because it makes people susceptible to the lies of the left, which appeal to human beings’ indolence and baser nature.

I don’t hate the stupid, though. If one is born stupid, they can’t help it; denigrating them for being stupid would be like denigrating someone for being ugly. There but for the Grace of God, you know. Stupid and arrogant can be a nasty combination, however, and a lot of stupid people are arrogant because they’re too stupid for introspection. In other words, they don’t have the capacity to recognize that they’re wrong. A lot of liberals are stupid and arrogant, as you might have surmised. Cogitation within the liberal paradigm just isn’t intellectually demanding, so obviously it would appeal to the stupid. And yes, I do hate arrogance.

Lastly, I hate cowardice and greed, because they have corrupted so many in a position to curtail the effects of the progressive cancer that has infected our society.

So yes, I’m a hater – and proud of it. I hate those things which are themselves hateful.

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Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author and speaker who writes sociopolitical commentary for numerous online and print publications. In February of 2007, Erik was the first to break the story of President (then Senator) Barack Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level, which ignited a media firestorm that smolders to this day.  Links to his work are available at

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