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Henry Waxman’s legacy: kicking our downtrodden and downhearted homeless Veterans

Zen and Waxman’s Legacy

By —— Bio and Archives--November 9, 2012

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Wei Wu Wei, the legendary Zen Master, profoundly noted:

“When you give a shilling to a beggar
do you realize that you are giving it to yourself?

When you help a lame dog over a stile
do you realize that you yourself are being helped?

When you kick a man when he is down
do you realize that you are kicking yourself?

Give him another kick - if you deserve it!”

So what has that got to do with Henry Waxman’s legacy?

Well, if you voted for Mr. Waxman to a 20th consecutive term in Congress, you teamed up with Henry to continue kicking our downtrodden and downhearted homeless Veterans.

Congratulations! Keep kicking the neediest of our Veterans because you deserve it.

Members of the Old Veterans Guard worked hard toward defeating Mr. Waxman at the ballot box so we could rid him from furthering his abuse and neglect toward our homeless Veterans.

But 54 percent voted against homeless Veterans while 46 percent voted in their favor. Thus, Mr. Waxman will continue with his secretive, backroom wheeling-and-dealing as he uses Veterans’ property to reward special favors for his voters and cronies.

Time to Probe

The Old Veterans Guard now looks forward to initiating serious Congressional and FBI investigations into what is clearly the biggest land fraud scandal in American history that produced some of the most heinous crimes against humanity … against our disabled and disadvantaged homeless Veterans.

As chairman of the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, Henry Waxman investigated allegations of abuse against terrorist detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. However, he never once investigated the actual abuse of disabled and homeless Veterans in his own Congressional district.

Amazingly, Mr. Waxman had the temerity to state: “The reports of detainee abuse are undermining one of our nation’s most valuable assets:Our reputation for respect for human rights.”


This, coming from the person who is solely responsible for some of the greatest abuse against human and civil rights on American soil when he refused to provide humanitarian relief and care for disabled and disadvantaged Veterans and forced them to live homeless and hungry in unsafe and inhumane conditions.

Waxman, the Fighter

Mr. Waxman’s cronyism and malicious conduct has been going on for four decades. He took office about the same time the Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Congressman Waxman, who is not a Veteran, likes to boast about fighting against the Vietnam War during his college years. Meanwhile those who fought in the Vietnam War and came back seriously disabled have been shamelessly abandoned by the Congressman.

But Terrorists? He Defends Them

In sum, Mr. Waxman fought against the Vietnam War and then failed to defend our disabled and homeless Veterans who fought in that war.

As a result, 47 percent of today’s homeless Veterans are from the Vietnam War era with many in their 60s, 70s and 80’s, in frail, declining health. Incredulously, Henry has refused to stand up in their defense and continues to kick them while they are down.

On the other hand, Henry defended thug terrorists who purportedly were being abused as detainees at Abu Ghraib and Camp Gitmo. Correspondingly, he irreverently investigated our men and women in the military who were fighting the war against terrorism in our behalf.

Henry even subpoenaed the Secretary of Defense during the terrorist wars but never once investigated a Secretary of Veterans Affairs on behalf of disabled war Veterans.

Mr. Waxman continuously defended violent terrorist detainees who wanted to destroy America, even as they had shelter, beds, showers, meals. But he never once defended our military Veterans who protected America and became homeless and destitute from their war injuries.

In fact, during his years in Congress, Mr. Waxman never once investigated the misuse of Veterans property in his own district that led to Los Angeles becoming our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.

Even worse, Henry never appropriated $1 for a bed or a blanket for homeless Veterans in Los Angeles.

That’s Henry Waxman’s true legacy.

Why would anyone ever vote for someone with this kind of callous and unpatriotic history unless they get a kick out of kicking themselves while bankrupting their good karma account? Thanks to the 47 percent who voted to help our homeless Veterans. You will get a kick out of knowing this: You invested wisely in your good karma account.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Robert L. Rosebrock -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Rosebrock is a U.S. Army Veteran, Vietnam War-era, HQ USARHAW, Schofield Barracks. He is Director of the Veterans Revolution and the Old Veterans Guard.

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