So that story about the lesbian waitress getting stiffed was totally fake


So that story about the lesbian waitress getting stiffed was totally fake

- Dan Calabrese  Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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There’s one born every minute, and apparently plenty of people are only too willing to believe that judgmental Christians are out there looking to spew their vile hate. So when lesbian waitress Dayna Morales came forward with the claim that some customers had refused to tip her, and written on the check that it was because they disagreed with her gay lifestyle, lots of people were willing to believe it.

You probably saw links posted on Facebook for days on end by gullible liberals, gleefully showing it off as proof of their narrative that Christians and conservatives are haters. Turns out it was all a hoax, and it only lasted until the customers in question - who actually did tip Morales a perfectly generous 18 percent - recognized their own check (in doctored form, of course) as the one being bandied about. And even though they’ve come forward anonymously, they’re not willing to let this slander continue to be perpetrated at their expense.

Nor should they.

This fits a pattern we’ve covered here before, of supposedly outrageous displays and expressions of hate - toward minorities, homosexuals or whatever other liberal grievance group is in vogue - followed some time later by the revelation that the whole thing was concocted, often by the purported “victim”. You can see the end of the video as clearly as I can, where Morales is confronted by the reporter with evidence of the scam and has little or nothing to say. Oh sure, she’s “standing by her story,” whatever that means, but she’s got nothing to stand on and she clearly knows it.

I’ll be honest. I saw the links posted by any number of liberal friends, and it sounded fishy to me but I can’t honestly say I formed a strong opinion that it was likely bogus, if only because I just didn’t think the story was worth much of a thought. The idea that someone would write a note like that, well, the wording sounded more like something that would come out of some victim-minded liberal’s imagination than from any real-life Christian or conservative - and now that we know the whole thing was a hoax, it explains perfectly why it was worded the way it was. Because it was fake.

You have to wonder how many of the stories you hear about “hate” and “intolerance” are either exaggerations or out-and-out lies. And when you do hear stories, it’s wise to question them. I had a guy tell me recently that he had left a Christian church in protest of a policy in which they “did not allow gays to attend.” Really? That seems like an awfully unlikely policy, given that the mission of a Christian church is to save the lost. Upon further questioning, it came out that what he really meant was that the church refused to preach a gospel that regards gay sex as acceptable before God, and some homosexuals in the pews felt unwelcome as a result. That is not in any way the same thing as what this guy originally claimed.

So many of these stories about “hate” and “intolerance” dissolve under scrutiny, and we discover that they were concocted to serve a movement that needs such incidents so as to garner sympathy. And when they don’t actually happen that often, because in the real world people aren’t actually like that, they have to be invented out of thin air.

Oh, by the way, Dayna Morales made bank out of this. She supposedly gave it to Wounded Warriors - unless she lied about that too.

I guess when you’re not that confident in the righteousness of your own life, you need to have haters to make you feel better by comparison. And if there aren’t any - because people have better things to do than sit around judging you - then you have to manufacture them.

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