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The DNC introduced to a reality TV trained world, a messiah with a bogus message of Hope and Change
SOS to Pope Francis: It’s souls that need saving, not the environment

 By Judi McLeod Full Story

In a surrealistic world the pope’s coming to America is somewhat like Cleopatra coming to Mark Antony.

Jeb! asks George! for Help
 By Arthur Christopher Schaper Full Story

Jeb Bush has lost major campaign donors, according to Politico.

Trump vs. Ramos Bout
 By Obie Usategui Full StoryYou know what, I thought my frenzy point for irking with madness had just about reached its limits of confinement when I saw Barack Obama eagerly shaking the bloodied hands of Cuban dictators Fidel and Raul Castro – the entire charade followed by the idiot John Kerry’s ceremony raising the American flag at the just re-opened Cuban embassy in Havana, not much after the jackass [Kerry] had virtually given Iran a free pass to becoming a nuke state, while Iranians lolled to the chants of “death to America”

A Proposal for the Muslim Refugees Clamoring to Enter Europe
 By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky Full Story

Every night on a dozen or more West European television channels, (Americans, by and large are still unaware of this chaos because of the geographic separation of a continent), the news programs bring into people’s homes, heart wrenching pictures of tens of thousands of destitute refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other Muslim majority regions in Africa, about 98% of whom are Muslims, clamoring to enter Europe.

Hate and Anger are not mental Illnesses
 By Mike Foil Full Story

This week we have suffered additional senseless and tragic shootings of innocent people here in America.

Constitutionality of Planned Parenthood Defunding Plans
 By Douglas V. Gibbs Full Story

Radio Host Dave Levine, a host on KMET 1490 AM on Monday, wrote on his blog, "Arkansas is the fourth state to terminate such contracts with the Feds--New Hampshire, Alabama and Louisiana are the others. By this time next year, 30-plus states will have stopped funding the baby killer company."

Boehner is typical of Jackass GOP Leaders
 By Jeff Crouere Full Story

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This week at a Colorado fundraiser House Speaker John Boehner stunned donors when he referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “jackass.” During remarks at the event for Congressman Scott Tipton, Boehner said he was grateful that Cruz was often campaigning for President, which kept that “jackass” away from Capitol Hill.

The Children of Illegal Immigrants Are Not Born American Citizens
 By Tim Dunkin Full Story

Once again, Donald Trump has managed to open up a robust national discussion about an issue that up to this point had been largely ignored by the political class. This time, the discussion is about so-called "birthright citizenship," the idea that whenever a foreign national (regardless of legal status and with a very few exceptions) has a child on American soil, this child automatically becomes an American citizen from birth.

Our Immigration System Is Not Broken
 By Dr. Robert R. Owens Full Story

Why is it that when African Americans whose families have been in this country for hundreds of years commit crimes they go to jail and when illegal immigrants commit crimes they get released?

Kurds Are Surging – America Is Not
 By Eddie Pedersen Full Story

The Kurds are surging in Iraq again. Kurdish fighters are successfully attacking both the Islamic state and other terrorist factions in Syria and Iraq; as we saw with the Kurdish capture of many Iraqi villages two days ago. The recent Kurdish push in Iraq occurs in spite of Turkey’s President Erdogan and his counterproductive air campaign against Kurdish fighters.

Hunger by Government Definition Is "Food Insecure"
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

As liberals complain that people are going hungry and the first lady transforms the school lunch fare to "healthy" offerings nobody seems to like, the federal government is spending plenty on "domestic food assistance to provide food for the hungry and other vulnerable populations in this country."

Ebeneezer Biden: Better at Giving Away Your Money Than His
 By William Kevin Stoos Full Story

Recently, Ace Reporter Hugh Betcha--named Univision's "Most Trusted Conservative Reporter, 2015," and MSNBC's "Reporter We Would Most Like to Hang Out With, 2015" overheard a discussion in the ObamaMedia about Republican politicians' charitable giving habits. Since liberal politicians are so caring for the poor, since Hillary is taking a nose dive in the polls, and kindly Uncle Joe Biden is about to enter the race for President, Hugh decided to explore the would-be Democrat standard bearer's history of charitable giving. Certainly his private giving must match his avowed love of and desire to help the poor.

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Climate issues we do need to address
 By Paul Driessen   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Reeling stock markets across the globe hammered savings, pension funds, innovation and growth. US stocks lost over $2 trillion in market value in eight days, before rallying somewhat, while the far smaller Shanghai Composite Index lost $1 trillion in four days of trading, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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The Cadillac Tax is a heap of junk
 By Herman Cain   --American Healthcare

I rarely agree with labor unions, and I look pretty skeptically at the arguments of health insurance companies too. They’re both pretty shameless about pursuing their own self-interests regardless of how it affects anyone else. But sometimes they’re right, and they’re right in the current push to see the ObamaCare Cadillac Tax repealed.

Liberalism Created the WDBJ Killer
 By Selwyn Duke   --American Politics
Barack Obama won’t be saying, “If I had a psycho son, he’d look like Vester Lee.” But he might as well. Because Vester Lee Flanagan II, the bigoted maniac who murdered the WDBJ reporter and cameraman Wednesday on live TV, was a philosophical offspring of the Left.
Why the Supreme Court is not Supreme
 By Matt Barber   --American Politics

“Judicial activism occurs when judges write subjective policy preferences into the law rather than apply the law impartially according to its original meaning.”
– The Heritage Foundation

To vocal opponents of judicial activism, this comes as little surprise. The U.S. Supreme Court has suffered a major credibility blow in the wake of its politically motivated 5-4 Obergefell v. Hodges “gay marriage” opinion. In it, they presumed to do the impossible – both redefine the age-old institution of natural marriage and to give this fictional definition precedent over freedoms actually enumerated in the Bill of Rights. According to Rasmussen, only “36 percent of Likely U.S. Voters still think the high court is doing a good or excellent job.”

Latest World News
 By News on the Net   --News Features

Zimbabwe’s Moyo sparks Twitter backlash over Rand falling remark
JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe’s poison-tongued cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has sparked a patriotic Mexican Wave on Twitter by gloating over the fall of the rand on Twitter.

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Israel and the United States: Time for a Parallel Agreement
 By INSS--Amos Yadlin   --World News

Long before the signing of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) between Iran and the P5+1, I called on the leaders of Israel and the United States to launch a constructive dialogue and work together to minimize the potential risks inherent in the JCPOA. The agreement signed between the P5+1 and Iran is very problematic for Israel, and is currently opposed by the majority of Americans and their representatives in Congress.

Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration
 By Al Kaltman   --American Politics

By shining a spotlight on illegal immigration, Donald Trump has touched a raw nerve in the American body politic.  While what he promises to do is unrealistic, by bringing the issue to the fore, he is forcing the other candidates to spell out what they would do to stop the flood of illegal immigrants and secure our borders. For this, if nothing else, we owe him our thanks. 

Donald Trump has said that if elected President he would round up and deport all of the illegal immigrants living in the United States.  Then to make sure they didn’t reenter our country he would make Mexico pay to build an impenetrable wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico along the entire 1,952 miles of our southern border.  His ringing rhetoric has great populist appeal, but the simple truth is that finding, arresting and deporting the estimated 11-12 million illegal immigrants living in the US would be about as unrealistic as traveling from the earth to the moon in a hot air balloon.

Biased Media vs. Behavioral Standards
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics

I love her because she is a little over a hundred pounds, 5’2” gutsy fired ball. However, every time we fly, I pray she makes it through TSA without losing her cool. My wife Mary despises the gross infringement upon her rights and being “molested by TSA.” Mark Steyn hosting Rush’s radio show succinctly articulated the source of my wife’s outrage.

Admiral James Lyons on Iran Nuke Deal [Video]
 By News on the Net   --American Politics

Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi member Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) appeared on The Daily Ledger show on the One America News Network earlier this week to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and its potential disastrous consequences for the United States.

Sarah Palin-Donald Trump Interview
 By News on the Net   --American Politics

Full Video of Sarah Palin - Donald Trump Interview
Camp Lone Star – Massey is Protected by State Law
 By Gary Hunt   --American Freedom

There is a presumption in the minds of many people that the federal government has jurisdiction, anywhere. We even see the FBI investigating incidents in foreign, sometime hostile nations. Our purpose here however is to look at the extent, if any, of federal jurisdiction, within the geographic boundaries of the member States of the Union. It should be understood that there is a lot more to the extent of jurisdiction than will be discussed here. We are simply addressing those limitations as the apply to the recent events involving KC Massey and Camp Lone Star.

Kentucky Clerk Appeals to the Supreme Court
 By Liberty Counsel   --American Freedom

WASHINGTON, DC - Today Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis asked the Supreme Court to accommodate her religious objections to licensing same-sex marriages while she waits for her appeal to be heard from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judicial Watch Files Amicus Brief Asking Supreme Court
 By News on the Net   --American Politics

WASHINGTON,—Judicial Watch announced today that it filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to affirm the Three-Judge Court Act, a law requiring three federal judges to be empaneled to hear key federal lawsuits concerning redistricting, voting rights, and other key constitutional issues. In contravention of the Three-Judge Court Act, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit allowed a single judge to rule on a critical Maryland gerrymandering case (Stephen M. Shapiro, et al., v. David J. McManus, Jr., Chairman, Maryland State Board of Elections, et al. (No. 14-990)). Judicial Watch filed the amicus brief on August 14, 2015.

The Ayatollahs consider the US their chief target
 By Yoram Ettinger   --American Politics

Enclosed you’ll find my politically-incorrect columns on the most critical threat to US national security and economic interests: the nuclearized Ayatollahs. They conduct hate-America education system, bankroll global anti-US Islamic terrorism, terrorize all pro-US Arab regimes, co-develop nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities with anti-US North Korea, collaborate militarily with anti-US Venezuela, egregiously violate civil liberties and systematically abrogate agreements.

The Myth of Climate Tipping Points
 By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Tipping is fine but “climate tipping points” are nonsense. I’m talking about climate models that have predicted such “points of no return.” You could view them as the terminal (maximum) speed in a free fall, only to come to a sudden stop when you hit the solid ground.

Minnesota Terror suspect granted class-A truck driving license.  Would like to drive school buses
 By Robert Laurie   --Crime-Terror-Security

I don’t even really know what to say about this.  Is it insane? Yes.  Is it further evidence that this country isn’t really interested in dealing with the threat of homegrown radical Islam? Yes. Is it a painfully obvious recipe for disaster? You bet.

Hillary: Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood are pretty much terrorists
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Let’s say you’ve been in politics for thirty or forty years.  You’re crooked, corrupt, and mad with power. Your long history of deceit is well documented, but you’ve decided it’s your turn to be President. So, you’re running for the nation’s top job. To your consternation, your campaign is being decimated by your own checkered past.  You’re primarily known as a dishonest, untrustworthy, liar.  What do you do?

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