Napa Valley Film Festival Hotel Deal: River Terrace Inn

A great Napa Valley hotel package surrounding the second annual Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival Hotel Deal: River Terrace Inn

- News on the Net  Friday, November 2, 2012
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As the Napa Valley Film Festival is right around the corner, your readers are invited to stay more and play more with a great Napa Valley hotel package surrounding the second annual Film Festival.

With celebrity appearances from legendary British actor Alan Cumming to American actor, singer and model, James Marsden, River Terrace Inn and Restaurant Cuvee would love to play host to your Napa Valley Film Festival experience.

Experience Napa Valley Film Festival at River Terrace Inn

Minimum 3 night stay (Valid Nov.7-Nov.12, 2012.)

  • Save $50 on Film Festival Pass or Pass Plus, contact River Terrace Inn for   discount code once you’ve made your reservation
  • 25% discount on Best Available Rates
  • Complimentary bike rentals to explore downtown Napa
  • Complimentary parking and Wi-Fi

To book a stay at River Terrace Inn, please visit or call 866.NAPA.FUN.

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