Aruba Makes a ‘Splash’ in Canada

Aruba's presence in Toronto

Aruba Makes a ‘Splash’ in Canada

- News on the Net  Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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Throughout Toronto you will find:

  • Transit Shelters: 41 Faces in “Toronto Urban Area”
  • Airport Express Bus with service to Toronto Airport, co-op with Sunquest
  • One Toronto Go Train commuter train car wrap 1000” x 160”
  • 24 “Halo” decals in 24 Toronto Go Train Cars
  • 24 “Michelangelo” decals in 24 Toronto Go Train Cars
  • 48 Window Clings on 2 windows in each of 24 Toronto Go Train Cars
  • Video screens in Toronto’s Union Station and other screens operated by the Toronto Train Commission




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