February is for Suite-Hearts at staySky Hotels & Resorts

Take advantage of this "suite" deal by mentioning the Valentine's special when making reservations

February is for Suite-Hearts at staySky Hotels & Resorts

- News on the Net  Monday, January 14, 2013
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We’re thrilled to announce staySky Hotels & Resorts is celebrating Valentine’s Day for the whole month of February, with “February is for Suite-Hearts,” offered at seven all-suite accommodation properties in the heart of Orlando, Fla.

From Feb. 1 - 28, couples booking a two-night stay at any staySky Hotels & Resorts’ Orlando property will receive a complimentary bottle of wine and box of chocolates to share on their romantic getaway. staySky Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio of properties boast prime location, sensational value and generous amenities, while a warm and welcoming staff is always there to meet any need.

Take advantage of this “suite” deal by mentioning the Valentine’s special when making reservations. For more information on staySky Hotels & Resorts and to book “February is for Suite-Hearts,” please visit www.staysky.com.


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