Bloody Hands in Manchester

In the months before weeping little girls with nails in their faces were carried out of the Manchester Arena, the authorities of that city were hard at work fighting the dreaded threat of Islamophobia.

While Salman Abedi, the second-generation Muslim refugee terrorist who maimed and killed dozens in a brutal terrorist attack, stalked the streets wailing, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”, Manchester police were busy with more important things.

The Greater Manchester Police are one of only two police forces to list Islamophobia as a hate crime category. Earlier this year, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins honored Tell Mama for fighting Islamophobia. Tell Mama had lost funding earlier when its claims of a plague of violent Islamophobia fell apart.

Shahid Malik, the chair of Tell Mama, had been photographed with the leader of Hamas. Appearing at the Global Peace and Unity conference, where plenty of terrorism supporters have promenaded, he boasted, “In 2005 we had four Muslim MPs. In 2009 or 2010 we’ll have eight or ten Muslim MPs. In 2014 we’ll have 16 Muslim MPs. At this rate the whole parliament will be Muslim.”

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Oh brother: Media now claiming Trump ‘shoved’ prime minister of Montenegro

You can watch it for yourself. It’s 10 seconds of nothingness that you’ll never get back, but at least it’s only 10 seconds. This, yes, this, is what is trending on Facebook at the moment. Trump shoves prime minister. Yeah. They’re really saying that.

About this:

I feel like an idiot even bothering with the details, but fine, I’ll play. First, look at the faces of both men. Do you see any aggression? Do you see any impatience? Do you see any tension whatsoever between them? Do you see anyone else who’s standing there bothered or taken aback by anything whatsoever?

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The Media Try Blaming Donald Trump for Gianforte in Montana

Republican Greg Gianforte alleged assault on UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs on Wednesday would appear to be utterly indefensible.
There is little room for doubt about what happened in Montana: there were multiple eyewitnesses, and Gianforte was charged with assault that day. If Gianforte loses Thursday’s special election in Montana, he will deserve to lose it.

At the same time, nothing justifies the mainstream media’s effort to blame President Donald Trump for what happened. And the media’s hypocrisy is evident in their failure to blame President Barack Obama when Democrats used violence in similar cases.—More…

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Erdogan thug is Democrat donor

A significant portion of the political left has a penchant for violence these days.  From May Day protestors in Portland, Oregon, to Antifa rioters and arsonists at UC Berkeley, to melee-creating students at Middlebury College, for too many fists and Molotov cocktails are an appropriate response to opinions they don’t like.

Add to that list Eyup Yildirim, identified by beating victim Lucy Usoyan as one of the thugs who beat her up while she was protesting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last Tuesday (May 16) outside the Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C. At least 11 of the protesters were reportedly injured.

A check of Federal Election Commission records shows that Eyup Yildirim of Manchester, New Jersey, has donated to several Democratic Party candidates.

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Sessions to take travel ban fight to Supreme Court

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he will petition the Supreme Court to review the legality of President Trump’s travel ban.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday to keep the block of Trump’s travel ban, enacted via a second executive order. Sessions said the second executive order is “well within [Trump’s] lawful authority” to keep the country safe.—More..

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Is This Legal?

In a previous article, “Freedom of the Press #13 - Sojourn to Sacramento”, I explained that Federal Magistrate Brennan (Sacramento) intended for me to receive diesel therapy, and that I would provide insight into just why he chose that route. It was an expected response based upon the information that he had been provided, regarding the Sealed Order Granting Government’s Request for Arrest Warrant as to Gary Hunt and Order Sealing Arrest Warrant(ECF #2017).

This Sealed Order was obviously prepared by the US Attorney’s Office. Their intention was to punish me, as they have most of the others in the Oregon and Nevada indictments, based upon contrived accusations.

The most oft-repeated contrived accusations that we are all familiar with are:

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Court Rules Against Harrisburg Abortion Law

HARRISBURG, PA - Today, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Liberty Counsel’s pro-life clients, Colleen Reilly and Becky Biter, in their lawsuit against a Harrisburg ordinance which created unconstitutional buffer zones that silence pro-life speech on public sidewalks around abortion clinics. The federal Court of Appeals held that the lower court erred when it denied Liberty Counsel’s request to immediately prohibit further enforcement of the ordinance.

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Obama Goes From Sulking to Skulking

German chancellor Angela Merkel and the trash tabloid headlines supermarket shoppers read while waiting to cash out have much in common: Both are unwilling to let former President Barack Obama go and live in a fantasy world where he’s still president.

“Obama will deliver a speech alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The Obama Foundation says the invitation from Merkel came before the US election, so the fact that he is in Europe as the same time as Trump is pure coincidence.” (The Guardian, May 24, 2017)

Madam Merkel, too must have been suckered by mainstream media polls indicating that Hillary Clinton’s election as president was inevitable.

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Famous Jihadists Who Were Potheads

Marijuana may be getting good press from the media, especially from reporters who smoke it, but the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy has published a ground-breaking analysis of how weed is linked to violence, mental illness and jihad.

Islamists are evil enough, since they act on the basis of radical religious ideology. But the evidence shows that marijuana, which is spreading across the United States through George Soros-funded initiatives, can help fuel the anti-American Jihad.

Marijuana, the authors of the report say, can spark psychosis and paranoia, and thus contribute to terroristic thoughts and exacerbate aggressive behavior.

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Trump signals Abbas must end indiscriminate slaughter of Jews

The horrific carnage perpetrated in Manchester on 22 May presented an emotion-charged backdrop to two meetings the next day between President Trump and President Abbas in Bethlehem and President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Trump pointedly told Abbas:

“Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded. We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single, unified voice. Peace is a choice we must make each day—and the United States is here to help make that dream possible for young Jewish, Christian and Muslim children all across the region.”

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With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will close

A Henry County commissioner requested a few months ago that a local Civil War museum remove its Confederate flags.

But without that symbol, the Nash Farm Battlefield and Museum announced that it can’t conduct its mission properly and will close June 1.—More…

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Growing Concern Over Brothers Arrested With Guns, Bomb-Making Materials

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are growing concerns about the arrest of two brothers with ties to the Middle East who authorities say had an arsenal with bomb-making materials, guns and ammunition in their car.

Twenty-seven-year-old Abdullah Alrifahe and 26-year-old Majid Alrifahe were arrested on May 11 in north Minneapolis.—More…

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Armed Officers to Patrol UK Trains for the First Time

(AP) — British Transport Police says armed officers will patrol some U.K. trains for the first time because of the increased threat of extremist attacks. The patrols will begin Thursday afternoon.

Officials say the plan is to “ensure that the travelling public are kept safe on the rail network.”—More…

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Orlando Church Promotes Pro-LGBT Agenda

ORLANDO, FL—Northland Community Church and Pastor Joel Hunter recently hosted a pro-LGBT event, “Elevating the Dialogue on LGBTQ Inclusion and Understanding in the Church,” with the overt message to “affirm” LGBTQ in and around Orlando. The pastor of Joy Metropolitan Church, who is in a same-sex relationship, and the founding pastor of The Impact Church of Orlando joined Hunter to discuss how Christians can work to make Orlando churches supportive of the LGBTQ lifestyle, regardless of their churches’ theological positions on marriage and sexuality. The purpose of the event is to distort the Bible and change theology in order to affirm an LGBTQ lifestyle as normative.

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Delingpole: Hello Flammable Ice; Bye Bye Renewables – Enter the Greenies’ Worst Nightmar

China is on the verge of unleashing an energy revolution which will destroy pretty much forever the green argument that “we are running out of fossil fuel.”

At the heart of this revolution is a miracle substance, sometimes known as “flammable ice”, made up of deposits of frozen gas concentrate in the ocean bed. The substance – methane hydrate – is incredibly energy intensive: according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration one cubic foot of flammable ice holds 164 cubic feet of regular natural gas.—More…

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BELLEVUE, WA – Almost two years after the City of Seattle adopted a hastily-crafted “gun violence tax” ostensibly aimed at reducing so-called “gun violence,” city police statistics show a startling 17 percent increase in the number of police calls for gunshots, and an alarming 30 percent increase in the number of shooting victims.

Atrocities of North Korea Regime Underreported

North Korea has spectacularly gained the attention of America, the West and indeed the entire world with their continued nuclear tests and reckless threats against America and other allies. The threat is certainly real and well reported but not so well reported is their deplorable human rights atrocities.

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Trump called for a Justice Department probe into the ‘alleged leaks’ on the UK bombing

The White House released a statement in which President Trump called the “alleged leaks” coming out of government agencies “deeply troubling.”

“These leaks have been going on for a long time and my Administration will get to the bottom of this,” the statement read. “The leaks of sensitive information pose a grave threat to our national security.”—More…

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