Yes, Trump is very flawed; no, that’s not a reason to accept the damage a Hillary presidency would d

On a certain level, I completely understand why Donald Trump behaves the way he does. At times, I even like it. I especially love the way he gives the media no respect and no quarter for their dishonest and absurd behavior. I would like to see more Republicans do that. In fact, I’d like to see everyone do that, no matter who they are.

I like the fact that Trump does not concern himself with the established norms of how proper and appropriate people are supposed to behave in the political world. I don’t think he’s the slightest bit unaware of these norms. I think he knows very well what they are and considers them ridiculous. I think he made a calculated bet that by flouting them instead of following them, he would gain a lot more respect and support than he would lose. And I think he was right about that.

And I like the fact that Trump does not necessarily back down from fights just because the supposedly sage wisdom of seasoned old counselors would say that he should. Sometimes it makes sense to “keep the story alive” a little longer so you can set the record straight or let your attacker know that there’s a price to be paid for lying about you. I don’t think those sage, seasoned counselors are always right. I just think they’ve memorized their conventional wisdom and they think you’ll consider it worth the hundreds of dollars an hour they charge you to have them spew it to you.

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, October 3, 2016 - Full Story

Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda program in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal.

Bell Pottinger’s output included short TV segments made in the style of Arabic news networks and fake insurgent videos which could be used to track the people who watched them, according to a former employee.


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The Actual Job Description of the President

This usually gets lost in the mess that has become our traditional campaign season, but never has it gone more off the rails than this time, and by both campaigns.  We are about to elect a President.  It should be the job of the media to properly describe exactly what the President is allowed and required to do, and which candidate and policies most closely line up with the Constitution.  Our schools and colleges should educate people about the Constitution and how the President fits into the overall government, considering especially Federalism, Checks and Balances, and the Separation of Powers.  In this our schools and media have failed miserably and continue to do so on a daily basis.  There are of course, exceptions.  The proof is that you are able to read this here on Canada Free Press.

I’ve copied the relevant parts of Article 2 from the Constitution below, which describe the operative parts of the job of President.  I’ve left out elective and other non job operative clauses.  Article 2 is also where you find the specific and unique Oath of Office for the President.  Holding them to that Oath is the job of the media and the other branches of government.  That too has been lost.

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Bribes sound so much nicer when you call them speaking fees

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KNOWING who you are

More than at any other time, your survival will come down to knowing who you are.

Knowing down at heart and soul that you are NOT in any way some faceless “basket of deplorables” that Hillary Clinton claims you are; knowing without any doubt that you are part of the roughly 50 percent of Americans who did not vote for the purposely destructive Barack Obama, and one of the growing number who will cast votes for Donald J. Trump as U.S. president,  is survival.

Knowing, without any nagging doubts or second guessing who you are and what America truly is,  is essential in going on from here.

Obama and Clinton have had eight long years to portray America as a country that must be fundamentally transformed into a nation where Marxists and Muslims rule.

By Judi McLeod - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

Team Clinton Spray Paint Graffiti On New Trump International Hotel in DC…

The Clinton team are up to their old tricks again.  The last time they were in a position of power in DC they spray painted the interior of the White House. This time they’re spray painting the brand new historic landmark Trump International Hotel:

When considering how Bill and Hillary Clinton regard the office of the presidency, a new generation of voters may not even know what they did in 2000: —More plus pictures…

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The New York Times Paid No Taxes in 2014

The New York Times has excited the Clinton campaign and the rest of the media with a revelation that Republican nominee Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss in 1995 that might have resulted in him not paying taxes in some subsequent years.

The implication, reinforced by CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning, is that Trump “avoided” paying taxes, when in fact his tax liability was zero.—More…

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Part of Lopez Aguilar immigration history released

A report including details of the immigration history of a suspect in a fatal Des Moines crash was released Thursday.

The office of U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released the preliminary report Thursday, which it received from the Department of Homeland Security after Grassley wrote a letter asking for background information on Fernando Fernel Lopez Aguilar. — More…

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Cher: Millennials ‘Don’t Trust’ Hillary Clinton Because Her ‘Sins Are Really

While speaking at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada, singer and social justice activist Cher slammed Donald Trump as a “dangerous” political figure and said young voters are not “drawn to Hillary” Clinton because they don’t “trust her.”

“I don’t know how he’s a candidate, he is so dangerous, and what he brings to my country, what he’s awakened in my country, is bigotry and distrust and a certain kind of supremacy in certain groups, and he lies,” Cher said of the Republican presidential nominee.—More…

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Life is but a minute

Ten years ago I had cancer.

After colon and liver surgery, and chemotherapy, I’m still here! That’s God!

God may not do the same for everybody, but if it is his plan, you just might have an extended minute.

On the way to the airport, my friend Joel told me about his cousin who was recently taken off life support. Her situation was only going to get worse following a liver transplant, diabetes and some amputations.

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Trump meme of the day

This election really is destroying a lot of friendships in the conservative movement.

So why not make fun of the phenomenon.

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California:  Muslim Man Driving “Extremely Fast” Crashes into Veteran “in the Name of Allah”

Raymond Ibrahim

“The police report says driver Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told police the collision was caused by Donald Trump"s improper treatment of minorities, and by Allah and other people"s lack of faith in him.”  Witnesses say he was driving 100 miles an hour.  According to the man hit by Ameer:  “He was just trying to target as many people as he could. He was just trying to cause a pile up. It wasn"t me personally. It was as if someone were to throw a bomb in the middle of downtown, its no different, it’s the same thinking.”

Perhaps Ameer was inspired by the Nice, France attack, where another Allah-invoking Muslim man intentionally drove his truck into crowds of people, killing nearly 90.

The full report follows:

By Raymond Ibrahim - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

Media Bias Produces Mental Illness “Ameriphobia”

For Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, the latest scandal is that employees of his California golf course say he wanted to fire women who weren’t pretty enough. That’s the big scoop from the Los Angeles Times. Trump is supposed to be on the defensive compared to a female candidate who helped orchestrate cover-ups of “bimbo eruptions” from her husband’s mistresses?

That such a story about Trump can be floated which such seriousness in the press is just more evidence of the double-standard that pervades the media. This corruption is also known as political correctness, a phenomenon driving more and more people to Trump.

Another scandal, courtesy of The Washington Post, is the story headlined, “Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money.” Is this all they’ve got?

By Cliff Kincaid - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

Finally I Can See What ‘Emailgate’ is REALLY All About!

To date, I’m not real certain that anyone has logically put all the parts together regarding the puzzle/debacle of Hillary’s homemade, basement Internet server. I want to keep this a quick read, mainly because I think the issue has already been sufficiently obscured by the sea of words put forth surrounding it. And if someone else has made this point, well, I will own my ignorance and surely wear that throughout the balance of my writing career. As anyone who does conservative commentary will attest, unless you employ a staff of researchers it is impossible to read (or write) fast enough to keep up with all the garbage taking down our country today. So this angle may not be news to some of you.

My problem with the Hillary deal has always been this: Though it hurts to acknowledge it, she is far from stupid. And she has decades of experience in ‘handling’ all sorts of data, records, evidence - call it what you will. She has stolen, clouded, shredded, hidden, twisted, traded, etc., all manner and form of vital communication - some believe she’s maybe even killed for it. Nevertheless, the notion that this particular woman would be ditzy or negligent enough to set up a little server there in her Chappaqua parking shed, without having completely thought that move through to its every possible consequence and in its every micro-detail, is the height of naïveté.

By Dave Merrick - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

Canadian ‘conservative’ senator wants to ban marketing to children

Earlier this week, Senator Nancy Greene Raine introduced Bill S-228 in the Senate. Known as the Child Health Protection Act, the bill calls for amendments to the Food and Drug Act that would prohibit the marketing of food and drinks directly to children. If Greene Raine gets her way, there will be no more marketing to children. No McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys. No more Tony the Tiger or other cartoon characters emblazed on cereal boxes. And companies such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s will no longer be able to sponsor youth sports teams with their logos emblazed on uniforms. That’s no biggie; that’s what the taxpayers are for.

You see marketing to children for things Greene Raine finds unhealthy should be illegal. Of course children do not buy these goods, their parents do. And Canadian parents are just too dumb or too uncaring to be able to look after their young offspring so Greene Raine wants the government to step in and do it for them.

Greene Raine defends this attack on freedom and choice as a way to combat the obesity “epidemic.” And it is easy to justify under Canada’s government-run healthcare system.

By Arthur Weinreb - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

“Migrants” Bring In Rare Diseases, Excessive Demands

“Put the pick in there…and turn it round real neat. ...You are so beautiful, my Baron. Your skin…Your diseases — lovingly cared for, for all eternity!” —Baron Harkonnen’s doctor treating the diseased pustules in the Baron’s skin, DUNE, 1984.

“Incoming migrants are bringing long-eradicated diseases to Germany and are putting the medical system under extreme stress. As well as bringing a rising tide of crime and attitudes towards women that many consider incompatible with modern European values, the over one and a half million migrants who flowed into Germany last year have also brought unheard-of and rare strains of diseases to the continent. The new arrivals and their illnesses are putting pressure on the German health care system, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.” (

Well. That’s over there and not here. If it was here, the CDC would be all over it, and telling us how Obama’s border policies are apparently letting them in unscreened under alleged “catch and release” benevolence. President Barack Hussein Obama would never allow such an assault on our borders, am I right?

By Jeffrey A. Friedberg - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story


The demise of El Nino means a return to Old Man Winter, predicts Canadian Farmers’ Almanac editor Peter Geiger. For Toronto he says, this winter is going to be icy, cold and snowy. Europeans are more likely to see another stormy winter, according to the slightly more scientific journal Science.

By Wes Porter - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Full Story

Unchecked Barbarism in Syria Continues

“There were no conclusions reached.” This is how the outgoing president of the United Nations Security Council described the Security Council’s response on September 29th to the latest horrors against civilians being inflicted daily upon innocent civilians, including little children, in eastern Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria. At its September 29th open meeting preceding closed consultations, the Security Council had heard a grim report from Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien. After a couple of hours of closed-door deliberations, the members of the Security Council could not even agree to temporary 48 hour humanitarian pauses in the violence that Mr. O’Brien had suggested as a bare minimum step. France is in the process of trying to get consensus around its more ambitious draft resolution text, but Russia will no doubt veto it unless it is so watered down as to be meaningless.

The Assad regime and Russia are carrying out intense lethal bombings over the rebel-held eastern Aleppo, where about 250,000 people are effectively trapped under siege by Syrian military forces. They claim they are targeting terrorists, not civilians. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power firmly rejected this attempt to rationalize the massive bombing campaign, telling reporters last Thursday, “Assad and Russia are unleashing a savagery against people they call terrorists. Children are not terrorists. Breadlines—and the individuals within breadlines—are not terrorists. Rescue workers are not terrorists. Hospital workers are not terrorists.”

By Joseph A. Klein - Saturday, October 1, 2016 - Full Story

Trump is Right: Immigration is Destroying America!

Illegal aliens are at this moment destroying America as they have already destroyed many European cities. Yes, I know non-thinking leftists want to call them “undocumented immigrants” but calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.”

Trump is correct about immigration. A weak immigration policy during bad times is dumb; and non-vetted Muslim immigration anytime is dumb, dangerous, and deadly as seen in a recent federal report. There are officially about 5.7 million illegals in America at this time although many conservatives and border watch groups suggest the number to be about 35 million! I revealed in my new book Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! that in 2014, for the first time, more Other Than Mexicans (OTMs) were apprehended at the southern border than Mexicans!

The OTMs are from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, etc., and more than 6,000 OTMs are apprehended each month and they are not here to pick tomatoes. Furthermore, in 2014, Border Patrol agents “seized 1,920,411 pounds of marijuana, 4,443 pounds of cocaine, 9,205 pounds of heroin, and 3,772 pounds of methamphetamine. They also seized $7,351,640 in currency, 475 firearms, and 63,493 rounds of ammunition.” I want to know what else was brought across the border by the hundreds of OTMs that cross each day undetected.

By Dr. Don Boys - Saturday, October 1, 2016 - Full Story

Right to Farm—eating emotion

Increasingly, city-dwellers seeking view lots or large acreage have been fleeing the metropolitan areas to build larger and even luxurious homes in rural America, often opposite agricultural operations. Once they’d invested in constructing homes and settled into their new digs, they were awakened to the realities of country living, including the sights, smells and sounds of working farms… and they didn’t like it. The offshoot was a plethora of nuisance suits that shut down family businesses to create a “more pleasant” neighborhood for the metro ex-pats. As a result, all states of the union subsequently adopted laws to protect farms and ranches from encroaching exurbanites—the urban refugees relocating in the hinterlands.

What this exodus of city folk setting up housekeeping in the boondocks created was a land war between food producers and food consumers. New arrivals wanted to enjoy the beauty of the country without interference from farm or ranch operations whose presence preceded their arrival. Shortsightedness accompanied the transplant boom by restricting local farmers from, well, farming. The result of the pressures brought about closure and relocation of crops and livestock, costing families their livelihoods and legacies as well as increasing the cost of food. In the end, a few exurbanites got their dream homes but they paid for it in a higher cost of living by closing farms or chasing them down the road.

By A. Dru Kristenev - Saturday, October 1, 2016 - Full Story