Communism Never Died, It Was Cleverly Repackaged for the Historically Impaired and Useful Idiots

“For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog. For many people in the West, it is still a living lion.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In 1950 Congress passed the Internal Security Act and, four years later, the Communist Control Act. It condemned communism and the Communist Party of the United States. Today a sizeable portion of Congress actually belongs to the Communist Party U.S.A. or is sympathetic to it. In a recent poll, 40 percent of Americans prefer communism to capitalism.

In 1954 Congress delineated penalties for anyone belonging to a party or a group calling for the violent overthrow of the United States. Just being a member, however, was not enough reason for arrest or penalty.  Today members of Congress, public citizens, and illegals call for the overthrow of our government without any penalties.

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Evict Hillary Clinton From Living Rent-Free In America’s Head

The cat’s finally out of the bag.  It’s a nasty, spitting, and scratching one whose sharp claws refuse to let go of the necks of all those who voted for a better America back on November 8th:

“Dependent upon the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation, Hillary Clinton may contest the official results of the election.” (Fox News, Sept. 20, 2017)

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Jimmy Kimmel on health care: ‘Am I supposed to just be quiet about this?’

I rather like Jimmy Kimmel when he’s just being funny. But for whatever lamentable reason, that’s no longer the job description of late night television talk hosts. Whereas Johnny Carson gabbed with celebrities and the younger version of David Letterman gave us stupid pet tricks, today’s late night hosts have decided their job is to moralize over political issues and bash Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Kimmel has been especially lauded for this because of his emotional tale of his young son with heart problems. Because Kimmel thinks (incorrectly) that children like his son couldn’t get coverage without ObamaCare, he has tabbed himself the moral conscience of health care reform - and an awful lot of other people have decided to cede him this role.

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NYT Reporter: Hillary thinks it was the media’s ‘job to get Hillary Clinton elected.’ ...Well, wasn’

It doesn’t happen often but when it does - when I agree with Hillary Clinton - I like to make sure everyone knows about it.  I’m fair and unbiased like that. In this case, I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s assertion that the “press didn’t do its job in 2016.” She’s 100% right. They didn’t.

You may think I’m going to go into a rant about how the media has been giving Hillary Clinton a free pass since the 80’s, but I’m not.  That’s not the point she’s making either.  She thinks the press failed because its job was to get her elected.  She, as we all know, was not elected.  That can’t be allowed to be her fault, so the media has become one of her scapegoats.

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Tucker Carlson calls out Rob Meathead Reiner over Hollywood’s collusion with China

Hollywood loves China. Despite the country’s longstanding tradition of fascism, human rights abuses, and anti-American geopolitical efforts, movie studios just can’t wait to bow down before the Chinese government. A film that bombs in its native U.S. can turn a massive profit - sometimes even earning a sequel - thanks to the power of that sweet, sweet, communist moolah. In short, China spends a lot of money on movies.

...At least, it spends a lot of money on movies approved by its hyper-authoritarian censorship board.

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Seattle’s pedophile mayor resigns under pressure

Seven months ago, openly gay Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (D), who resigned his office last week, angrily asserted that charges of child molestation against him were untrue.

Channeling Bill and Hillary Clinton, he called his alleged sexual victims liars and claimed he was the victim of a right-wing witch-hunt because he was gay:

Murray—who has championed gay rights over his career in the Legislature and now as mayor—has claimed the accusations against him are false and part of an anti-gay political conspiracy against him.

Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort

When a report surfaced that federal agents picked the lock on Paul Manafort’s front door for a surprise raid over the summer while the former Trump campaign chairman was in bed, it was also a wake-up call for prominent Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall.

“Here is a United States citizen where the FBI is coming in, picking his lock, and raiding his home in the early morning, over what? It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. It’s just crazy. We’re not the Soviet Union. It’s appalling,” said Kirkendall, who has worked on cases involving one of the special counsel’s key investigators, Andrew Weissmann.—More….

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VIDEO: CNN’s Don Lemon asks Bill Nye . . . are we doing enough to address the root cause of hurrican

You all know what Bill Nye is. He’s a non-scientist who claims the mantle of “science educator” and hectors the rest of us for not accepting every scientific claim he gets behind. Quite condescendingly at that.

Don Lemon is somewhat more interesting to me only in the sense that when he really gets rolling, he seems to totally get lost in the absurdity of the questions he’s asking. This is a guy who once wondered aloud on air if a missing jetliner had been taken by aliens, with absolutely no apparent sense of irony or humor, as humor is certainly not Lemon’s thing. So here he is, seriously asking out loud on live television if “we” are doing enough to “address the root causes” of hurricanes.

You know where he’s going with it. It’s a setup for Nye to moralize about “climate change.” But it’s really something to behold Lemon suggesting that human beings can find a “root cause” for hurricanes as if they are just like poverty or drug abuse, and to do so with a totally straight face, since self-importance leaves no room for a smile:


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Germany’s $800 Billion Merkel-Made Climate Policy Disaster

By 2030, the eastern German town of Poedelwitz will likely be razed to get at the rich veins of coal beneath its half-timbered houses. The reason: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s effort to steer Germany toward greener energy, which has unexpectedly meant booming demand for dirty coal.

While Merkel aims to wean the country from nuclear power and boost renewable energy, the shift has been slow—Germany’s 140-plus coal-fired plants last year supplied 40 percent of the country’s electricity—and Poedelwitz is flanked by open-pit lignite mines that feed a 2 gigawatt power plant a few miles away.—More…

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Weird ‘breathing’ road seen in creepy footage in the aftermath of Mexico’s deadly

A ROAD in Mexico has been caught still moving - as “if it was breathing” - in the wake of the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country’s capital.

The cracked tarmac in Morelos is shown moving up and down as if being pushed by the mighty lungs of the earth.—More…

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A Message From James O’Keefe: A Stack of Frivolous Lawsuits

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‘JUSTICE-PRICING’: Filmmaker Charges White Males $5 More For Tickets

Super-woke Canadian filmmaker Shiraz Higgins has implemented his own so-called “justice-pricing” policy, where he charges white males an extra $5 to view his movie.

The 27-year-old filmmaker (yes, he’s a millennial, can you believe it?) is charging white males $15 a ticket and all others $10, apparently as a way to level-out all that white male privilege.—More…

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Romney’s Bain Capital has now plunged two toy retailers into bankruptcy

Bain Capital has a knack for throwing big toy retailers into bankruptcy.

The buyout firm founded by Mitt Romney — which got slammed this week by the Chapter 11 filing of Toys ‘R’ Us — also saw its reputation dinged a dozen years earlier with the shuttering of KB Toys, which at the time had been the nation’s second-biggest retailer.—More…

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Irma illusions—and realities

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought out the best in us. Millions of Americans are giving money, toil and sweat to help victims rebuild. Unfortunately, the storms also highlighted some people’s baser instincts.

Some advanced ideological commitments to campaigns to “keep fossil fuels in the ground,” raise energy costs and reduce living standards. Others hyped Harvey’s record rainfalls, claiming carbon dioxide emissions made the Gulf of Mexico warmer and its air more moisture-laden. A few were just obnoxious.

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Face facts: make-up isn’t just for women, as I found out

What would most men spend £24,000 on in the space of just three months? Home improvements? A serious gambling habit? A trip through the Serengeti to follow the majestic annual migration of the wildebeest? Well no, not if you’re the newly elected president of France, you won’t. Because if you’re the youthful Emmanuel Macron, saviour of the Gallic political centre, you’ll blow the lot on make-up.

An extravagant expenditure – but Monsieur Macron is not the only male out there to be reaching for the concealer. Cosmetics are tipped to be the new frontier in men’s grooming, with men’s make-up counters predicted to hit the high street within the next five years. Having first discovered the power of a good moisturiser, and then, ten years ago, more painful chest waxing and ‘manscaping’, gents are now looking for ways to cover up blemishes and to make that healthy post-holiday glow permanent.—More…

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The left’s low power coup

Summary: The Left has discovered a new front in the ever-shifting war for media control: low power FM radio. It’s an innocuous-seeming concept with big repercussions for future audiences. But for conservatives, the fight may have been lost before it began.

The medium known as low power FM radio (LPFM) is, on the surface, hardly the stuff revolutions are made of. Yet this veteran medium is beloved of the free speech-hating Left because it offers a cheap buy-in with enormous gains. Since 2001, LPFM radio stations have rapidly developed in cities and regions across the United States. With an established network of leftist “free radio” groups ready to train, advise, and equip them, activists with no prior experience in broadcasting have the capability to organize people and spread their anti-American message.

For decades, left-wing ideologues have dreamed of utilizing low power radio as an organizing tool. Radio reaches an estimated 93 percent of everyone over 12 years old, and 200 million Americans tune in each week. It’s an enormous opportunity for the far Left, and one that conservative groups have totally ignored and are unprepared to face. With minimal funding and a handful of volunteers, progressives working in tandem with the federal government have the opportunity to monopolize thousands of licenses for low power radio stations nationwide—and all they need to run them is the power of a lightbulb.

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Judge Rules Doctors Can Starve Disabled Patients to Death Without a Court Order

A judge has ruled that Court permission will not be needed to remove food and fluids from severely brain damaged patients, a move which has caused concern among opponents of euthanasia.

Legal safeguard
Unlike other forms of medical care, the decision to withdraw food and fluids from patients in a “permanent vegetative state” (the term “unresponsive wakefulness syndrome” is now generally preferred) has until now been referred to the Court of Protection, even if doctors and relatives are in agreement.—More…

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Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For

In rural Mecosta County, Mich., sits a near-windowless facility with a footprint about the size of Buckingham Palace. It’s just one of Nestlé’s roughly 100 bottled water factories in 34 countries around the world.

Inside, workers wear hairnets, hard hats, goggles, gloves, and earplugs. Ten production lines snake through the space, funneling local spring water into 8-ounce to 2.5-gallon containers; most of the lines run 24/7, each pumping out 500 to 1,200 bottles per minute. About 60 percent of the supply comes from Mecosta’s springs and arrives at the factory via a 12-mile pipeline. The rest is trucked in from neighboring Osceola County, about 40 miles north. “Daily, we’re looking at 3.5 million bottles potentially,” says Dave Sommer, the plant’s 41-year-old manager, shouting above the din.—More…

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California Cities Sue Oil Companies over Climate Change

City attorneys in San Francisco and Oakland, California, sued five oil companies in two coordinated lawsuits on Tuesday, arguing that the courts should hold these companies responsible for climate change, and force them to financially compensate the cities for harm the plaintiffs claim those companies are causing to the planet’s environment.

The two cities are suing five of the top petroleum companies from around the world: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobile, and Royal Dutch Shell. These local municipalities are suing them under California law for being a public nuisance.—More…

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Kick North Korea Out of the U.N.

Wall Street Journal

Calls by the United Nations Security Council to isolate North Korea haven’t stopped Kim Jong Un from launching missiles over Japan or threatening America and its allies. This week President Trump told the General Assembly that the United States is prepared “to totally destroy North Korea” in the event of an attack. If the international community is serious about isolating the Kim regime, there’s a less drastic option not yet tried: expel North Korea from the U.N.

Since the U.N.’s founding in 1945, no member state has ever been expelled. The U.N. charter does, however, provide for eviction: “A Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles in the present Charter may be expelled from the Organization by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.”

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