The Comey/Mueller Tag Team

In a prior column, I pointed out how strange it was that Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, was leading the investigation of the Trump administration for its alleged collusion with Russia to hack and steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Mueller was appointed to lead the investigation even though one of the main witnesses in this investigation happen to be his protégé, James Comey, who was also Mueller’s successor at the FBI. Comey — it should be obvious — has a vested interest in embarrassing or harming Donald Trump, the man who fired him.

I didn’t think things could get weirder, or more unsavory, but somehow, they have. James Comey was called to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this very subject.

As an aside, it sure is funny how the Democrat minority still seems to direct the agenda of the U.S. Senate committees and Congress itself. There is currently no investigation of the alleged Obama surveillance of the Trump campaign, and possibly other conservative/Republican partisan targets, in the Senate, but there is an investigation of the “Russia hacking scandal” in both houses.

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California Reinvents Medical Tourism

Until very recently medical tourism was traveling from your home to find less expensive medical care, usually overseas. Medical tourists were leaving the warm embrace of the American Medical Association and the FDA to journey far from home. There were three motivations: Elective plastic surgery not covered by insurance, wanting to try an experimental procedure not covered or getting surgery done without benefit of any insurance at all.

That’s why breasts were being lifted in Brazil and hips replaced in India. Particularly courageous patients scheduled foreign heart transplants. I know all about this because I was almost a medical tourist myself. A few years ago we had what was laughingly called health insurance. Our deductible was so high you had to have been on life support for a week before coverage started.

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Ossoff’s Defeat is a Win for America!

Did the Russians hack the Georgia election? Leftists are all over media creating straw men to disguise the simple truth that voter’s have rejected their treasonous Trump resistance movement. Jon Ossoff losing in Georgia is the 5th election Democrats have lost since Trump’s shocking crashing defeat of Hillary. Losing the Georgia race has to be particularly painful because once again, Leftists lied to themselves and their base that Ossoff would surely win just like they did with Hillary.

My question is how crazy will Democrats’ official Resistance Summer domestic terrorism become after their devastating loss in Georgia? Thus far, Leftists have mock beheaded Trump; mock put a bullet in his head; mock stabbed Trump, dreamed of beating Trump with a golf club; talked about blowing up the White House, physically attacked Trump voters; kidnapped/tortured a Trump supporter and gunned down Republicans while practicing for a charity baseball game.

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Chris Matthews laments hidden Trump vote and wonders ‘what the hell’ Jon Ossoff was selling

Like a lot of people, Chris Matthews wants to know why Jon Ossoff was running in the GA06 special election. He wandered into town, was buoyed by a tidal wave of out-of-state left-wing cash, revealed himself to be a guy without a message, and promptly lost. In a way, he was a bit like Hillary Clinton in that no one is entirely sure there was a reason for his candidacy.

Here’s what Matthews had to say:

“It seems to me that there was a lot of progressive hype about a guy who wasn’t running as a progressive, which is another interesting twist to this. He was running on basically, well let’s get together and be normal or something.

I don’t know what the hell he was selling. He wasn’t selling much.”


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Anger Privilege

If you want to know who has privilege in a society and who doesn’t, follow the anger.

There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t.

James Hodgkinson’s rage was socially acceptable. It continued to be socially acceptable until he crossed the line into murder. And he’s not alone. There’s Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Dallas, and Gavin Long, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Baton Rouge. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about the Terror travel ban, the Paris Climate treaty, ObamaCare repeal or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels.

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Democrats trapped in their hate-filled corner

So-called ‘White Obama’ Jon Ossoff’s defeat in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district yesterday makes it clear that the Democrats are going down in the water for the third time with no lifeguard coming to save them.

Resistance leaders Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the hordes of entertainment industry celebrities, mainstream media puppets, their hate-spewing and violence are killing the Democrat Party and driving it deeper into exile.

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Sears Canada Melts Down

Sears Canada and its subsidiaries, which operate 95 department stores, 29 Sears Home stores, 71 Hometown stores, 16 Outlet stores, 69 Sears Travel offices, and 32 Corbeil appliance stores, and thus lease a lot of mall space, filed for bankruptcy protection today.

The company was partially spun off from similarly struggling Sears Holdings in the US in 2012, which still holds a 12% stake, and whose CEO Eddie Lampert owns a 45% stake in part via his hedge fund, ESL Investments.—More…

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New York’s Bet on Silevo’s Solar Technology Fails to Deliver

New York’s deal with Silevo Inc. is a sham and illustrates the problems that arise when politicians use taxpayer money to attract and reward favored industries. Silevo, which was acquired by Solar City, is a photovoltaic cell and module technology company that developed the proprietary Triex solar modules. New York’s deal with Silevo was to establish a manufacturing facility to produce 1 gigawatt worth (10,000 solar panels a day) of its Triex module technology with the potential of adding an additional 5 gigawatts of capacity in a later phase.

The agreement granted Silevo the use of a 1,000,000-square-foot factory in Buffalo, occupying 88 acres, with a lease that runs for 10 years and a 10-year renewal right. The rent is $1 or $2 per year. New York promised to spend $750 million on the factory and purchasing manufacturing equipment.1

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Hand wringing about the Senate version replacement of the ACA is disingenuous if not downright laugh

Surely, the Dems know that our Republican memories are not impaired. But, just in case, let’s assure them that we remember Nancy Pelosi saying, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” speaking about the Affordable Care Act. So the hand wringing about the Senate version replacement of the ACA is disingenuous if not downright laughable.

They set the standard of behavior and then whine when other follow their example. At least the replacement can be read before the vote.

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Absolute and total refusal of most media outlets to give any credit whatsoever to President Trump

Before the election of Republican Karen Handel in Georgia, the press was saying that a win would be a referendum for the prevailing party. With Handel’s win, the talking points have changed to try to paint it as a win for Dems because of the 4 point spread.

But what is most obvious to me is the absolute and total refusal of most media outlets to give any credit whatsoever to President Trump or Republican voters. Nor will they give air time to the quiet but effective conservative movement. It seems they think if it is ignored it will go away. But it won’t.

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Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq

A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,450 metres.

Sources say a member of Joint Task Force 2 killed an Islamic State insurgent with a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from a high-rise during an operation that took place within the last month in Iraq. It took under 10 seconds to hit the target.—More..

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Say goodbye to an American tradition: The thrill of the open road

BALTIMORE — Self-driving cars will kill our precious thrill of the open road while hurting large segments of our economy.

When killjoys and bureaucrats get their way, we give up the things that make our lives rich and fun.  We’re are approaching that now with these pod-like vehicles.

Private companies and federal agencies are working to put millions of driverless cars on America’s roads, and there’s a good chance those vehicles will eventually comprise the majority of personal vehicles on our roads: Some are predicting fully automated cars could be 10 percent of global vehicle sales yearly by 2035 and that percentage likely will grow.

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FEC Dem eyes widening Russia probe to Facebook, Drudge, foreign companies

A new proposal by an anti-Trump Democrat on the Federal Election Commission would expand the federal government’s probe into alleged Russian influence to foreign companies and internet sites that take political ads, like Facebook or the Drudge Report, while giving the FEC an unprecedented role that some say oversteps its authority.

Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, citing petitions from leftist groups demanding a wider investigation, on Thursday plans to push for commission support for her idea.—More…

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Court Dismisses Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood

In a huge victory, a California court today dismissed almost all of the criminal charges abortion activists filed against the pro-life advocates who recorded undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling the body parts from aborted babies.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed 15 felony charges against both David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Becerra is a longtime abortion advocate with financial connections to the Planned Parenthood abortion company that the two pro-life Advocates exposed in the videos for selling body parts such as fetal brains and livers.—More…

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Terror suspect who stabbed Flint airport officer ID’d as Canadian Amor Ftouhi

FLINT, Mich. (WJBK) - The attacker armed with a knife that stabbed a Flint airport police officer Wednesday morning has been identified as Canadian resident Amor M. Ftouhi.

The officer, Lt. Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck, by Ftouhi, and was critically injured but has now been upgraded to satisfactory condition. Ftouhi was arrested at the scene by Neville, helped by another police member, a fire department member and a maintenance worker.—More…

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Cosby and the Leftists’ War on Non-Victim-minded Blacks

The Bill Cosby sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial.  I will not address the case because I am clueless regarding his guilt or innocence. I am going to address the insidious campaign to destroy a black American icon.

I remember hearing black relatives trash the Cosby TV Show, claiming it was unrealistic and misrepresented the black American experience.

Democrats have relentlessly worked to convince blacks that America is a hellhole of racism where whites, Republicans and conservatives plot 24/7 how to keep blacks down. Therefore, it is not surprising that my relatives believed the TV show “Good Times” about a struggling black family living in the projects painted a truer portrait of black life in America. The truth is the Cosby Show was accurate. Blacks have pursued and achieved their American dreams since slavery. As a matter of fact, the first self-made female millionaire in America was Madam C. J. WalkeR, a black woman born in 1867.

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Attacker stabs police officer in Flint, MI airport after yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’

Flint, Michigan is a city that’s seen more than its share of problems.  From job loss, to the water crisis, to crime, to poverty, the former automotive center has had a rough thirty years.  Now it looks like it will have to add terror attack to its long list of issues.

A short time ago, a man stabbed a police officer in Flint’s Bishop airport after screaming “Allahu Akbar.” The facility was evacuated and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is in stable condition.

As a witness told the Flint Journal:

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Court Dismisses 14 of the 15 Counts Against Sandra Merritt

SAN FRANCISCO - Today, the San Francisco Superior Court dismissed criminal counts 1-14 against Sandra “Susan” Merritt. The court ruled that counts 1-14 were legally insufficient. The state has the opportunity to amend if it can plead a more legally sufficient and specific complaint. The California’s Attorney General filed 15 criminal counts against Merritt, with counts 1-14 for each of the alleged interviews and count 15 for an alleged conspiracy. “This is a huge victory to have 14 criminal counts dismissed,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “We will now turn our attention to dismissing the final count. Sandra Merritt did nothing wrong. The complaint by the California Attorney General is unprecedented and frankly will threaten every journalist who provides valuable information to the public. This final count will also fall,” said Staver.

The Attorney General has been an advocate for Planned Parenthood, and the abortion giant has supported his political campaigns. Merritt was one of the two journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s unethical and potentially illegal profiteering from the sale of aborted baby body parts.

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