‘There Was Blood Everywhere’: 42 Injured After Train Crashes Into Train at 69th Street Transportatio

A high-speed train barreled into a parked train at one of SEPTA’s busiest terminals overnight, injuring more than 40 people and causing what one passenger described as a bloody scene.

SEPTA officials say a Norristown High Speed Line train was arriving at the 69th Street Transportation Center on Market Street in Upper Darby around 12:10 a.m. Tuesday when it crashed into an unoccupied train that was sitting in the terminal.—More..

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Claire McCaskill: Democratic Party won’t have a ‘true leader’ until they have a 2020 nominee

The Democratic Party is currently rudderless.  It has no idea what it believes, can’t decide between its base and electability, can’t win, and can’t seem to figure out how to move forward. So, of course, rank and file Dems are looking for a new leader. Who that person turns out to be will tell us a lot about what kind of opposition party the constitution will face in the future.

If they pick someone like Keith Ellison, for example, you can count on continued efforts to mainstream their most radical ideas. If they were to shock the world and choose someone like Jim Webb, they’d be a much more centrist, and viable, threat.

By Robert Laurie - Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - Full Story

Anger boils over in Charlottesville city council meeting as residents call for mayor’s resigna

Anger boiled over at the first Charlottesville City Council meeting since a white nationalist rally in the city descended into violent chaos, with some residents screaming and cursing at councilors Monday night and calling for their resignations.

After the residents of Charlottesville were allowed to voice their frustrations with the way city officials handled the event, the council unanimously voted to take the first steps to remove a statue of the Confederate general Stonewall Jackson, The Daily Progress reported. —More…

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DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison on hidden cam: Pelosi wants single payer, but won’t admit it in pu

Democrats hate to let the mask slip. If they openly discuss their true beliefs, they lose elections. That’s why every Democrat runs on lower taxes, a stronger military, and more efficient, streamlined government. If they went out there and said “We want to tax you at somewhere between fifty and seventy percent, make you a cradle-to-grave slave to your government, and weaken the U.S. in an effort to re-balance the world,” they’d be buried under an electoral landslide every single time.

The only time they really tell you what they think is when they’re caught by a hot mic or a hidden camera.  When they think no one’s looking, they’re more than happy to tell you what they want to do to the country.

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Judge packing heat fires back after being shot entering courthouse

Before you ask, I don’t know the partisan makeup of the players involved here, and at least for the moment I’m not sure it’s important. Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. mainly handles family-type cases. We don’t know if he was ambushed by someone who was upset by one of his rulings, but we do know that this turned out to be a good-guy-with-a-gun scenario.

Judge Bruzzese was prepared:

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Deconstructing a Culture

The tearing down of Confederate monuments was sure to be a divisive issue. Why raise it now, when the people of the United States are as divided as they have been at any time since—the Civil War? The question answers itself. It was raised now precisely because it would be divisive. But to say this is to call into question the motives of those who have raised the issue. Indeed.

Those who advocate tearing down the monuments accuse their opponents of racism. It’s an easy accusation to make, and not an easy one to refute. It places the moral onus on those who would defend the monuments to justify their actions, while deflecting moral scrutiny from their accusers.

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Black Nationalist Statues Must Fall

There are streets, schools and parks across the country named after a violent racist who urged the KKK to murder civil rights activists and claimed that racial integration was a Jewish conspiracy.

There’s a boulevard in Brooklyn named after a racist who admired Hitler and boasted of being the first fascist. Harvard has a prominent institute named after a bigot who defended Nazi bigotry.

New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles all have streets named after a supremacist and nationalist who palled around with Nazis. New York City has a statue of him. Washington D.C. has an art tribute to him. If we are going to take down Confederate memorials, there’s no way he can stay up.

By Daniel Greenfield - Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - Full Story

Bannon the Bombthrower

If you think they are going to give your country back without a fight, you’re sadly mistaken. —Steve Bannon

The GOP establishment hasn’t learned much since November,  but looking towards next November, its important to note that moderates do not win elections unless they campaign as conservatives.  If the GOP was built by moderates, the “Party of Reagan” wouldn’t exist.  On Friday morning, prior to Bannon’s departure, Moderate Mitt Romney spouted off yet again, giving more soundbytes to his fellow Democrats. Lest we forget that his father sabotaged Barry Goldwater?

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The Charter’s Notwithstanding Clause and Canada’s border crisis

So many illegals have been walking into Canada lately, even Justin Trudeau is starting to worry. Yesterday Trudeau said if he could talk to “asylum seekers,” he would tell them, there is no advantage to just walking into Canada. He added those seeking refugee status will be subjected to a “rigorous screening process” and “our rules, our principles and our laws apply to everyone.” Cue the laughter. (CBC, Aug. 20, 2017)

During the first two weeks of August, 3,800 people were apprehended by the RCMP walking into Quebec. This does not include those who were caught walking to other provinces or those who managed to enter the country without being caught by the authorities. And there is no indication these numbers are about to decrease anytime soon.

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Trump must question Abbas-PLO commitment to peace with Israel

The planned visit to the Middle East at the end of August by President Trump’s Senior Advisor Jared Kushner, Special Envoy for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Powell – presents a wonderful opportunity for them to test the commitment of the PLO and its leader Mahmoud Abbas to concluding a peace treaty with Israel.

Abbas needs to confirm or reject his following remarks reported on 11 January 2014:

By David Singer - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

IER Publishes “The Solar Value Cliff: The Diminishing Value of Solar Power”

WASHINGTON – The popular media is replete with articles heralding the falling costs of solar power. But while solar’s costs may be going down, so too is its value to the electricity grid. Today, as the nation anticipates its first total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years, the Institute for Energy Research released a paper detailing this phenomenon, which it calls the solar value cliff.

The Solar Value Cliff: The Diminishing Value of Solar Power chronicles the following:

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Quebec police hint at arrests after anti-immigration counter-rally turns violent

MONTREAL — Quebec City’s mayor says right-wing protesters are not welcome in Quebec City but he believes an anti-immigration group won the popularity contest during duelling demonstrations over the weekend.

Mayor Regis Labeaume thanked members of the right-wing group, La Meute, for collaborating with police while some counter-protesters turned violent.—More…

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Morning Joe notices the DNC can’t raise any money - ‘what does that say about the Democratic Party?’

You would think, if President Trump is as despised as Democrats claim, they’d be enjoying a resurgence. The faithful should be extremely energized, and the money should be pouring in as they build up a war chest designed to support their party’s efforts in 2018 and 2020.  That’s not happening.  The DNC is running on fumes and they’re having a hard time convincing anyone to donate.

As Morning Joe pointed out today, Republicans have nearly $50 million cash on hand - a number that stands in stark contrast to the Dems $6.9 million. The GOP is also crushing their opponents in terms of fundraising.  In 2017, they’ve raised a little more than $86 million.  That’s over twice what the Dems have brought in. Trump should be the ultimate fundraising tool, but it’s simply not working.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

NYPost: Looks like Wasserman Schultz’s jailed IT staffers were selling sensitive and classified stol

You’re probably aware that, on Thursday, a federal Grand Jury indicted former Wasserman Schultz IT aide Imran Awan on four felony counts.  Most agree that the charges - which include bank fraud, making false statements, and conspiracy - are just a placeholder.  The investigation into a much larger set of crimes is ongoing and it’s virtually impossible to find anyone who thinks these few meager charges will be the end of the story.

According to the New York Post, the probe is ‘widening’ and their sources indicate that investigators now suspect that Imran Awan and his allies were stealing government info, including classified material, and selling it to both Pakistani and - wait for it - Russian intel agencies.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story


In the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia, tragedy, which began in part as a rally to protect a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, the left has seized the crisis to smear President Donald Trump.

The president is being unfairly accused of sympathizing with white supremacists. His supporters are being lumped in with neo-Nazis, and left-wing thugs recently shut down a “free-speech” rally in Boston.

By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

Mat Staver Responds to “Hate Labels”

ORLANDO, FL—Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty, responds to the recent “hate label” from the Southern Poverty Law Center and calls for prayer and healing in a country divided.

By Liberty Counsel - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

Way Past Time to Let Congress Enjoy Obamacare

Every presidential administration reaches a pivot point. Many observers thought Trump’s came when Anthony Scaramucci walked in the White House door. Others thought it came 10 days later when Scaramucci walked out the door.

For me the Scaramucci Saga was just part of the excitement when the circus comes to town.

The pivot point I’m looking for is when President Trump finally learns he has only enemies and bystanders among the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill.

By Michael R. Shannon - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

Entire nation now residing in weird alternate universe where president uttered horrible, racist stat

Let’s start by stating two facts:

  1. President Trump has said nothing in support of white supremacists, and has specifically condemned them in the harshest terms several times over the past week.
  2. An awful lot of people think the opposite is true. They think Trump has excused white supremacists and can’t bring himself to condemn them.

Now, why do people think this when the opposite is true? They think this because the media keeps telling them this. Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it’s true. Who said that? Hitler, right? Yep. Trump is supposed to be a Nazi sympathizer, but the people learning from and practicing Hitler’s techniques reside in the newsrooms at CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story

Since We ‘Good Men’ Have Done Nothing

Lots of good reads begin with an old saying. Here then is one very relevant and applicable old saying:

“20 years experience cannot be supplanted by one year’s experience - 20 times.”

And that is a big part, a huge part, of the problem 21st-century America is struggling through right now. And not too many people seem to be mentioning it. But I must.

By Dave Merrick - Monday, August 21, 2017 - Full Story