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Absolute power corrupts, absolutely

The Interim Bangladeshi government led by Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed now shall stand liable to the entire nation for sending invaluable artifacts to France despite tremendous protest from various sections of people including the Bangladeshi press, because, it has been disclosed that, two extremely precious ‘Vishnu’ statues had already been stolen from the second consignment. According to various sources, the cost of these stolen statues are worth a few million dollars.

By Guest Column Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury- Wednesday, December 26, 2007 - Full Story

Calling the Christmas angel in the season of miracles

Madelaine McCannIt’s Christmas Day 2007 and like all Christmas’ that went before and those still to come, it’s the zenith of the Season of Miracles.

  Innocence everywhere looks for a wish to come true on this night of all nights.

  Tonight and tomorrow is the time of the believer in many faiths in many countries.

  Cynics and ridicule can never blow out the flame of the Christmas candle.  Believers in a weary, and yes, often cruel world, make room for miracles to happen.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, December 24, 2007 - Full Story

Toronto commuter turns dog’s distress into Christmas miracle

Jagger It all started on the GO Train, just another day on the way to work.  As the miles sped away getting to his office, Mac Wilson gave scant attention to his fellow commuters as he sat there planning his Christmas shopping list.

  The countryside flashed by the window, the trees now showing black limbs rather than golden leaves against a brooding winter sky.  Then he spotted it, a dog in the Don River. He couldn’t be sure, but that’s what he thought as the train went speeding by.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, December 19, 2007 - Full Story

Anonymous Muslim would dump Canada Free Press and its likes in the trash of history

Canada Free Press (CFP) emails from abroad today included one from the head office of Zalloum Group headquarters in Jordan.

  “Islam will prevail and you and your likes will be dumped in the trash of history,” said the email, sent in capital letters.

  The sender of the email took the coward’s way out and signed it simply, in caps, “A Muslim.”

By Judi McLeod - Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - Full Story

Clinton fundraising ties to terror group

On December 4, 2007, we reported that members of the terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), more commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, were arrested in New York for their plot to use stolen credit card numbers and other methods to steal $250,000 in New York “and tens of millions from ATMs worldwide.”

By Doug Hagmann - Saturday, December 15, 2007 - Full Story

Christmas miracle needed to get care package to Canadian troops in Afghanistan

Gabrielle Eckhardt  What a let down that 1,700 care packages lovingly prepared by Montreal-area residents and community groups destined for Canadian troops in Afghanistan, won’t be getting there.

  The Christmas care packages for soldiers have been grounded after the military said they could not be sent overseas.

Claiming security concerns and a lack of space on transport aircraft as reasons for blocking the packages, Canadian Forces brass informed nonplussed members of the Roxboro Legion, who spearheaded the drive that they cannot accept the packages.  Parcels must be addressed to a specific soldier, the military said, and not “Any CF member”.

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, December 13, 2007 - Full Story

Did system fail 16-year-old Muslim girl murdered by father

How many Aqsa Parvezs, who died Monday night after being attacked in her Mississauga home by her own father, live in the Greater Toronto Area?

  Aqsa, found barely alive in her bedroom by police was only 16 years old.

  It was well known by her friends that Aqsa was in trouble at home.  The teen, who wanted to dance to Rhythm & Blues and hang out with friends like any other Canadian teen, told peers she had been struck on the arms and across the face under a strict regime followed by her parents.

“She told me many times that her dad had threatened her,” her friend Dominiqua Holmes-Thompson, 16, told the Toronto Star yesterday.  “She was serious.”

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - Full Story

Polish asking how Robert Dziekanski airport death could have happened in Canada

The tragic events that led to the death of confused and visibly anxious Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski are giving Canada’s image as a kind and hospitable country a black eye in Poland.

  “Everybody’s asking how this could happen,” journalist David Dastych told Canada Free Press (CFP).  “We expect to hear of things like this in Iraq and Iran, but Canada?”

  Poland is conducting its own official inquiry into the last hours of Robert Dziekanski on Earth.

By Judi McLeod - Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - Full Story

Sunken Antarctic ship now 5-kilometer oil slick

Al Gore’s self-touted, mouse size carbon footprint has just developed elephantitis.

MS Explorer, the “legendary polar expedition ship” owned by his pal G.A.P. Adventures CEO Bruce Poon Tip, which sank last week in the Antarctic has left a garguntan carbon foot on the ocean floor.  And it’s a carbon footprint that’s harmful to penguins and other wildlife.

Little would have been known about the damage to the Antarctic’s fragile eco system from the sunken 75-metre vessel were it not for a team of Chilean scientists who sussed out the damage in its aftermath and reported their findings.

The Chilean scientists told the daily La Tercera that fuel from the eco cruise ship is now a five-kilometer long slick.  The MS Explorer, star of the eco warrior, was powered by diesel.  And while diesel is less polluting than crude oil, it still left a highly toxic environmental mess that could directly affect seals, sea lions, and other animals that inhabit the area.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, December 3, 2007 - Full Story

Finding the courage to stand up to the Council on American-Islamic Relations

imageWhere are you Rush?

Where are you Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity?

And what about you, Matt Drudge and Joseph Farah?

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, November 29, 2007 - Full Story

Planned Parenthood Ottawa denies local charity drive freedom of choice

Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO) is trying to make a Tree Raffle, launched Monday by the wives and girlfriends of the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team, their business.

  The Senators’ “Better Halves” launched a holiday fundraising campaign and one of the organizations set to benefit from the money raised is First Place Pregnancy Centre.  The Centre is an Ottawa-based organization that advertises it “wants you to be empowered to make your choice”, but will not provide women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy with referrals to abortion services.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - Full Story

Al Gore buddy owner of sunken ship that left huge carbon footprint on Antarctic Ocean floor

You’d never read this in the mainstream media:  The owner of MS Explorer that sank, leaving a huge carbon footprint at the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean Friday is an acolyte of teensy-weensy carbon footprint crusader Al Gore.

G.A.P. Adventures CEO and Explorer owner, Bruce Poon Tip and Gore have similar ideals, “filling their schedules with speaking engagements on environmental change to educate global audiences.”  And that’s straight off of  In fact, as recently as last April, both Poon Tip and Gore gave presentations at the Green Living Show in Toronto.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, November 26, 2007 - Full Story

Benazir Bhutto can identify jihadist carry bomb-strapped child?

Given the unbridled ambitions of Benazir Bhutto to reclaim power in Pakistan, do investigators in Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party have any credibility in their statement that the bomb intended to kill their leader was strapped to a one-year-old child?

By Judi McLeod - Friday, November 23, 2007 - Full Story

CBS portrays Omar Khadr as “obedient son”

Although the Globe & Mail called new footage in a 12-minute 60 Minutes segment “shocking new footage of a Canadian terrorism suspect allegedly building bomb timers and planting land mines when he was a 15-year-old militant hoping to take on American soldiers in Afghanistan,” a November 18 CBS News cast shows Canada’s infamous Khadr family in a mostly sympathetic light. Click here.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, November 21, 2007 - Full Story

Training terrorists with American dollars

Within the space of just days, the term “humanitarian NGOs” is taking on a troubling new meaning.

Only yesterday Canada Free Press (CFP) reported an ABC Australia story that the International Red Cross has begun training Palestinian militants in Gaza under cover of its worldwide effort to teach the rules of international law in areas of armed conflict.

Today it’s A Fox News report that reveals USAID has been “inadvertently” funneling American tax dollars to terror related groups.

By Judi McLeod - Tuesday, November 20, 2007 - Full Story

The neutral politics of the Red Cross

The International Red Cross, with a long held reputation for neutrality as airtight as the country in which it originated, is now training Palestinian terrorists.

“The International Red Cross has begun training Palestinian militants in Gaza as part of what it says is its worldwide effort to teach the rules of international humanitarian law in areas of armed conflict.” (

“All armed factions in Gaza have signed up to the course, which explains the rules of war under the Geneva Convention and how to protect civilians.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, November 19, 2007 - Full Story

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir sends desperate message to West

Hayatullah KhanWord has reached Canada Free Press (CFP) through journalist Hamid Mir in Pakistan about the treacherous situation for journalists since General Perez Musharraf declared martial law.

  Mir is the Executive Editor of GEO Television, Pakistan’s third largest television network.  GEO was pulled off the air by the General Perez Musharraf administration on Nov. 3.  Pakistanis with satellite dishes could watch GEO until November 16, when the network went completely off the air.

By Judi McLeod - Sunday, November 18, 2007 - Full Story

Jamaat ul Fuqra, Muslims of the Americas tied to U.S. counterfeit trade

Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani16 November 2007: Earlier this year, a multi-million dollar counterfeit clothing ring based in New York City with its tentacles reaching into various states and internationally was busted by federal authorities after a lengthy investigation. Investigation revealed that at least three of those arrested have definitive ties to the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra and its front group, the Muslims of the Americas, led by Pakistani terrorist Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani. The latest action in this case occurred this week. On Wednesday, 14 November 2007, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson sentenced Ronald Roundtree, 51, a member of the Muslims of the Americas camp in Virginia to 21 months in federal prison for his role in a multi-state, multi-million dollar counterfeiting ring.

By Doug Hagmann Judi McLeod- Friday, November 16, 2007 - Full Story

“We are in the blackest of black darkness here” Bangladeshi journalist tells Canada Free Press

image“We are here in the blackest black of darkness and God only knows what’s coming our way next,” Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury told Canada Free Press (CFP) in a static-charged telephone interview a few minutes ago.

  “How many are dead?  There are many more dead than the 500 reported by the Bangladesh government,” Choudhury said.  “Untold thousands of people are still missing and that is one reason the fatalities cannot be accurately reported.”

By Judi McLeod - Friday, November 16, 2007 - Full Story

Air Canada grounded

Update: 10:30 A.M. EST 

“It’s recovered now. It’s really just a communications error between our reservation system and the airport locale.

While the problem with the system has been fixed, it caused flight delays of between 30 and 60 minutes, Segaert added. The airline predicted operations would be back to normal by Friday afternoon.Canadians awoke this morning to the news that Air Canada flights at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport were, in effect grounded.


By Judi McLeod - Friday, November 16, 2007 - Full Story