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Freeing American Captives in Foreign Lands

When two American missionaries were kidnapped last July in Haiti, negotiators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were called in to secure their release. The missionaries, both North Carolina natives in Port Au Prince aiding relief efforts in the beleaguered Caribbean republic, would be held for four days as their captors demanded a ransom and the US crisis experts guided their families through wrenching negotiations.

By Jim Kouri - Sunday, August 3, 2008 - Full Story

Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets

Palestinian children on annual vacation can choose between Hamas or Islamic Jihad summer camps, both of which boast militia-style training, Koran classes, lessons on political prisoners

By Guest Column - Saturday, August 2, 2008 - Full Story

U.S. says Pakistani spies forewarn al Qaeda allies

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The United States has accused members of Pakistan’s main spy agency of tipping off al Qaeda-linked militants before U.S. missile attacks on targets in Pakistani tribal lands, Pakistan’s defense minister said.

By Guest Column - Saturday, August 2, 2008 - Full Story

Training the Trainers in Anti-Terrorism

Immediately following President George W. Bush’s Iraq strategy speech, Beltway insiders knew exactly where to go for analysis of the proposed “surge” of troops in Iraq.

By Jim Kouri - Saturday, August 2, 2008 - Full Story

Reducing the Friction Between Cops and Spies Is the Key to Victory

The end of the Cold War meant a significant change in the nature of the foreign threats to US security. The principal worry of most Americans is no longer a devastating military offensive from abroad, but rather more insidious assaults which hit closer to home, threatening lives and property and creating a climate of fear.

By Jim Kouri - Thursday, July 31, 2008 - Full Story

Bin Laden Morphs into Che Guevera

It’s become so commonplace as to receive only a minor mention in the news. Predator drones under the command presumably of the CIA or the Air Force find and kill some ranking member of al Qaeda in far-off Waziristan.

By Alan Caruba - Tuesday, July 29, 2008 - Full Story

Gun Rights and International Moral Consensus

By Jordan J. Ballor
In a landmark decision that will impact the future of gun regulation in theUnited States, late last month the Supreme Court struck down a handgun ban in Washington, D.C. In District of Columbia et al. v. Heller (No. 07-290) a slim 5-4 majority found the D.C. ban to violate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which reads, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state , the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

By Guest Column - Monday, July 28, 2008 - Full Story

Abuse Of Law Is Emerging As A Pattern and Practice

In an earlier piece, I congratulated the Gura team for their win in D.C. v. Heller, the Washington, D.C. gun ban case. Like most good lawyering, not only does the team win, but all of America wins. Well done. [Now here’s some people I’d like to meet and shake hands with, and I hope to see this team perhaps at the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix. Our friends to the North are most welcome. Please come. For details, see ]]

By John Longenecker - Monday, July 28, 2008 - Full Story

National Guard Teams Prepare for Terrorist WMD Attacks

In 2006, Denys Ray Hughes, 59, of Phoenix, AZ, was found guilty of Attempted Production of a Biological Toxin for Use as a Weapon, Possession of an Unregistered Destructive Device and Possession of an Unregistered Silencer, by a federal jury.

Counterterrorism: US Protects Colombian Oil Fields from FARC

Oil rivals cocaine as one of Colombia’s principal exports. The Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline transports almost 20 percent of Colombia’s oil production. The pipeline originates in the Department of Arauca in northeast region of Colombia. It carries oil nearly 500 miles to the Caribbean port of Covenas. And it’s the most vulnerable and desirable target in Colombia for terrorists such as members of the ruthless and deadly narco-terrorists FARC.

By Jim Kouri - Saturday, July 26, 2008 - Full Story

Mexican National Jailed for Sex-Trafficking in the Carolinas

Jesus Perez-Laguna, a citizen of Mexico, was sentenced in federal court in Columbia, S.C., on charges stemming from a sex trafficking ring involving at least one teenage girl.  Perez-Laguna was sentenced to over 14 years imprisonment and ordered to pay $52,500 in restitution to his victims.  After his release from prison, Perez-Laguna will be on federal supervised release for the rest of his life.

By Jim Kouri - Saturday, July 26, 2008 - Full Story

Hezbollah’s Newest Nazi - the Child Murdering Samir Kuntar

imageHow absolutely Hileresque the image above of recently released terrorist and child murderer Samir Kuntar is. How demonically appropriate as well. Look into Kuntar’s eyes, there’s almost a distinct, demonic-red glow to them. And it also occurs to me that the only thing missing from Kuntar’s camouflage uniform is a red, black and white swastika armband.

However, the turbaned Shi’te Hezbollah Islamo-Nazi’s in the image suffice in lieu of the missing swastika. You see, there really is no difference between the Nazi’s of WWII and the Shi’ite Muslims of modern day Iran and Lebanon. They want to achieve the same “final solution” against the Jew’s and Israel as their forebears did in Europe a generation ago.

By Sean Osborne - Thursday, July 24, 2008 - Full Story

Mexico’s Version of La Cosa Nostra Spreads Like a Virus

The Castorena Family Organization is a large-scale criminal organization with more than 100 key members who oversee cells of 10 to 20 individuals in cities across the United States, according to public court documents filed by the US government in Colorado and in other judicial districts around the country.

By Jim Kouri - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - Full Story

Feds Imprison Man in Terrorism Case; Targets US Military, Jewish Facilities

A man recruited to join a domestic terrorist cell that was plotting to attack United States military facilities, “infidels,” and Israeli and Jewish targets in the Los Angeles area as part of a “jihad” was sentenced today to more than 12 years in federal prison, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

By Jim Kouri - Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - Full Story

PA Top Cop Says Tasers Protect Public and Officers

(This article is based on a report submitted to the National Association of Chiefs of Police. The writer is the organization’s public information officer.)

The recent deployment of Tasers to State Police troopers for use in confrontational situations is helping to ensure the safety of the public and officers themselves, Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said yesterday.

By Jim Kouri - Saturday, July 19, 2008 - Full Story

The Morphing of Organized Crime

While most of the focus of federal law enforcement today is on counterterrorism, federal police agencies must still contend with more traditional anti-crime operations including emerging organized crime gangs.

Green Light For Profiling

Stephen Brown,

Nearly seven years after the 9-11 attacks, the Bush administration is finally reconsidering its opposition to one of the most effective counterterrorism weapons at its disposal. In the months ahead, FBI agents may be able to profile potential terrorists on the basis of suspicious traits and activities, including their ethnic and religious backgrounds. Those most likely to commit acts of Islamic terrorism will no longer be able to hide in plain sight.

By Guest Column - Thursday, July 17, 2008 - Full Story

Defense Department Official Imprisoned for Espionage

Gregg William Bergersen, age 51, of Alexandria, Virginia, was sentenced in the Eastern District of Virginia to 57 months in prison and three years of supervised release for conspiracy to disclose national defense information to persons not entitled to receive it, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police’s publication, The Chief of Police Magazine.

By Jim Kouri - Thursday, July 17, 2008 - Full Story

Hugo Chavez’s Narcotics Connection

Recently, Mexican military officials claimed they seized five-and-a-half tons of powdered cocaine from a commercial aircraft that landed in Mexico following a a trip from Venezuela. The street value of the drugs was estimated to be upwards of $100 million.

By Jim Kouri - Thursday, July 17, 2008 - Full Story

Welcome to

It’s a crime that DNA is proving that some lifers are not the killers juries send to prison.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, July 16, 2008 - Full Story