Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

The intolerance toward other people’s ideas

The intolerance toward other people’s ideas and the refusal to “listen” to other points of view as seen on the campuses of our colleges is “creeping” into society at large.  People are not listening to the desire of many of our citizens to abide by current law to keep the country safe from an ideology that has caused havoc for our country since its inception.  Nor are they allowing citizens to make decisions in their personal lives.  Many demand “rights” for some that take away the right of others to make their own personal decisions (paying for other citizen’s abortions, requiring health care, EPA decisions that affect property rights, requiring people to do business with others who support social issues they personally oppose). 

Demonstrators address concerns about social issues and show personal animosity toward the president.  Under our system, social issues (including one’s health care choices) should be the purview of the individual citizens unless there is blatant discrimination against a protected class (not a new group of people who think they are entitled to “protection”). In addition, the current administration is denigrated for actions that are within the law and have been implemented in the past by other administrations without concern from the left or the media. 

As previously neutral institutions in our country (education, media) adopt and forward a progressive agenda, I believe the fear of a dictatorship/fascism seems more likely to come from the left—not from the right as many demonstrators state on their placards.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story

Listen to what the Mexican Constitution says about immigration

Isn’t this a lesson in irony? Listen to what the Mexican Constitution says about immigration. One, immigrants must be useful to Mexican society. Two, they must be able to support themselves and their dependents. Three, every person entering is logged into a registry , their identities verified and they are tracked by authorities. Four, enter without papers, with fake papers or break the law, you will be imprisoned. Fail to obey deportation orders and you will be punished. Re-enter after deportation- prison for up to 10 years.

How they must be laughing at us. Even having the current discussion is ludicrous. No papers, no entry. It is a matter of security, economics and common sense. Immigrate legally and we welcome you with open arms. Immigrate illegally, you become a criminal, subject to the penalties of our laws. It is just that simple.

By Guest Column -- Bruce Butler- Monday, February 20, 2017 - Full Story


They say Donald Trump has divided America. I say that is impossible. It was already divided. That’s how he got elected. Are we too terrified to speak the truth? Barack Hussein Obama divided this country like it has not been divided since the 1960s.

He had a golden opportunity to bring unity and cooperation and he blew it in favor of partisan politics and racial divisiveness.

He never missed an opportunity to sew seeds of malcontent from the beer summit in Boston to Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown.

When saying nothing would have been the best course of action, he waded into the fray, often times being proved misinformed or misguided.

So don’t be blaming President Trump for the division, he hasn’t even been in office a month and he sure didn’t divide the country. The liberals only think he has because now they are the ones left out in the cold.

God Bless America!

By Guest Column Verna Rock- Monday, February 20, 2017 - Full Story

Last 10 years the economy, business, American people have been going through a deep depression

Democrats take heed, in the last 10 years the economy, business and the American people have been going through a deep depression. The Democrats were unable or unwilling to improve the economy and standard of living of the American people. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have declined to about 30% each.The people are giving up on both parties. Independents have grown larger than either party. Trump was listening to the needs of business and the people and is taking action. If Democrats and old guard Republicans don’t stop hindering the president and progress for the country they will become extinct. The Democrats will be left with the extreme progressives Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Ellison and 15% of the national vote. Amen to the Democratic Party.

By Guest Column -- Dick Doonan- Saturday, February 18, 2017 - Full Story

America belongs to the illegals from Mexico?

In an interview on TV a few nights ago, Mr. Ramos, in a slip of the tongue,  said America belongs to the illegals from Mexico, and then quickly
rephrased his remark.

I don’t think American citizens understand that people like Ramos are actively working to admit illegals from Mexico for the purpose of taking back “ their ” land in California and other western states, and of course they will vote Democratic.  California is just a “ work in progress “ in terms of Mexican illegal immigration and the Democrat party.  They want these people legalized or at least involved in voting.

We need to educate our citizens and stop this attempted takeover of America. 

By Guest Column -- Phil Dollison- Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Full Story

Evette Flora on Tucker.  I could see the hate in her heart as she spewed her venom

I watched the sparring of Evette Flora and Tucker.  I could see the hate in her heart as she spewed her venom.  To think that she is allowed to teach our kids is frightening. 

Before my son enrolled in UC Berkeley,  we enjoyed conservative conversations.  He was definitely conservative. Once he left Berkeley, after 6 years,  We could no longer have a conversation.  He had completely changed.  I haven’t even talked with him in many years and he lives within 45 minutes of my home. 

By Guest Column -- Phil Dollison- Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Full Story

Why do we have the Dodd-Frank Act?

Why do we have the Dodd-Frank Act? It was Barak Obama’s “solution” to the financial meltdown of 2007-2008. And it was built on the premise that banks are bad. The Act has laid 1207 new rules, 53,486 pages on banks and lenders. It has cost us some 1500 community banks and benefited large corporate banks.

Let’s not forget that it was government mandates, courtesy of the Clinton Administration, that caused the collapse. They forced banks to lend to people who had little or no skin in the game. In an attempt to make home ownership affordable, banks were required to lend to people withno, or little, down payment and shaky credit. Not wanting these bad loans on the books, banks bundled them and sold them to investors. At the time of the crash more than 50% of the loans on the books were subprime.

Dodd-Frank was a piece of legislation crafted to address a problem. But it was done without the understanding of the real issue which was bad lending practice. 

Today home ownership is at a record low, so what does government want to do? It is offering a plethora of low or no money down mortgages.

So, Dodd-Frank has not fixed a problem, it has created a behemoth of a new bureaucracy and has hurt the people liberals profess to want to help and helped the big banks that liberals profess to want to limit. Another example of legislation gone awry.

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Full Story

At this point, what difference does it make?

National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn is gone. Whatever he did or didn’t do. Whatever he did or didn’t tell Vice President Pence, at this point, what difference does it make?

By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Full Story

When we talk about immigration, specifically as it relates to primarily Muslim countries, the truths

When we talk about immigration, specifically as it relates to primarily Muslim countries, the truths can be very inconvenient.Look at the experiences of European countries for one thing. Sweden is so overwhelmed that it will only allow documented refugees to enter. Norway confiscates all valuables from the refugees to help pay to support them. Germany is paying refugees who are denied asylum to leave. And Greece, a country already besieged by severe economic troubles has 50,000 refugees stuck in tents because the European union closed its borders
to refugees.

And, while nobody likes to talk about things like Sharia law and no go zones and sanctuary cities, many Muslim immigrants have a very different view of many things, especially of women’s rights. At Georgetown University, an Islamic Studies Professor teaches his students that “Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex.”  And that “It is not immoral for one human to own another human”.

This may only be one professor, we hope, but those who defend Islam must understand, this is an ancient religion with archaic beliefs, and a different value system. The question we must ask is this: Are we willing to allow those belief and values to flourish in our country?

By Guest Column Virginia Sparks- Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Full Story
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