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By News on the Net - Sunday, July 17, 2016 - Full Story

Florida Power and Light is no longer seeking a rate increase to cover hurricane losses

Florida Power and Light is no longer seeking a rate increase to cover hurricane losses. Why? Because the new tax plan
will save them enough money that a rate increase won’t be necessary. As a result, the average homeowner, Democrats
and Republicans,  will be spared the approximately $4 a month increase and businesses large and small will likely be spared even more pain.

Unlike those “crumbs”( Nancy Pelosi’s words not mine) that other businesses shared with their employees, the FPL will benefit every resident.

What will you do with your savings? I’m thinking crumb cake.

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Thursday, January 18, 2018 - Full Story

Nancy Pelosi has no idea how the average American lives

We always knew that Nancy Pelosi has no idea how the average American lives. In her protected, coddled, wealthy world she doesn’t have to worry about paying her bills, finding money to repair her car, getting access to healthcare, or funding any of the myriad of little drains on the pocketbook.

But, being the nice people that we are, we had no idea just how little she knows or cares.  We need to set the record straight. We need to thank those companies who issued bonuses following the passage of the rewrite of the tax code. We need to let our Senators and Representatives know that it does matter. It matters very much.

Very few Americans look on $1000 as crumbs. That $1000 could be a new set of tires, cleaning and checks at the dentist, clothes, plumbing repairs, soccer gear, a road trip. $1000 is 2.5% of $40,000. So for someone in that income range, it represents more than the 2%  cost of living increase Social Security recipients got in 2017 or will get in 2018.

By calling the bonuses handed out by companies “crumbs” she marginalized all hardworking Americans. That makes me angry.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Saturday, January 13, 2018 - Full Story

Pink hats worn by the women in support of those sexually harassed were stupid and vulgar

I thought from day one that the Pink hats worn by the women in support of those sexually harassed were stupid and vulgar.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around a concerned and engaged group of educated women using the hat as their symbol of choice.

Apparently, some in that movement are questioning it as well, but not for the same reasons. They have decided they are too exclusive, leaving out women of color and transgendered women, etc. One woman said she didn’t feel they were unifying. Seriously, I’m not making this up.

To me, this hat was the epitome of a bad ad campaign and it sends a terrible message. Imagine if this was dreamed up and implemented by a man? He would be, and should be excoriated. The pink hat is demeaning. Why would you use it as a public symbol of your discontent?

These ladies have sent women’s right backwards and relegated woman to once again being thought of as nothing more than their reproductive parts. So sad.

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Friday, January 12, 2018 - Full Story

Justin Trudeau’s Disturbing Friends

It is pretty much an axiomatic saying that you can tell an awful lot about someone by the friends they keep. With that in mind consider some of Justin Trudeau’s friends and you can get a better idea where his policies are coming from.
Gerald Butts is probably Trudeau’s closest political advisor. He is an old Trudeau university buddy who is now the senior political advisor to Trudeau and has had serious input into almost every policy Trudeau campaigned on before his election. Butts was the principal author of former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s bankrupting green energy policies. It was his idea for a “positive message” that helped McGuinty win in Ontario and Justin Trudeau throughout his own campaign borrowed McGuinty’s victory speech words that voters had “rejected the politics of division.”  Butts is an anti-energy environmental activist who is okay with running deficits which is why Ontario continues to struggle to reduce its debts and has been downgraded by Moody’s to “negative.” Trudeau campaigned on running “modest deficits” but the National Bank said the deficit could actually reach ninety billion by the end of Trudeau’s term.

By Guest Column -- Gerald Hall- Thursday, January 11, 2018 - Full Story

Be Careful What you Wish For

In today’s crazy world, western politicians are wasting billions of tax-payer dollars force-feeding costly unreliable green energy in the bizarre belief that this will somehow change Earth’s climate.

Even more incredible, they fear global warmth and seem hell-bent on creating global cooling. They should study climate history. It is snow and ice, cold dry air and carbon dioxide starvation we need to fear, not a warm, moist, fertile, bountiful atmosphere.

Climate change is natural and unstoppable.

By Viv Forbes - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - Full Story

Bad Day at Black Rock

November 8, 2016 was a Bad Day at Black Rock for democrats.

It is likened to a classic 1955 movie starring Spencer Tracy, a one armed stranger who comes to a tiny town possessing a terrible past they want to keep hidden by violent means if necessary. In this case, the town is Washington, D.C. plagued by incompetency, weakness and deceit, and the stranger is Donald Trump.

By George Giftos - Sunday, January 7, 2018 - Full Story

Sooner or later it will be impossible to dismiss the positive impact President Trump has had on our

Who is benefitting from job growth and lower numbers of undocumented immigrants? Black people, that’s who. Black unemployment is at a 45 year low. Some fantastic news for those who have gained employment and for the country as a whole. It is yet another sign of a healthy economy that is improving by leaps and bounds.

Sooner or later it will be impossible to dismiss the positive impact President Trump has had on our country. So hate his mannerisms if you must but don’t discount the results. Usually a scrapper gets more done than a dandy, it is just not as pretty a package.I think Americans can live with that, eventually, even the “Never Trumpers” will have to recognize that he knows what he is doing.

By Guest Column -- Margaret Glover- Saturday, January 6, 2018 - Full Story

Follow the donation trail. People don’t donate to causes they don’t believe in

Nov. 2017, as reported by CNN, the Democratic National Committee had 6.3 million in its coffers, the Republican National Committee has 39.8 million. That tells the story, not the media, not the talking heads, not the Hollywood elite, but real people donating hard earned money and businesses who believe in President Trump’s policies. If you wonder who the public supports, follow the donation trail. People don’t donate to causes they don’t believe in.

By Guest Column -- Virginia Sparks- Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - Full Story

California recreational marijuana law

In another example of trapping people in poverty and of increasing welfare recipients, The new California recreational marijuana law will join Washington State in imposing up to 50% total tax on sales, including medical marijuana. While I am opposed to the sale of recreational marijuana, it seems obvious to me that the legalization was more about increasing revenue than anything else. The extremely high tax rate has the potential to take food off the table of children and will plunge families into welfare or hold them there.

And get this, if you are a pot smoker, you may forfeit your right to be a gun owner. Since alcohol and prescription drug use do not prevent you from owning a gun, I would contend that the law is also being used as gun control. I guess the theory is that users will choose pot over their constitutional rights.

When you look at the total picture, the marijuana law feeds right in to the liberal agenda.

By Guest Column -- Arnold Avery- Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - Full Story

The effort to encourage, cajole, or downright force people to take actions to protect our environmen

The effort to encourage, cajole, or downright force people to take actions to protect our environment are laudable. It is probably an area where, had it been handled correctly, we could have stood on common ground. Where the effort started meeting resistance was when it was accompanied by ridiculous claims and scare tactics.

The whole “climate change” movement was seriously undermined by the obvious mishandling of the money thrown at the perceived problem. Had the
free market seen a desire for solar and wind generated electricity and electric cars, it would have done what it always does-produce the product. By the
government subsidizing those manufacturers, it has created a mess, as usual. A lot of taxpayer money went down the tubes as companies took the subsidies and then went belly up.

There is no way to measure how this would have played out had it been handled differently. You have to give both sides a little credit. The climate change proponents are genuinely concerned. The skeptics have been soured by the manipulation of data, the hypocrisy of some of the players (Al Gore), the poor management of taxpayer money.

We need a do over.

By Guest Column -- Victoria Vaughn- Monday, January 1, 2018 - Full Story

He’s making a list and checking it twice

We are not talking about the imagined action of an overrated Santa Claus here. After the UN denounced President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel the Trump administration has negotiated big cuts to the UN’s budget. Trump is not known for bluffing and he is actually taking the names of those countries who voted against his decision on Jerusalem. The UN has readily taken millions in aid money from U.S. taxpayers over many years.

By Guest Column -- Gerald Hall (Jerry)- Thursday, December 28, 2017 - Full Story

I wish the #Me Too group would explain to me their silence on Bill Clinton

I’m not being snarky or oppositional when I say, sincerely, that I wish the #Me Too group would explain to me their
silence on Bill Clinton, then and now. No one had any higher office, nor wielded more power than Pres. Clinton. Few, in the face
of overwhelming evidence, have lied any more passionately. And, none have been granted the pass that he has been granted.

Even now, emboldened by the many who are speaking out, it is rare to hear anyone include Bill Clinton in a list of sexual harrassers.
Yet, that is where he belongs. Is the silence fear? Is it political? What is it that cloaks the former President in invisible armor? 
I’d ask about the Kennedys too but they are dead, honest talk about their dalliances can’t hurt them.

Those who are rabid about women’s rights and women’s obligation to speak out should probably be willing to paint all abusers with
the same brush. Picking and choosing really waters down the effectiveness of the message.

By Guest Column -- Shirley Reynolds- Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - Full Story

Federal prisons:  1 in 5 people were born outside the country and 64% of those were illegals

In Federal prisons across the United States, 1 in 5 people were born outside the country and 64% of those were illegals. 37,557 Federal prisoners shouldn’t even be in the country. If one can assume the state prisons and local jails reflect the same numbers, there is a lot of money and resources being burned that could and should be used to solve other law enforcement problems.

These figures were released by the Department of Justice as required by President Trump. These are not good, hardworking, people, yearning to be free. These are criminals who did crimes serious enough to land them in federal lockup. It’s easy to be a bleeding heart until you lose a loved one to illegal drugs, drive by shootings or random acts of terrorism.

Towns across this country are struggling with overdoses in alarming numbers,  children are left without a parent or sometimes both. Sadly, this is a trend within our power to curb and reverse. But we can’t do that unless we agree on the obvious points. There is no rational argument for allowing people into our country who do not follow the lawful procedure, who cannot be identified, that we do not know where they live, who cannot support themselves and their families, and who have criminal backgrounds.  Yes, we are a country of immigrants, just not these sorts.

By Guest Column -- John Bryant- Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - Full Story

My New Year’s resolution is to not add to the division

2017 is in the final days.  It has been a difficult year.  Locally we dodged a bullet named Irma, but not without some bruises.  We have seen changes to our once quiet fishing town. We have lost friends, and made some new ones.  We have seen increased traffic and with it more accidents or near accidents. Our winter friends are returning.  We are so glad to see them. We understand their value to our overall quality of life.  Hopefully they understand that we cannot run all things based on “season” because our reality for the other 9 months is entirely different.

Nationally, division seems to be the name of the game out there, old vs. young. white vs. black, annual vs. seasonal, kneelers vs. standers, and so it goes.  My New Year’s resolution is to not add to the division. We can only control ourselves and our responses. I believe that kindness, patience, cheerfulness, graciousness and tolerance will make my heart happier and will set the tone for others.  Won’t you join me? Let’s lead by example.

By Guest Column -- Sylvia E. Warren- Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - Full Story

What a bunch of sabre rattling, amounting to nothing

What a bunch of sabre rattling, amounting to nothing.

The United Nations passed a resolution to nullify Pres. Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. Say what? Fortunately, Nikki Haley has no lack of backbone. She said, (I paraphrase) Israel can put its capital wherever it choses. And the United States can locate its embassies wherever IT choses. That should not need to be stated. We are both sovereign countries. The United Nations once again has over stepped its authority. Finally, we are putting them in their place.

By Guest Column --Jean Arcamone- Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - Full Story

Tme to prioritize the concerns of the American people

I think it is time to prioritize the concerns of the American people, here’s my list:
1. The economy
2. Russian meddling in our elections both Republican AND Democrat
3. Government overreach
4. Reform immigration policies
5.Biased news reporting
6. Protecting Constitutional principles
7. Controlling North Korea
8. Clarify our participation in the UN
9. Taking proper care of our veterans
10. Improving our education system to make us competitive
11. Restore rights back to the states
12-49. Anything and everything else
50. Who allegedly got handsy with whom.

The point is, in spite of the many gains made by the President, the problems took time to reach this level and will take time to fix.
The sexual allegations are nothing more than a distraction and need to be put on the back burner until they are proven in court. Then we can decide
the appropriate punishment

We have work to do. So does Congress. Keep your eye on the ball and your line communication with your Congressperson open.

By Guest Column -- Lois Virgo- Monday, December 18, 2017 - Full Story

Time, to start systematically auditing all federal agencies for fraud, corruption, collusion, waste

It is time, beyond time, to start systematically auditing all federal agencies for fraud, corruption, collusion, waste, and abuse. If you can name a federal agency that you really and truly trust you are lucky or delusional. Most agencies fall under the executive branch and are funded by congress. That is how our government was set up. If any agency is failing to meet their goals or is not being responsible with taxpayer money, Congress can and should refuse to give them more money until the problem is fixed.

We are focusing too much attention on the Presidency and not enough on the real problem-Congress. The President is doing what he can to rein in some agencies and to give them responsible leadership. Congress, on the other hand, is completely dysfunctional. They are not even able to
do the simplest of tasks, create a budget.

He or she represents you. Hold them responsible for doing their job.

By Guest Column -- Lyman Williams- Thursday, December 14, 2017 - Full Story

We are spiraling out of control and people are dying because of it

We need to get a grip in this country. We are spiraling out of control and people are dying because of it. The suicide Kentucky State Rep., Dan Johnson is a case in point though probably not the only one. Johnson, who suffered from PTSD was accused of sexual impropriety. The accused is dead as a result of the accusation and untreated PTSD. It appears from investigative reporting that there is something to the complaint but Rep. Johnson never had the benefit of due process.

I do not in any way negate the right and responsibility of those who were honestly harmed. At the same time, we must aggressively protect those who are falsely accused. Once an allegation is made publiclly, the damage is done regardless of the truth of the matter.

We need to step away from the bandwagon on this and give serious thought as to how we go forward. The trend threatens to change the work environment, counselling and treatment facilities, education, and any other circumstance where men and women occupy the same space.

By Guest Column -- Michael Chandler- Thursday, December 14, 2017 - Full Story

Career politicians comfortable in the land of lobbyists, back room deals, pay to play, Hollywood

They are resigning because there is proof (like pictures), they are resigning because of pressure from their party, and the are resigning preemptively. Those are the ones we know about. There is also a large number who have been accused and suit was settled by a little $15 million dollar slush fund courtesy of the taxpayers. If those politicians were also exposed to media scrutiny, how many would be left standing?

I think it is safe to say that when we talked about draining the swamp, we were speaking of career politicians who were comfortable in the land of lobbyists, back room deals, pay to play, heavy hitting deep pockets, and Hollywood connections. I doubt many of us envisioned the flood of accusations of “inappropriate behavior” or sexual harassment. These have only added to our belief that the swamp must be drained.

But, it does leave me wondering, what does it look like on the other side of all this?

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Friday, December 8, 2017 - Full Story