Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues.

Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues. Both sides are adamant about their positions. This doesn’t create an atmosphere of solutions. It is really tough on businesses who are pressured (and sometimes legislated) to take sides. Once they do, they risk 50% of their business. Hobby Lobby, Target, the NFL come to mind.

By Guest Column -- Wayne A. White- Sunday, November 12, 2017 - Full Story

A debt we can never repay…

I’m talking about Today - Veterans Day. The day we pay tribute to Canadian Patriots past and present, who fought and keep fighting the good fight to keep us all free. Because here’s the bare-knuckled truth… the struggle for liberty never ends, and the wolves of tyranny are always at the door!

Let’s all honor & pray for all our veterans as well as all our brave military people everywhere.

God bless them all!

Thank you

By Guest Column -- Len- Saturday, November 11, 2017 - Full Story

Democrat “Big Wins”

I’m sure Democrats around the country are celebrating what is being sold as their “big wins” on Nov. 7th. And I’m equally sure that Republicans are concerned about those wins translating into Democratic gains in 2018. That remains to be seen.

New Jersey was lost thanks to Chris Christie’s shenanigans and Virginia was lost because Republicans put forth an establishment candidate, Ed Gillespie, who had lost his run for Virginia Senator and then decided to run for Governor. The ad campaigns in Virginia leading up to this election were some of the nastiest I’ve ever seen. I believe that Northam’s win was largely due to his vote against Sanctuary cities. An unforced error by Republicans.

2 races does not a trend make, but it does put Republicans on notice. We, the people, have given you the opportunity to do the things we elected you to do. So far, you have failed miserably. Don’t blow it. You won’t get another chance and you are taking the American people down with you.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Full Story

Only in Ontario

This is the new update form LHIN produced and passed down to Ontario’s Community Health Service Centres across Ontario you may or not be asked to fill out depending on the location of centre.

So did Minister of Health Dr. Hoskins direct LHIN to produce this form,  and if so why do the Wynne Liberal’s need to know our personal information that is not related to health care?

By Guest Column -- Ross Ayote- Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Full Story

The Duty to Protect the Border rests with the Federal Government

It is very ironic that during the Obama years, when States tried to protect their own borders, they were shot down because, the courts said, security is the responsibility of the Federal Government. Yet, now we have President Trump taking responsibility for security and they are arguing that it is the right of the states.

It seems like this is a basic question that must be settled. When you look up “duties of the executive branch” every sites says: “Enforcing the laws of the United States”. Obama was correct that it was not the state’s right, problem was, he wouldn’t do it. Now we have a President who will do his job. We have immigration laws. It is up to the President to enforce them or up to Congress to change them.

By Guest Column -- Mrs. Carolyn M. Brown- Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - Full Story

Dr. Rene Boucher obviously was not thinking about his solemn oath when he attacked Dr. Rand Paul

Doctors take an oath regarding their responsibilities to their patients and to society. The oath was rewritten in 1964 to be a more relevant document. One paragraph reads as follows: I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

Dr. Rene Boucher obviously was not thinking about his solemn oath when he attacked and seriously wounded Dr. Rand Paul on Dr. Paul’s own property.

This incident calls to question this, if a doctor, an anesthesiologist, doesn’t have the adult thought process and self-restraint not to attack another human being, then who does? Where are we headed as a society? It seems there is little hope when the most learned, the most committed to higher ideals, the life savers are attacking one another.

By Guest Column -- Michael Chandler- Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - Full Story

POTUS.45 TRUMP ~ A Cry For Help!

Across the USA Americans are being shot down like dogs, and there is no end in sight! Obviously, government, police, etc. cannot/will not protect its citizens!

Suggestion: The President POTUS.45 TRUMP should immediately empower/deputize (call it whatever) military veterans, retireds, etc and arm them authorized to carry/concealed carry/both to protect our people when needed!

By Guest Column -- Richard Gaines- Monday, November 6, 2017 - Full Story

Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor

The news is slowly seeping out that the Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor. That proved to be a colossal waste to money and human resources. It also begs the question, where were all the other Democrats? The party money is supposed to help state and local candidates as well as the nominee for President. So, not only did Bernie Sanders get cheated so did many down stream candidates.

The revelation of these antics should put the RNC, state and local groups on notice that this is the direct results of apathy. Everybody is too lazy or intimidated to do their job-including you and I. The void created by the lack of oversight opens the door for misuse.  The DNC is a perfect example.

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Friday, November 3, 2017 - Full Story

The culture of damning the successful and expecting them to fix everything isn’t a winning play book

I see and hear a lot of gloom and doom predictions about the proposed corporate tax cuts. So, I was wondering, if that tax income is so important and beneficial, why are things in the current state? Obviously, something isn’t working. It is time to try a new strategy.

I can understand the frustration of the people who are struggling and who see people living in luxury from corporate salaries or entrepreneurial investments. It is easy to call out the perceived fat cats. Economics isn’t that simple. A healthy economy will never have everyone on equal footing, unfortunately. Nor can a healthy economy survive without the rain makers, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc.

The culture of damning the successful and expecting them to fix everything isn’t a winning play book. They already provide jobs, enhance local economies, and support research and philanthropy. Perhaps, they could do more with less tax burden?

By Guest Column -- Lyman Williams- Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Full Story

“Zero Emissions” will Test the Convictions of Canberrans

Canberra, with its “zero emissions” target, yearns to be Australia’s greenest address.

Good. Let’s use them as a full-blown test of “zero emissions” before we all jump over that cliff.

Canberra passes thousands of laws for us. If their zero emissions dream is fair dinkum, they need to pass just three laws for themselves.

By Viv Forbes - Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Full Story

If Washington DC is a swamp, Hollywood is a cesspool

Daily we see indications that if Washington DC is a swamp, Hollywood is a cesspool. And, for my money, they are far too intertwined. The cesspool has lots of money that the swamp needs. We all know that cesspools too close to swamps cause pollution. That is just what is happening, the swamp has become polluted. Time to clean up both.

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Full Story

Honor All Veterans

\On this upcoming Veterans Day our families wish to remember all of our veterans, including our family members who served in all of the major wars from the Gulf War to Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, the Spanish American War and the Civil War.

We are disappointed with the removal of statues of Confederate generals, and thereby contributing to rewriting U.S. history.  We believe these statues were placed to commemorate the service of some brilliant military minds and they were not meant to be racist.  About 150 Confederate generals graduated from West Point and served during the Civil War.

By Guest Column Elizabeth Ann (Jones) Moskowitz, Donald Moskowitz- Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Full Story

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson just happened to be in a limousine with the widow of LaDavid Johnson

Is there anyone, anywhere who believes that Congresswoman Frederica Wilson just happened to be in a limousine with the widow of LaDavid Johnson at the exact moment that the President made his condolence call? It boggles the mind that this story is being reported partially creating more fake news.

Whose limo? Probably not the widow’s. Who invited whom, again, it seems unlikely that a grieving widow would say, gee, I guess I’ll call my Congress Person and hang out for awhile. Even more unlikely would a widow put a call from the President on speaker on her own.

This was a set up at the expense of a widow and at the expense of decorum, respect and common decency. There is no way the President’s words would not be skewed. This is a new low for our country, just when you didn’t think that was possible.

Frederica Wilson should be replaced in 2019 or sooner. I’m certain her behavior doesn’t represent her constituents. I hope they remember when her reelection comes up.

By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Friday, October 20, 2017 - Full Story

MLB and the NFL are given special treatment and players are treated like prima donnas.

In many cases NFL and MLB venues are subsidized or incentivized by taxpayer dollars. The argument being that local economies benefit. I hold little stock in those assertions. I’d like an example. Show me the tax returns of a company for the 5 years before a sports venue is built and the 5 years after.  Show me housing prices before and after.

Tell me how much the addition infrastructure cost. All of those will tell better than nebulous, feel good numbers. I wonder, if team owners had to foot the bill, how would player pay scales be impacted? I wonder where stadiums would be built if tax incentives (buying the business) was off the table.

I wonder how the country would function if we put sports back in the area of a game and not government supported business.

I wonder how the country would function if employees everywhere expressed their political views and social discontent while they are on the clock.

I wonder how businesses would function if their rules are not obeyed or enforced.

But we will never know because MLB and the NFL are given special treatment and players are treated like prima donnas. There is no stomach to either change the rules or enforce them. What a great example to the youth.

By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - Full Story

Alleged sex crimes: Trial of public opinion takes away the benefit of presumed innocence

Any allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct make me angry. It is never OK for people in power to use that power to abuse others,  Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, or Harvey Weinstein.  But we are still a country of laws and principles, one is that you are innocent until proven guilty. It seems that when it comes to alleged sex crimes, the trial of public opinion takes away the benefit afforded by law, that of presumed innocence.

By Guest Column R. Earl Warren- Monday, October 16, 2017 - Full Story

Some real misunderstanding regarding paid, professional players and their right to protest

I feel like there is some real misunderstanding regarding paid, professional players (of any and all sports) and their right to protest. It is a matter of when and where. It is certainly their right but not when they are on the clock. Just like a MacDonald’s employee could not expect to be paid if they sat out front of the store during his shift and held a protest sign.

One sign at a Kansas City Chiefs/Washington Redskins game said, “Protest on your own time”. That summed up nicely the crux of the matter in my mind.

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Full Story

Hypocritical to expect safety while not even providing necessities to do so

I see people writing about the responsibilities of government, one being to keep us safe and I agree. What has me scratching my head is that those same people fight tooth and nail against some of the measures that would keep us safe. There seems to be an attitude that government must do its job unless I don’t like it, then I can riot and protest and say nasty things.

We expect police to know when and where crimes will be committed but we deny them the information of who is in our country. We cry about the scourge of drugs and the resulting crime, yet we won’t close the border through which most drugs enter our country. We bemoan the gang related deaths in large cities like Chicago, yet we won’t do the most important thing we could do-enforce our immigration and drug laws for citizen and deport noncitizens arrested for those crimes.

It seems hypocritical to expect safety while not even providing government with the basic necessities to do so.

By Guest Column -- Virginia Sparks- Saturday, October 7, 2017 - Full Story

Country Lives Matter.

In light of the events in Las Vegas, I believe we need a CLM movement, Country Lives Matter. We need to bring to the attention of the United States, the bias against Country folk. I expect that the United States Congress will call for equality for Country Lives. I expect celebrities of every color, political affiliation, religion, and musical taste will demand protection and equality for Country Lives.

The fact that country folk are treated with derision, portrayed as not too bright because they like BBQ, fly the American and Confederate flag, drive trucks, and might down a beer every now and then must stop. We can no longer ignore the bias and prejudice against Country Lives.

We must organize, trash our own neighborhoods, thwart law enforcement, and do everything possible to call attention to our plight. CLM members unite.
Oh, wait, that’s not how CLM operates. We help one another, support our families, hold down a job and mind our own business. We take care of each other and don’t ask for much.

CLM is a different kind of movement, even under the worst attack on American soil, those folks acted with bravery, compassion, common sense, and selflessness. CLM is the kind of movement that actually brings change. I am so proud to say I am country and Country Lives DO Matter.

By Guest Column -- Victoria Vaughn- Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - Full Story

Celebrities and Democrats follow the example of their “chosen one” Barack Obama

It seems celebrities and Democrats, in far greater numbers than any other group, follow the example of their “chosen one” Barack Obama, in issuing proclamations and opinions about a situation before all the facts are in. It may make good sound bites and eye catching tweets but otherwise it is just noise. It serves no useful purpose.

We have a crisis on our hands, that is obvious. What isn’t clear is the cause. And even more unclear is the solution. Are people radicalized, mentally ill, angry, despondent, attention seeking? All of those require different responses. And as a country, we sure don’t agree on the solutions.

Everyone, for the most part, agrees that automatic and semi automatic rifles are not something that citizens need to possess. But, you certainly won’t get anywhere with trying to take them away while still allowing gangs and drug dealers free access to our country because they have those weapons. As long as there is no solution to disarming the criminals, I would suggest that there is every reason to allow law abiding citizens to have equal fire power.

By Guest Column -- John Bryant- Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - Full Story

A ‘soft-response’ to North Korean threats

As North Korea ramps up its ballistic missile saber rattling, America should take a page from the teachings of the early 19th century military thinker Carl von Clausewitz who tells us, “The probability of direct confrontation increases with the aggressiveness of the enemy. So, rather than try to outbid the enemy with complicated schemes, one should, on the contrary, try to outbid him in simplicity.”

By Guest Column -- K.J. Dolney- Monday, October 2, 2017 - Full Story