Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

A ‘soft-response’ to North Korean threats

As North Korea ramps up its ballistic missile saber rattling, America should take a page from the teachings of the early 19th century military thinker Carl von Clausewitz who tells us, “The probability of direct confrontation increases with the aggressiveness of the enemy. So, rather than try to outbid the enemy with complicated schemes, one should, on the contrary, try to outbid him in simplicity.”

By Guest Column -- K.J. Dolney- Monday, October 2, 2017 - Full Story

“It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.”

The lyrics from a Randy Newman song begins: “It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.” 

Well I do. Hey, who’s in charge here?” That’s all I can think when I watch the United States Congress in action. The icing on their dysfunctional cake is when they play it out in front of the whole world such as in the latest Healthcare Repeal or Replace fiasco. It’s almost like they can’t stop embarrassing themselves. If and when they ever get their act together on healthcare, I certainly hope they do their homework and have the votes for passage before it gets paraded out in front of the media and the American people. 

At a 13% approval rating, Congress should have gotten the message long ago, we are not happy with them.


By Guest Column -- Arnold Avery- Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Full Story

Partisan Politics harm the people

Dear Editor

I have tried to remain non-partisan because the federal tax initiative is so important to Canadians…here’s what happened when I did a 10 minute info session at a meeting…

On Tuesday September 26, 2017 I attended a seminar, hosted by BDO Accountants, on the new federal Liberal tax Act which will increase taxes on small business and farmers.  From the summary, this tax focuses on:

By Elizabeth Marshall - Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Full Story

The NFL “Rule Book” does not address behavior during the playing of the National Anthem

The NFL “Rule Book” does not address behavior during the playing of the National Anthem. The “Operations Manual” does address the issue saying the player will stand, face the flag, hold their helmet in their left hand and refrain from talking.

The operations manual is distributed to the team officials-owners, managers, coaches by the league. That being said, it would appear that team officials can choose whether or not to enforce the manual. The “Rule Book” would carry league sanctions.

However, in the “Rule Book” under the “General Rules” a player may not “wear or display or otherwise convey messages in writing or by illustration”.  It would seem the situation is clear, but the debate rages on.

In other professions, the violation of the company handbook and policies is grounds for discipline and or dismissal.

The fact remains, does the public care enough about the issue to exercise their freedom by turning off the TV?

By Guest Column -- Charity Eavey- Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Full Story

Government agencies are stretch to the breaking point

Houston, Florida, and now Puerto Rico all needing FEMA, emergency electrical linemen, food, water, and shelter- just to begin the recovery. Government agencies are stretch to the breaking point. The military has been called in to fly humanitarian supplies to Puerto Rico. It is 1036 miles OVER WATER from Miami to San Juan. All aid is dependent on aircraft which in turn are dependent on communications being restored to airfields. Linemen from anywhere in the continental United States can reach the Houston and Florida via highways in their equipment trucks. Aid that must be flown in is quite another matter.

We can see and hear the devastation, despair and anger. There is no doubt that those people need help.
The fact that the island was on the verge of bankruptcy, that it is 1000 miles away and it has repeatedly rejected the opportunity for statehood must be acknowledged as not the fault of the United States. Now may not be the time to address these issues but they need to be addressed.

I’m listening to Geraldo Rivera telling about the dire situation. He does not seem to grasp the challenge for those providing the aid.  Nobody in power wants another Katrina crisis. They are doing the best they can. It should be noted that the Puerto Rican leaders are all praising the President. Some things simply can’t have instant fixes.

By Guest Column -- Alice Vann- Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Full Story

When liberals can’t counter conservative debate, they resort to accusations of racism

When liberals can’t counter conservative debate, they resort to their favorite groundless accusations of racism. They are beginning to realize using race as a means to shut down conservative free speech is diminishing and losing its effect, because of the continual abusive usage in this application.

By George Giftos - Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Full Story

False “friends of the people”

Watching the Democrat Party and their fellow traveler liberals, socialists, and progressives fight each other for seats aboard the latest PC bandwagon, I am reminded of a young Foreign Service Officer named George Kennan, who was posted to Moscow in the immediate post-WWII years. Receiving a request from his Foggy Bottom superiors for a short explanation as to what in the heck the Soviet Union was doing and why it was behaving in such a hostile manner, he rapidly crafted a classified cable in response, but upon further reflection began flushing it out in greater detail. His highly-classified missive came to be known in government circles as “The Long Telegram.” It shaped America’s foreign policy for four decades.

Kennan unknowingly knocked it out of the park, on where the Democrat Party was headed, even way back then; and just how far they would go to achieve their goals. In his now declassified reply to his State Department superiors via the then War Department, you can find the following insight: “Among negative elements of bourgeois-capitalist society, most dangerous of all are those whom Lenin called false friends of the people, namely moderate-socialist or social-democratic leaders. These are more dangerous than out-and-out reactionaries, for latter at least march under their true colors, whereas moderate left-wing leaders confuse people by employing devices of socialism to serve interests of reactionary capital.”

Very astute young man, that Kennan lad.

By Guest Column -- K.J. Dolney- Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - Full Story

Canadian Secuirty

Is there anyone at least half as embarrassed as I am of our ‘security’ level in Canada? Is there ANY Canadian surprised that our previous governments have decimated our armed forces ‘assuming’ the mighty USA has our back?  And when the H of C committee was told that the USA would NOT stop a missile headed for Canada – led to ‘surprise’. REALLY!?

Over the past couple decades our elected Canadian federal governments have made a ‘mockery’ of our brave men and women in the armed forces. Just off the top of my head I can list some of the most ridiculous decisions made by our Feds. Sent our troops to a desert area in the Middle East with GREEN attire.

By Guest Column -- L. G. Anderson- Friday, September 15, 2017 - Full Story

Rebuttal to diatribe on Trump’s insanity.

Columbus, Galileo. the Wright Brothers, to name a few, were considered incompetent, dreamers, unrealistic, etc..Churchill was scorned initially,Yet all went on to outstanding accomplishments,and made fools of those who belittled them.. Granted, President Trump is certainly different from all his predecessors.

THANK GOD! He is fulfilling his campaign agenda,to re establish the basis of our Constitution. The vows he promised the majority who elected him, and. in making America great again. Anger, discontentment, bitterness,and hatred have been spewed by the unjust, slanted, bigoted media and the Soros backed Communist agenda under the guise of Trump being unfit and incompetent.

Rest assured Trump has the intellect, fortitude, perseverance in leadership in DC. The swamp must be drained and the march toward toward communism halted Only Trump can accomplish that at this time in US history. Triumph Trump !

By Guest Column -- Robert Fantelli- Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - Full Story

The LEFT, the RIGHT and the FAR OUT

The Far Out are phony demonstrators known as Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and other idiotic but dangerous mobs, who have been given life and headlines by fake news media.

This past week we witnessed the best that America has to offer, in Texas and Louisiana, coming from every corner of the country, to assist those in distress and dire need.

Unfortunately, it will be just a matter of time for the worst in America to appear again, when the Far Out flex their muscles in another phony grievance, blemishing the good Godly people gave for their fellow man, abetted in support by ungodly fake media news sources and some on the Left with the Democratic label.

The President and members of his administration’s commendable approach toward the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey has the editorial boards from fake news sources grinding their teeth and busy exploring ways to come up with a viable, nonfactual creative story, to blame the storm on President Trump, knowing what ever he does can easily be twisted to dupe the naïve public; but so far all they came up with was a critique on First Lady, Melania’s shoes.

Stay tuned for more creativity by the Gray Lady, Washington Post and CNN.

By News on the Net - Monday, September 4, 2017 - Full Story

The Deep State and End of America

If your report is true regarding the Deep State and its desire to take down Donald Trump by fomenting rebellion in the streets, what is the end game?  What exactly does the Antifa, Deep State, and George Soros hope to accomplish if the government of the United States were to collapse or another civil war were to break out?  What do they want this nation to look like when the dust settles and the United States of America is no longer united or a federation of states?  What do they hope to replace it with?

By Guest Column -- Earl T Harris Jr- Sunday, September 3, 2017 - Full Story

If 94% of voters in a poll believe that we should learn from the past,  then who are the 6% rioting?

If 94% of voters in a Rasmussen poll believe that we should learn from the past rather than erase it, then who are the other 6% that are rioting, vandalizing and grabbing headlines? They are the young, ill-informed, angry, hopeless and increasingly violent young people. That hurts my heart. At a time in their lives when they should be settling into the responsibilities of adulthood, building careers, raising families, and preparing a nest egg for retirement, they are seeking something that 95% of them cannot articulate. Sad for them, sad for us, sad for our country.

By Guest Column --Lois Virgo- Monday, August 28, 2017 - Full Story


Sour grapes makes bitter wine. The country has been under siege by the Triple L’s…..... liberal lunatic left, since losing in 2016 and it is leaving a bad taste on the American palate, because it is dividing us further from where the last administration took us. Divide and conquer is a tactic used to defeat the enemy.

Yes! The traditional conservative American is their enemy and they will stoop to any means to destroy the backbone of American culture with their interpretation of what it should be.

The Triple L cult has created a dangerous precedent adapted from ISIS, who have destroyed ancient artifacts in Palmyra, Syria and in many locations in Iraq, by applying this insanity in destroying or removing any history that doesn’t suit them.

Protesting has transformed into mob battles, where destroying property is acceptable and accusatory words like racist and bigot are wrongly tossed about and labeled on their adversaries that become meaningless, not holding weight, to gain political one-upmanship.

The heinous acts by Triple L’s are corroborated by mainstream media in their bias reporting of facts that has come to be known as Fake News.

By George Giftos - Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - Full Story

Sustainable Beef - pilot aimed at combating criticism

I applaud the “beef” industry for its first attempt to take a long hard look at how badly their industry has become. The greed and ignorance of meat producers has created ‘tainted beef’. And over the past decades this has created an attitude of ‘acceptance’ of poor practice and diminishing quality.

I recently watched the documentary “What the Health.” I now avoid not only beef, but all meat products. I refuse to eat chemical laden meat.  The callous treatment of animals and the greed to pump up profits by using chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic has turned me off.

But my ‘beef’ is also with Health Canada. Under their watch little has been done to educate the consumer of the dangers of consuming the additives in ‘meat’.  Agricultural Ministers have turned a blind eye to the conditions the animals have had to endure before being slaughtered in some of the most inhumane methods possible. Again for ‘profit’ not conscious.

Start to push the meat industry to change – our health depends on it as do the animals subjected to pain and suffering their entire lives. 

Really.  Do humans have NO ability to be better stewards?

By Guest Column -- L. G. Anderson- Thursday, August 17, 2017 - Full Story

The polls being circulated about Confederate Statues exemplifies exactly what is wrong with this cou

The polls being circulated about Confederate Statues exemplifies exactly what is wrong with this country.

One is given a choice: leave them where they are or remove them. Wow, can’t people in leadership or anyone with half a brain see another (or several other) options?

We could move them to a museum or Civil War battlefield. We could add a plaque explaining why the statue is where it is and the significance of the event and the lessons we now know. We could put another statue in place representing the opposite viewpoint. We could do local education on our history, the good, the bad and the ugly. The list goes on. But as long as people will only see or only accept the choice that they want, there can be no coming together. The “my way or the highway” is not how things get accomplished.

The sooner both sides recognize that, the sooner we can get things done that are desperately needed.


By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Thursday, August 17, 2017 - Full Story

The double standards and division in the country is pathetic

The double standards and division in the country is pathetic. It represents bone-headed unwillingness to understand anybody else’s point of view, anybody else’s concerns, anybody else’s rights.

The perfect example is those folks who criticize Pres. Trump for not naming White Supremacists but support President Obama for not naming Muslim Extremists. Both are bad, no matter what your politics.

How about the media not fomenting situations that might simply go away without the spotlight? Don’t they have a responsibility not to pour gasoline on a spark?

The original protest was against the removal of a General Robert E. Lee statue. Left alone, they could have exercised their right to peaceful protest and gone home. They have that right whether we believe in their position or we don’t.


By Guest Column -- Mrs. Carolyn M. Brown- Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - Full Story

Peace Rallies are great and all, but, does anyone not want peace?

Peace Rallies are great and all, but, does anyone not want peace? Maybe a few but I’m not sure those people will be turned into peaceniks by a rally. And I don’t mean to imply that the folks who organize rallies have poor intentions. They certainly are motivated by the best of ideals.

All I’m saying is that in a county of 178,00 or a town of almost 19,000, only 100 participants has to say something. My guess is that parading around in 90 plus degrees is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, I also think if people thought it would result in actually moving toward peace in any way, shape or form, they would have turned out.

There are 178,000 of us in Charlotte County. If we each act peacefully, especially in times of anger or frustration, the movement toward peace will be evident. Remember, we can only control ourselves. Let’s try being intentionally peaceable.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Monday, August 14, 2017 - Full Story

I don’t like David Duke or anything that he stands for. I don’t believe in white supremacy

I don’t like David Duke or anything that he stands for. I don’t believe in white supremacy. I do, however, believe in their right to assemble. I know it is a headline grabbing event, filled with implications and pitfalls. But, did you ever wonder what would happen if Duke and others seeking 15 minutes of fame were simply ignored? Many protests and demonstrations that escalate from peaceful to violent would never happen if they weren’t given print and air space. After the fact the reporting would likely be, 50 people showed up, a speech given and participants disbursed.

When you put out a story like “Charlottesville police declare a state of emergency”, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  Inviting counter protesters to jump into the fray. A lot of time they are young, passionate and looking for excitement. When we examine this latest tragedy, let’s think about causes and prevention. Let’s not start laying blame until all the facts are in. And let’s think about ways to diffuse such incidents in the future.

By Guest Column -- Lyman Williams- Sunday, August 13, 2017 - Full Story

The White House is receiving some much needed repair work.

The White House is receiving some much needed repair work. What I found interesting is that some of the work was scheduled to be done while President Obama was in residence but he opted to have the next President deal with the inconvenience.  Of course, that follows his modus operandi on all things big and small. From the White House to the Korean peninsula, Obama avoided taking a stand and left the difficult choices (and inconvenience) to others.

By Guest Column -- Mrs. Sylvia E. Warren- Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Full Story

What can a man do if he’s accused of sexual harassment?

What can a man do if he’s accused of sexual harassment? Not much. He can deny the allegations, produce proof if he has it, ask for his day in court. Unfortunately, the act of making the allegation forever clouds the man’s reputation no matter if the evidence exonerates him. The higher the profile, the more controversial the person and the depth of their pockets can all factor into the accusations.

Shouldn’t there be stiff penalties for those who falsely name men in sexual harassment cases? They knowingly and willfully destroy a man’s reputation, often without any recriminations. It is a sleazy, low down disgusting thing to do and there should be more individuals facing the consequences.

By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - Full Story