Iraqi civilian death toll plunges

The civilian death toll in Iraq fell to its lowest level in recent memory on Saturday.

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Tears for the passage of time

American SoldiersLike many, I have been struck by the images contained in Ken Burns’ The War.  But I am most disturbed by the contrasts found in our pursuit of a multi-theatre war to victory then and the defeatism and rancor rampant in our current simpering left, as we try pursue a far less globally destructive but just as vitally important a conflict against a similarly determined fascist foe today.

In early 1945, our troops began to liberate elements of the concentration camp system, horrible places like Dachau and Mauthausen, where unburied bodies numbered in the tens of thousands and the crematoria were still warm, and where we were met by its survivors, who put up posters welcoming our boys to those dreadful compounds.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs Bills Forcing Schools to Promote Transsexuality, Bisexuality, and Homose

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law two bills requiring all public school instruction and activities to positively portray transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten. He has also signed bills undermining marriage and infringing upon the moral conscience of business owners, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

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Previous Class action & Frivolous Lawsuits

A list of recent lawsuits

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The Congressional Black Caucus is shortchanging poor and minority energy consumers

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation recently hosted its annual legislative conference in Washington. A keynote session—billed as an “energy braintrust”—promised a lively three-hour discussion by top executives from oil companies, associations, government agencies and universities. It would “transform dialogue into action” and “bolster the relationships between the energy industry and African-American community.”

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General Sanchez Rips The Media

If ever there was a clearer example of selective reporting and bias by the media, here is the best example to date.

The left is translating and selectively quoting LTG (Ret) Ricardo Sanchez’ comments during the October 12 Military Reporters and Editors Luncheon in Washington D.C. “Former top general rips Bush’s Iraq policy” is not exactly what happened here, yet if you were to accept their editorializing, that’s what many are going to come away with.

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German Parliament backs Afghan mission

Parliament voted decisively Friday to extend the deployment of German troops in Afghanistan for another year despite growing domestic opposition and a surge of violence from the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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Sudan on the Brink of Another Disaster

The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that, in a dramatic development, the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM), the party that represents the interest of Southern Sudan, made an announcement to withdraw from the National Unity Government of Sudan. This decision, which was made yesterday, could lead to another war between the Southern Sudanese and the Government of Sudan.

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The United States is Not Engaged in the War of Ideas

The United States and governments of the West must use every means available to combat Islamofascist aggression and expansion, both here in the West and in the Middle East. One of the most critical aspects in the war against Islamofascism is the war of ideas. This aspect represents the battle between the Wahhabi, Salafist and radical factions of the Sunni and Shi’ite sects of Islam and the ideology of inalienable rights as embraced by Western Civilization.

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Greenpeace Capture Power Plant… what, are we at war

Just after 5 a.m., on Monday the 8th of October, a group of Greenpeace environmentalists laid siege to Kingsnorth coal fired power station in Kent. Their plan was simple, and effective. Get in, and shut it down.

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African Mega-Drought Rewrites Out of Africa

The words ‘tropical’ and ‘lush’ are not necessarily the descriptive words you would normally associate with Africa, especially when presented with the choice of ‘barren’ and ‘arid’. But the continent of Africa is not all desert and dust; at least, not any more.

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New Horizons Jovian Visit

Just like when you go on holiday somewhere, there are always great sights along the way. Rarely do we just keep our heads down in the car. The same can be said for the New Horizons mission, currently en route for the newly christened dwarf planet Pluto and its three moons, Charon, Nix and Hydra

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Anti-NAU Warriors Beginning to Move the Rock Uphill

Just a year ago most would have predicted there was no way to stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) which many believe will become a North American Union (NAU). The proponents are rich, powerful and determined. From the White House to huge, wealthy international corporations, these proponents of the SPP are used to getting their way. The little people back in their grassroots are just silly pawns to be manipulated or ignored.

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Feds Partner with Local Cops to Capture Alien Street Gang Members

BOSTON - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) partnered with Boston-area law enforcement officers to arrest fifty nine foreign nationals who now face federal criminal charges or deportation, as part of Operation Community Shield, a nationwide effort to combat violent street gang activity.

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DDT Backlash Continues

Ever since the World Health Organization reversed the environmentalist-promoted ban on DDT in 2006, eco-activists have scrambled to devise new ways to malign the life-saving insecticide in order to salvage their badly marred reputation.

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Welcome to 2007, ‘The Year of the Liar’

Al GoreWhen historians record 2007, it will likely go down as ‘The Year of the Liar’.

Here at home, Ontarians returned to a second majority government, Premier Dalton McGuinty, who first came into power by promising no taxes, but who after election called a series of new taxes anything but the truth. Mind you, it didn’t much help that Opposition Leader John Tory declared that taxpayers should fund Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and other faith-based schools just like public and Catholic ones.

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Google Street View Adds Six More Cities

One of the hits of the Web 2.0 revolution has without a doubt been Google Earth. The ability to zoom in on almost any city or landmark in the world, up to—for the most part—a pretty decent resolution, has helped stem the boredom for many a tired employee on a Friday afternoon. And with the addition of Google’s Street View, the fun only continued to grow

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iPods and Laptops Owe their Allegiance to Nobel Prize Winners

Many in the world take the fact that their little iPod or laptop is capable of holding “just so much” music or information. They don’t really take all that much notice of the fact that, inside such a small device, is the technological know-how and ingenuity of a decade’s worth of technological progress.

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Evil Purpose of the US Government Exposed

The Purpose of the US Government Has Been Transformed From Protecting Your Rights to Building a Totalitarian Police State for the New World Order.

The purpose of the US government today has strayed far from its original intent when it was formed over 200 years ago.

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Eurocrats Target Poland

Last Thursday, Viscount Etienne Davignon, a Belgian who is the chairman of the secretive Bilderberg Group, celebrated his 75th birthday. Mr. Davignon is a former vice president of the European Commission and the author of the 1970 “Davignon Report” that laid the foundations for a common European foreign policy.

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