A Short History of the Arab/Israeli Conflict

A Short History of the Arab/Israeli Conflict
Like so much fake news today, there is ample disinformation being spread about Israel and the Arab/Israeli conflict. Much of it being spread by Islamists and the Democrat Party.

Many Islamic leaders deny the existence of an ancient Jewish Kingdom and a Jewish temple in Jerusalem…fake history.

Chris Mathews of the infamous MSNBC recently said that “crazy evangelical Christians in the South are uninformed about President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because they have “mythical beliefs” about the ancient city…Because if you don’t give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity and have a capital where it should be, you’re going to have an unending problem.” Yes, we are going to have an unending problem, but not for the reasons they would like you to believe. In Mathews’ case, his ignorance of history is stunning.

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Wow: The real unemployment rate - the one that counts workforce refugees - is dropping like a stone

The real unemployment rate - the one that counts workforce refugees - is dropping like a stoneThe Wall Street Journal had a surprising bit of information the other day, one that probably escaped the notice of most people but is in fact a very important indicator of our economic vitality.

We’ve often talked here about the fact that there are two unemployment rates, and that the one we usually hear about is misleading. The U-3 unemployment rate is the one that ignores those who have stopped looking for work. This rate is now a very low 4.1 percent, but as we’ve told you before, that doesn’t mean much if it ignores millions of people who are also not working and aren’t even trying to find jobs.

The U-6 unemployment rate, on the other hand, takes account of these people, and it’s typically much higher than the U-3. If you really want a sense of the employment picture, you need to look at the U-6 rate - but usually the one we hear about is the U-3.

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The President is Making Promises Great Again

The President is Making Promises Great Again
By announcing that the United States would move our embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the historic city as the capital of Israel, President Donald Trump has once again delivered on a key campaign promise.

In his first year in office, President Trump has made it a refreshing habit to fulfill his pledges to the American people. Whether it is removing the United States from the odious trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnerships (TPP) or bowing out of the expensive and unfair Paris Climate Agreement, President Trump has been keeping true to the vows he made as a candidate. 

In the case of the Jerusalem decision, President Trump is acting with courage, while previous Presidents only made hollow campaign promises.

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Cops arrest robbery suspects after getaway car runs out of gas

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – Police say a getaway car ran out of gas after an armed robbery near Atlanta, leading to the speedy arrest of two suspects.

Gwinnett County police Cpl. Michele Pihera says 18-year-old Najee Logan and 21-year-old Justin Larry were charged with armed robbery after their arrest early Tuesday after officers found the car on empty.—More..

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United Nations Mandates “Sustainable Tourism”

United Nations Mandates Sustainable Tourism
During my twenty-two visits to Venice, I saw and heard the frustration and disdain locals have for tourists. We were not just an imposition in their daily lives, crowding their beloved city, their favorite restaurants, water buses, museums, operas, blocking their narrow alleys, their canals, and often entrances to their apartments. We caused wakes with our huge cruise ships and further destruction to their already fragile buildings, infrastructure, and ecosystem.

But we were a necessary evil that helped many Venetians live off tourism. They complained about Americans who trekked yearly by millions to see La Serenissima, yet have allowed economic refugees to invade and take over their businesses. We were even blamed for their demographic suicide.

The group Italia Nostra (Our Italy) wants the Italian government to ban cruise ships in the harbor and to require large groups to book their visit ahead of time. Posters around the city make it abundantly clear that some residents do not welcome tourists at all. Academia predicts that “the native population could be zero as early as 2030.” Apparently cruise ship visitors increased five-fold and rents have increased accordingly, making it impossible for locals to afford a place in the city.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Saturday, December 9, 2017 - Full Story

Department of Justice Blueprint for Fake Investigations

Department of Justice Blueprint for Fake Investigations
A National Review article, posted on December 4, 2017, written by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, entitled “It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation: Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation,” affirmed what’s long been obvious to many.

The purpose of the Mueller investigation is not now, nor was it ever, to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump Presidential Campaign.  That stated purpose was, from Day 1, a red herring.
McCarthy fails to address the real motive behind the Mueller investigation.

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Buds on Mars

Buds on Mars

Can’t wait for having a cool Bud on Mars?

A commemorative replica of a 1475 beer-stein from Landshut, Germany, (height 7.5”). At that time, the numeral “four” was written as the upper half of the numeral “eight” as shown in the enlargement. Photos by the author.

Why not just take the next rocket to that holiday resort there? Sure, it’s a long journey but the vistas are breath-taking. In fact, not just the vistas, the atmosphere too!

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Everybody in the Media Knew

Everybody in the Media Knew
“Everybody f____g knew,” a top Hollywood screenwriter wrote of Harvey Weinstein. “Everybody knew” about Matt Lauer at NBC, Variety reports, and it “wasn’t even considered a secret.” “Every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him,” ABC’s Cokie Roberts said of Rep. Conyers.

Everybody knew.

The #MeToo sexual harassment scandals have hit CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS, Vox, New Republic, Mother Jones. Forget Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose. They were just the talent. Their big decisions were limited to which hairpiece looked best in all three mirrors and which naïve intern to prey on this month. The heads of the men who actually make the news are rolling left and right.

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Why Do We Give Christmas Gifts?

Why Do We Give Christmas Gifts?
The Christmas tradition of gift-giving is tied by many to the Wise Men who gave Jesus Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. Frankincense was a perfume used in Jewish rituals of worship. Gold was the symbol of Kings, and myrrh was a perfume used on dead bodies.

The historical Saint Nikolaos of Myra was a fourth century Greek Bishop of Lycia. He is said to have given secret gifts of coins to those who left their shoes outside, a practice celebrated on his feast day, St. Nicholas Day on December 6 in the West and December 19 in the East. He is the model for Santa Claus. The patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students, he is revered by Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans, Orthodox, and by some Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Reformed churches.

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China Begins Cutting Off Exports to Cuba over Lack of Payment

China has begun cutting off key exports to Cuba after the communist-run island failed to deliver a series of payments, official statistics reveal.

According to latest figures, Chinese exports to Cuba have dropped by 29.8 percent to around $1 billion in 2017, a fall from the $1.8 billion dollars in 2016 and the $1.9 billion the year before.—More…

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Chinese Company Sues Venezuela over Failure to Pay Debt

One of China’s largest state-owned companies has filed a lawsuit against the Venezuelan state-run oil firm Petroleum of Venezuela (PDSVA) over their failure to pay their debt, the Financial Times first reported.

The oil and gas company Sinopec filed a lawsuit on November 27 in a Houston, Texas, federal court for $23.7 million plus interest and damages over Venezuela’s failure to pay half of a $43.5 million order for steel products, accusing the PDSVA of a “disingenuous nature [and] feigned promises to make full payment.”— More….

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Facebook Informs Breitbart Gloria Allred Yearbook Forgery is Fake News

Facebook warned Breitbart News on Friday that the author of a completely factual story concerning the accuser of Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore needed to consult “additional reporting” from the liberal fact-checker Politifact.

The story, published on Friday morning, detailed how Beverly Young Nelson, who accused Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager, admitted to adding “notes” to part of her yearbook, which she claims Moore signed.—More….

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Nominating Warren would doom Dems’ chances in 2020

Nominating Warren would doom Dems’ chances in 2020
CHICAGO—Many Democrats—probably a majority—believe Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the perfect person to replace the aging Bernie Sanders as the party’s torch-bearer for progressive causes in 2020.

But nominating the shrillish Warren would be a massive mistake for Democrats, and making her president would be even worse for America.

There’s no question Warren could win the ivory tower left-wing academics, alt-left media and progressive enclaves in states such as Vermont, Massachusetts, California and New York.

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Impeach Mueller!

Impeach Mueller!


That is the screech we’re about to hear emanating from the denizens of the swamp. Sure Maxine Waters and a few others have been singing this song since election night when their plans for the last nail in our coffin went down in flames. Now it’s beginning to percolate through the monotone media megaphone. And though this was predicted in this column by this author before the inauguration, it still has a jarring impact on the senses.

Back in the Dream Times when the Deep State was able to turn Watergate into a Silent Coup the precedent was set. If someone tries to overturn the moneychanger’s tables they must be destroyed. If it’s a president, even one elected for the sole purpose of adding some reality to the mirage of our functioning oligarchy which portrays itself as a dysfunctional democratic republic, they must be hounded out of office, disgraced, and discredited.

By Dr. Robert R. Owens - Friday, December 8, 2017 - Full Story

Speaker Ryan gives Rep. Trent Franks the heave-ho over sexual harassment claims that make no sense

Rep. Trent Franks

Conservative champion Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) unexpectedly announced his resignation tonight, effective Jan. 31 in the new year. If the reason for his departure stated in a Washington Times article is correct, Franks is being railroaded by GOP leadership for the sake of crass political expediency.

Franks and his wife have dealt with infertility by having twins through a surrogate mother, and he acknowledges discussing surrogacy around the office. He just recently learned that these discussions made two female staff members “uncomfortable.”

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Francis: The Our Father “Induces Temptation”

Francis: The Our Father induces Temptation
Pope Francis has said that the Lord’s Prayer should be changed, arguing that the translation used in many parts of the world, including the Italian and English versions, go against the teachings of the Church and Bible.

In the centuries-old recited prayer, followers of the Christian Faith call on God to “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Speaking to Italian broadcasters on December 7, Francis argued this was incorrect, saying, “It is not a good translation because it speaks of a God who induces temptation.”

By David Martin - Friday, December 8, 2017 - Full Story

Senator Al Franken Temporarily Somersaults Off the Trump Impeachment Stage

Senator Al Franken Temporarily Somersaults Off the Trump Impeachment Stage
The bellicose buffoons,  Hollywood jesters,  mainstream media and American Democratic politicians are holding their audience spellbound from a Congressional floor that is far more theatrical than governmental.

Paraded for public view are are the acrobats, carny barkers, clowns, jugglers, some of them sexual predators putting on a spectacular show from the Big Tent. Senators are somersaulting across the stage, showing us their undies,  in the hopes not many in their captive audience will catch on to their planned End Game: The ultimate Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

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Christmas, the Season of Faith, Family, and Charity

Christmas, the Season of Faith, Family, and CharityChristmas was my Dad bringing home proudly a scraggly fir with sparse branches - fragrant with the smell of winter, tiny icicles hanging from the branches, miniature crystal daggers, melting on my mom’s well-scrubbed parquet floor. I never knew nor asked how he could afford it from his $70 a month salary that barely covered the communist subsidized rent, utilities, and food. No matter how bare the branches of my Christmas tree were, it was magical to me.

We decorated it together with homemade paper baskets filled with hard candy, raisins, and small butter cookies, crepe paper garlands, small pretzels, an orange wrapped in fine tissue paper coming all the way from Israel, a few apples dangling from a string, and 12 red and green 3-inch candles clipped carefully away from overhanging branches that could catch on fire.

Mom’s hand-stitched table cloth made a convenient tree skirt. Two metal bars forged by hand helped Dad nail the tree to the floor at the foot of the couch where I slept in the living room that doubled as my bedroom.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Friday, December 8, 2017 - Full Story

President Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola

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Another Democrat in the Senate Could Set the Stage For Nuclear Tragedies for Millions

 Another Democrat in the Senate Could Set the Stage For Nuclear Tragedies for Millions
When considering whom to support in the coming special election for the United States Senate, we must consider that a vote to empower the Democratic party on a federal and Congressional level (as opposed to local Democrats on a state legislature or a city council) is a vote in support of policies such as the Obama Iran deal now in effect, that circumvented the treaty requirements of the consent of 2/3 of the Senators present. The obviously unconstitutional Obama Iran deal propped up – and continues to prop up—a regime that is developing nuclear weapons with the continuing promise of “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel.” This is also the regime that is the world’s most significant state sponsor of terrorism throughout the rest of the world as well, with the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated and deadly conventional weapons.

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