Bushfire Jihad in Australia?

As fires swept through a hot and dry Victoria State, Australia in February 2009, some observers (including myself) wondered if this might not be an Islamist attack on the country. But one stayed quiet, not having proof.

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The Jealous God

One of the most hotly debated subjects in the last hundred years is the origin of life. Throughout human history Man has believed that some sort of Creator with powers far beyond those of mortal men intervened in affairs, and the existence of life-and the improbability of living organisms spontaneously generating from unliving material-has been the evidence to convince philosophers, historians, scientists, of the existence of God, or at least of some sort of Divine presence. There is clearly a demarcation between the living and the non-living, something that humans haven`t been able to explain. What is the great mystery of life? Why are we here?

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Why Not Use the Atom to Stimulate the Economy?

In crafting the trillion dollar “stimulus” package, Marxists in Congress and the White House dedicated massive amounts of money to fund repairs to the nation’s aging infrastructure, which in turn will boost the economy with needed jobs.

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Has Anyone Felt Your Testicles Lately?

How many women will have their breasts examined this year? I don’t know the exact figure but it will be in the millions. But how many men will have their testicles examined during 2009? Again, I don’t know the exact number but it will be miniscule compared to that of the fairer sex. Is this sexual discrimination? If so, we need a class action lawsuit to protect men’s rights or, more to the point, our testicles. But more important, an increase in TSE (testicular self examination) would increase the survival rate of testicular malignancy.

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Podesta’s Center for American Progress Spinoff Becomes A Media Critic

An affiliate of the George Soros-funded think tank and pressure group, Center for American Progress (CAP), has emulated the sleazy Media Matters for America by becoming a media critic.

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I believe the federal courts and Supreme Court has used the establishment cause by way of citing (the separation of church and state) to restrict, ban, abridge and destroy the right of the free exercise of religion clause, in Government run schools and buildings. Walter Lippmann wrote, “Free institutions are not the property of the majority.

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NYT: Give the Palestinians what they want, or else.

As the Netanyahu government nears completion, everyone is piling on the pressure to succumb to Palestinian demands. The EU made it clear again, if Israel rejects the two-state solution, it won’t be business as usual between Israel and the EU.

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Florida Gov’t Cancels Tea Party Fearing ‘Too Many Attendees’

Remember this report from our nation’s history?

CNN (Continental News Network) Boston, 1773: The city of Boston canceled a proposed protest over tea taxes today, citing the fear that too many people dressed as Indians would be gathered near the wharves.

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Telling CO2 Lies to Destroy America

My friend, the internationally famed climatologist, Dr. S. Fred Singer, calls them “the CO2 wars.” It is the last ditch attempt by the Greens, under the aegis of the Obama administration, to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant and thus open the door to its regulation.

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Notre Dame Shame?

Obama at Notre DameI have never been a fan of Notre Dame.  Perhaps the ‘subway alumni’ and the glorification of Knute Rockne and others down through the years didn’t sit well with me. But hey, let’s put sports aside for a moment and talk about politics.

The invitation of President Obama to the May commencement at Notre Dame under the watchful eyes of Touchdown Jesus is indeed great political and religious fodder. And one of the leading voices of dissent is none other than Bishop John D’Arcy of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese which includes Notre Dame.

The bishop says he will not attend the ceremony because he disagrees with Obama’s policies on stem cell research and the funding of international family planning groups which can advise abortions as an alternative form of birth control.

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Charities Will Suffer if Regulators Have Their Way

Loren A. Smith Jr., senior fellow for Labor and Employment Policy at the Institute for Liberty, has a good op-ed at the Fox Forum on the Obama administration’s attack on the charitable tax deduction in his budget. An excerpt:

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TSA Continues Work on 9-11 Commission Mandates

(The following is based on a report released to the National Association of Chiefs of Police regarding aviation security.)

The 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 mandates the Department of Homeland Security to establish a system to physically screen 50 percent of cargo transported on passenger aircraft by February 2009 and 100 percent of such cargo by August 2010.

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Playing President

Obama’s performance as POTUS is pretty convincing, if not Oscar-worthy.  From the moment CNN called the election, Obama’s rehearsed swagger emerged.  He won; he is entitled to gloat.  What’s pitiful is that he really thinks he is in charge.

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Steve Straub and the OLA versus the OSPCA

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is taking Steve Straub to court to collect $197000 in costs for the heinous crime of not cleaning out a budgie bird cage.

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Why Should ANY School Be Named After Obama?

Are these signs of the times or advance notices of adulation gone amok?  At least two schools in these United States have, or are seriously considering,  changing their names from the already established to one consisting of the name of Barack Obama. There are other schools around the country where the proposition have broached without any action to date,  but two schools, one located in Portland, Oregon as reported online by KGW.com and one in Hempstead, NY reported by education-world.com are a reality.

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Obama plans climate change summit

The event will be the first meeting of what the White House styles “the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate”.

It will focus on increasing the supply of clean energy and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the White House said.

It was announced as millions worldwide observed Earth Hour, turning off lights in a protest against climate change.


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A Revolution without a Leader

Two recent columns have generated millions of hits and thousands of reader comments web wide, all with a single common sentiment expressed and a single question asked…

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Gunfights at the Oy Vey Corral

- Norma Zager

Jewish women are the last to understand warfare, well perhaps sniping. Yet it seems apparent, even to American women of the Baby Boomer generation, GI Joe was a distant second to Hopalong Cassidy or Roy Rogers in the “what-I-want-to-be-when-I grow-up sweepstakes for young Jewish males.

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Will the Chinese Communist Party Survive the Crisis?

Until recently, most leading China watchers thought the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had become remarkably resilient.

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Another 75,000 workers lose their jobs in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Another 75,000 Floridians lost jobs in February as the ranks of the state’s unemployed swelled to its highest number in 33 years.

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