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Except absolutely all of this is completely and utterly false. President Obama has only issues 138 executive orders.

Also, the orders given in this "article" all date from John F Kennedy, except the last two. The former was from LBJ and the latter from Gerald Ford.

Additionally, this is, verbatim, a post that's been floating around Facebook for a while. This man is no "journalist", just a shill.
Posted by Frank Barthalamew  on  11/13  at  04:10 PM | #

@Jim. You have my permission to share this commentary with your friends.
Posted by Alan Caruba  on  10/06  at  08:27 PM | #

Alan - Thanks for the information. This sounds very much like Germany before WWII involvement by the U.S. and Allies. I would like to circulate amongst my contacts and beyond and you have the copyright on this. May I forward to my contacts? The uninformed need to be aware of this type stuff before November 2012.
Posted by Jim Simpson  on  10/06  at  08:16 PM | #

Most all of our current problems stem from Islam and its reams of other official supporting directives. The Qur'an, the "Reliance of the Traveller, A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law", 2011 Edition, by N.H.M. Keller, and reams of other Muslim supporting directive place "all Muslim aspects of living" under the guise of "religion", including how to brush one's teeth and use tooth "sticks", which hand to use performing "daily necessities",and what kind of clothes to wear along with legal, medical, finance, business, marriage and divorce,issues, ad nauseum. This all is foreign to most other non-Muslim countries. For some reason(s), congress and our courts have been reluctant to identify this concept as a culture and not a religion. Most all of congress and the courts appear to be afraid of approaching the "religion" aspect of Muslim law. Also, most all Muslin/Islamic concepts are diametrically opposed to our Constitutional, Republic and freedom way of life. There just is "no room" within our system to permit any aspects of Islam in our way of life---and both congress and the courts must come to grips with this issue very soon(this year?),else, we may have a Muslim agitated civil war on our hands. And, in today's world, while "they" still cut off heads, they now have several kinds of WMD and have shown a propensity to use them. I trust everyone in the West have heard the Iranian officials threatening the Israelis with nuclear weapons. That course of action could well mean the premature end of this planet. Congress and the courts, it is time you all got off your "duffs"(being polite) and resolve this matter. You all can rest assured if Islam and Sharia Law become the "Law of the Land" you all will be out of jobs, as all control will be in the hands of a few fanatics.
Posted by Don DeHoff  on  09/30  at  09:24 PM | #

Congress should review all existing executive orders and draw the purse strings on all that are in conflict with our Constitution and/or existing Federal Laws. And, for all of Obama's EOs he should be required to provide congress and the public with explicit reasons for any that are controversial. If the reason(s)is/are classified, he still should be required to brief the appropriate congressional oversight committees, who in turn would prepare an unclassified explanation to the public to assure everyone that the EO is required. Congress also needs to immediately draft legislation that prohibits the appointment of any person(s)to sensitive government positions. when their philosophical or cultural background reflects a stated or known objective of changing our form of government and/or the takeover of our country by any means other than citizen super majority vote, plus 10% of the total votes cast. The legislation should require all such prior appointed person be properly vetted according to the new legislation.
Posted by Don DeHoff  on  09/30  at  08:39 PM | #

Actually, these orders were passed when John F. Kennedy was in office on February 2, 1962. Not that I am pro Obama by any means, but disinformation such as this needs to be curbed.
Posted by chris  on  09/30  at  03:40 PM | #

Alan, I dislike the president as much as the next guy, however, Obama's Executive Orders begin at 13489. Some of the one's you listed go all the way back to Kennedy.

This does not take away from the fact that this country can be quickly placed in a state of martial law under complete and total control of the Feds and a new dictator.
Posted by Jim B  on  09/30  at  06:54 AM | #

"Do you want to live in such a nation?"

Don't you already?
Posted by Markon  on  09/29  at  11:35 PM | #

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Obama’s Tyrannical Executive Orders

Posted by Alan Caruba on Sep 29, 2012 at 07:54 PM

Obama’s Worst Executive Orders

A September 24 a Wall Street Journal editorial warned that President Obama is moving to control the Internet by executive order. “Any day now, the White House will issue an executive order on cyber security, according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who said last week that the measure ‘is close to completion.’”


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