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4 massacres in one term are not coincidental. The only one that was not a black ops was ft hood & that one is being protected from penalty & justice. ABC's helicopter showed 2 others fleeing into the woods.

Obama needs a 2nd term AGENDA.
Larry Pratt said Obama is a danger to us all & called on CONGRESS TO REMOVE HIM He called him a Leninist dictator who will destroy the bill of rights one at a time: that is his 2nd term agenda ..
Watch "back to the future II". Robert Zemekis was a seer. By 2016 we will be a lawless Wild West. Other countries will usurp us as we did the Native Indians.

It only takes 1 nut & band of his loyalists to overthrow a republic.
The world knows. It is only dumbed down Americans who cannot or will not recognize what is going on...
Posted by Beth  on  12/19  at  12:07 PM | #

While I appreciate your comments and opinions as set forth in your article in the Canada Press, as a Pantheist/Pagan, I don’t find that Paganism will be the downfall of anything…it will be going back to the truth.

Personally, I believe everything (humans, animals, nature) are connected and are responsible for the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants.
Organized religion has its “Thou shalt “not”s” and suppresses the true spirituality within each of us.

I believe what is happening is that people are awakening to the fact that they are part of “God” and within each of us are the answers – we do not need buildings and leaders to teach us what we know already. Through prayer, meditation, positive thinking and good will and actions, we might find the world would be less tedious and stressed.

We are all one with the God/dess and the Universe.
Posted by T. Keys  on  12/17  at  05:09 PM | #

Eljer7777, Take heart, there are FAR more blacks that truly trust God and are “hard core” Constitutionalists than you can see because the un-news media finds you to be “inconvenient” and they will never tell you that you are in a great body of blacks who believe as you do.
No one likes being the “lone ranger”, but prefers to be in the company of others who also believe and follow, and the un-news media wants you to feel that you are a loner and therefore there is something wrong with you. You are loved and appreciated by many, and most importantly, God loves you. You just cannot be in better fellowship than that.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/17  at  09:24 AM | #

Why has the “Christian community” been so silent about the attacks on God and everything He stands for? I know that some of those “Great men of gawd” have told their congregations that it is not Christian to oppose evil. And where did they find that in The Word? A little phrase here and a little phase there and you can make The Word say anything you want to make it appear is written, and you know that you can get away with it because the people are conditioned to believe that The Word is too difficult for the common man to understand and only those with a degree from some “Christian” institution could ever understand the meaning.
I was so obtuse as to tell one of them who had picked a few words here and a few words there to “prove” his point that I asked him why he believed in God because the Bible itself says not once, not twice but 12 times “there is no God”. He retorted “You are selectively reading the Bible to come up with that”. I replied “Thank you! You have made my point perfectly”.
God makes many promises to those who will follow him, but those are conditional promises and the word IF delineates the conditions under which His promise is given. Second chronicles 7:14 “IF my people . . .” is one of the most quoted verses, but the people seem to forget that that promise started with IF and IF they fail to meet the conditions, the promise is null and void.
Rather than listen to sooth sayers, the people need to read The Word and ask God to open their eyes, and then LIVE those words.
God opposed evil in many ways, and when we oppose evil, we are in the “best of company”.
For those in positions of authority, I would suggest that they read in The Word the obligations they have placed on themselves because it is the leadership which is the first to be held accountable, but it would appear that they think they can con God.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/17  at  09:10 AM | #


You had defined in very specific and horrific terms my concerns “For America, that is terrifying”.

What is more terrifying is the fact that the elected officials who are suppose to protect and defend the Constitution are totally derelict in their duties. They, like Mr. O’ Reilly, have buried their heads in some dark sound proof place and along with FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and major news sources. They all refuse to discuss what history will show was a greater fraud than Tea Pot Dome, Watergate, the Blue Dress, Kennedy’s and Lincoln’s assassinations, the Walker case, and Martin Luther King’s death combined.

I thank you for having the courage to write the article. I hope to someday read the Pulitzer prize winning article discussing how the Congress of the United States betrayed the Citizens of the United States in a conspiracy that almost destroyed the country.

I also look forward to my next trip to Canada!

Posted by Jerry P.  on  12/16  at  10:07 PM | #

Why are these tragedies happening in "Blue" States, with rare exception? In the middle of an unprecedented all out Communist assault on traditional America. The leftist media assure this will happen over and over by copycats. Have any of these murders not been on "Prozac" or worse? Schools can't Lock the doors? Schools should have gun lockers available for trained staff (Like Israel). If you really want to stop/reduce these murders you would choke the life out of the electronic media for reporting it. Why am I even hearing about a Connecticut mass murder here in Illinois? What possible good did it do? The media can't mention Oppie and his forged documents or any of the trail of anomalies which bring his eligibility into question but "if it bleeds it leads?" I put 85% of the blame on the Government/Media/Pharma complex.
Posted by Chris Walters  on  12/16  at  06:22 PM | #

This is the clearest explanation of the state of our country and reflects exactly my feelings. Wish I could have expressed this as well as you have. Thank you.
Posted by E. Flatt  on  12/16  at  01:38 PM | #

Doug Hagmann,

I can only say thank you and bravo! to your article. Everything in your article is accurate, well written, and extremely important! I wish you God Speed in getting your message out!!
Posted by Matt S.  on  12/16  at  01:29 PM | #

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Confronting our spiritual bankruptcy

Posted by Doug Hagmann on Dec 17, 2012 at 06:32 PM

Our nation once proudly served as the moral and spiritual foundation for not only our citizens, but for the world

spiritual bankruptcy

The clamor that is about to dominate the next several news cycles will be the usual stable of pundits engaging in obligatory verbal hand-wringing over the unthinkable death of innocents in a small Connecticut town. Newtown was once a town where life was the imitation of a Norman Rockwell painting, and where any of those young children whose lives were shortened by unimaginable madness could have been the very faces depicted in the paintings by Rockwell himself.


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