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THAT'S IT! We're taking guns away from everyone, including the military. Everyone except ACORN and the NHS.
Posted by JC Lincoln  on  12/19  at  06:01 AM | #

Economic collapse is an eventual certainty and taking away guns just before the collapse plays into the hands of who? Remember the Bankruptcy reform around 2004-5? Everyone agreed it was over reaching by the Banks and was unnecessary. Fast forward to 2008 housing crash, which most pendants were caught by surprise but the Banks knew it was coming and prehardened Bankruptcy protection. If we collapse this afternoon, the balance of power rests with traditional Americans who can fend off intrusion and basically protect themselves with guns. Same scenario with no guns-very bleak. Communists know this and they smell blood. Blood of Saints who formed the greatest, freest nation in history. Ruthlessness resides in DC.
Posted by Chris Walters  on  12/18  at  12:52 PM | #

Barack Hussein Obama is a hypocrite. . .he said that our first responsibility as a nation was to protect our kids; to keep them safe and secure. Why then doesn't he encourage everyone to start protecting them the minute they are conceived? Why does he support abortions, which incidentally, kill more children in one day/one year than guns do?
Posted by GotFreedom  on  12/18  at  12:50 AM | #

I'm starting to wonder who is hiring these intellectual but mentally unstable young men to commit these mass murders. It's the kind of behaviour we have seen all too often from the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's almost starting to become a pattern.
Posted by montucky  on  12/18  at  12:13 AM | #


Thank you for your article about Nancy Lanza and bringing out the fact that she has been called a gun crazed prepper , etc. None of that had anything to do with her son killing all those children and adults. Thank you for facing that terrible speech the President made in Connecticut and calling it for what it was. You are a brave woman.
Posted by Guest  on  12/18  at  12:03 AM | #

The messiah himself is killing more women and children every week with his increased use of drones but thats OK because it's only 'collateral damage'?
Oh yeah then there was 'Fast and Furious' gunnrunning by the messiah.

He's playing politics at every turn, every crisis on every occasion.

The US produces 71% of the worlds munitions so I don't think guns are going away anytime soon.

The only workable results oriented practice would be to ramp-up the 'Licence to Carry' program in the USA and the entire western world for that matter.
Posted by ?Mark  on  12/17  at  11:08 PM | #

Most media are biased towards the political establishment in power at this time,they print unsubstantiated facts about tragedies regardless if they are true or not and don't recant the info when it is reported as not true. All the liberal leftist politicians see this horror as a way to move their main agenda forward. they want to ban firearm ownership in the us as they have in other countries. these same politicians have armed body guards and live in gated communities on taxpayers money. i think if memory of mind is correct that the war for independence was fought over this excessive taxation an elitist attitude of the british monarch and maybe it is time for another one
Posted by douglas  on  12/17  at  10:02 PM | #

Thanks, Judi. Having 5 grandkids I can't imagine being notified that any of them was killed while at school! How devastating that would be.

I must confess at 70 years of age I don't have a bunch of answers.

I have no doubt that Barry, Bloomberg et. al will exploit this tragedy. Then you have Rahm adding his two cents all while apparently being incapable of dealing with the violence in Chicagoland.

I'm at a loss for words right now so I really appreciate yours. Thanks.
Posted by W. Miller  on  12/17  at  08:16 PM | #

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Progressives using Sandy Hook Tragedy to Rewrite the Narrative

Posted by Judi McLeod on Dec 18, 2012 at 07:40 AM

In typical, turn-table Marxist fashion, Obama was projecting the bitter failure of Marxism onto the masses

In the evil Obama world that came in with 2009,  progressives began in earnest rewriting the narrative of the Life of the Common Citizen. 

Before President Barack Hussein Obama could deliver the serfdom long sought by his United Nations big bosses, the narrative had to be completely and utterly rewritten.

Problem is that the average citizens of the villages, towns and cities are being forced into a starring role that obliterates the individual.


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