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Excellent analysis. I'm just so sorry that our country seems to be at a philosophical impasse of personal responsibility vs totalitarianism. It seems so clear what is right - the former left alone don't hurt anyone, that latter cannot be 'left alone' because they want to impose their will on everyone else. As someone who doesn't believe in violence, I can't see imposing my will on someone else. However, most liberals believe they are non-violent while espousing violence in everything they promote.
Posted by Lisa  on  12/22  at  08:47 PM | #


Spot on and extremely well put. I’m passing it on. I have recently been editing a manuscript written by Stephanie Brock about Industrial Areas Foundation/ Saul Alinsky Community Organizing. Every thing you say about the left wanting to get the rest of us “organized” or thought trained to think they way we can best be manipulated is so true.
Posted by Chriss R.  on  12/19  at  11:35 AM | #

You're quite right, Mr. Greenfield. I would further describe it this way: The socialist/leftist/progressives cannot conceive of evil in an individual way, but only in a social group way. They have no heroes and villains nor good guys and bad guys as individuals.
First of all, they exempt themselves from all individual evil. Then they exempt all others.
Thereafter, all is reduced to the social and political. This is groupthink. Thereafter, only organizations and social groups are found to be evil. Their own elitist leftist group is never evil, of course. Only those outside their group are. That includes our entire American heritage. The hubris of this is so phenomenal!
So Lanza becomes associated with a group he had no association with- the NRA. And Lanza is not evil, only the gun groups are!
You could not find a people blinder to evil than these groupthinkers.
Posted by Carlos  on  12/18  at  11:37 PM | #

Borg, Galt, or Civil War?

Great stuff Daniel.
Posted by Markon  on  12/18  at  11:28 PM | #

(Part 2)

Be it via subliminal or even repeated direct messages on TV, in video games, or in Presidential speeches – they are out to manipulate, using the old methods of the communists. No one knows nor seems to care if they set up uncertainty via HAARP and HAMP weather control (possible mind control as well). No one asks about the President’s command to Homeland Security to supply the ability to move hurricanes, which HAARP has bragged it can do, and HAMP experimented with earlier this year on the East coast. People just see themselves as victims of unknown forces of nature, or climate change. How about questioning who or what is really making them feel vulnerable – power hungry one worlders perhaps?

They have sculpted a society of those monkeys, who neither question nor challenge. Some say it is too awful to think about, they must block any such question out, as they cannot handle it. So, more monkey see, monkey do nothing.
Posted by L. Weber  on  12/18  at  11:28 PM | #

Excellent article. He have hit at the basic principle of the Left, a communist approach to control. We once felt as John Stuart Mill, that it was good to help someone, as long as it helped them become independent. We felt that it was immoral to give help which made people weak and dependent. Then the power brokers came along, and they turned it around for their own gain. We have D.C. filled with people willing to do whatever is possible to gain even more power for themselves.

Sadly, at least 15 years ago, the government schools started teaching the thinking of dependence and lack of responsibility to millions of students who now are adults. They pushed values clarification in place of math, taught feelings in English class, and told kids they did not need to agree with parental values. They promoted the overuse of Ritalin and even psychotropic drugs. They taught no responsible behavior needed, as all would be reincarnated. And this was the state of education two years before Columbine erupted in violence. I have a tape of a TV show from the area, filmed two years before the violence, with a concerned panel discussing the dangers of the outcome based curriculum then going into that school. Yet the press says it was about bullying! Are they morons or what? Fast forward to Connecticut, years more of this kind of teaching, drugging and a liberal society, and they still do not get it.

Our kids and young adults are a mess, by design. From video games to TV, the message echoes that coming from D.C. – you are not responsible for anything, just let big brother lead your way. Then throw in the possible CIA links into the Colorado shooter, at a time when the President badly wants to deliver gun control to the UN. He has already promised them UN Agenda 21, which will change every aspect of our lives, including the right to private property. Just as the FBI was playing with the Columbine shooters’ minds in secret online, before the shooting, we now must face the fact that Big Brother is indeed seeking to control our minds. Yet this culture discourages such questions, and blocks the answers.

Posted by L. Weber  on  12/18  at  11:27 PM | #

This is brilliant. Simple, but paints a crystal clear picture.
Posted by Chris  on  12/18  at  10:12 PM | #

I object. I'm more left than right, but I'm not happy about what's happening. It appears that there is plan for control---what I eat, what I grow in my garden if I' m "allowed" to grow a garden, what doctor I can select, if I can select, my choice to treatment is no longer available---some agency has decided that only traditional treatments (which don't cure) will be available, my supplements are to be controlled, prescription drugs have lethal side effects, I may soon be forced to have vaccinations and implants, local farmers are arrested for saving seeds---guns will be the monopoly of the government, bullying will be the monopoly of the police, more and more surveillance, and on and on. Doesn't seem as if this has anything to do with party issues. Doesn't seem as if we have but one party anyway. I never have a candidate to vote for that is my choice. None of this is about choice. To say the left is the problem is to say there is no left anymore. The"left" is now the moderate right. And the independent???? She went the same way as Wellstone and Carnahan, the same way as the paper ballot and the county sheriff.
Posted by R. Garner  on  12/18  at  10:03 PM | #

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Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control

Posted by Daniel Greenfield on Dec 20, 2012 at 08:22 AM

The defining American code is freedom. The defining liberal code is compassion.

The gun control debate, like all debates with the left, is reducible to the question of whether we are individuals who make our own decisions or a great squishy social mass that helplessly responds to stimuli. Do people kill with guns or does the availability of guns kill people? Do bad eating habits kill people or does the availability of junk food kill people?

To the left these are distinctions without a difference. If a thing is available then it is the cause of the problem. The individual cannot be held accountable for shooting someone if there are guns for sale. Individuals have no role to play because they are not moral actors, only members of a mob responding to stimuli.


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