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Learned about massive lies re: Libya. Cameron chief operative, with Obama providing military operations.

Yes, Gaddafi stated in a direct assembly that Libya would have to fight al Queda and western imperialists. US used these forces with leaders direct from Guantanamo to destroy
Libya. Please secure the letters of Gaddafi to Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy. They have been pulled, but I did manage to read a portion of Gaddafi's letter to Obama.
Posted by Janet J.  on  12/23  at  12:47 PM | #

Part II Putin's Answer

VLADIMIR PUTIN: "OK, fine. Listen, my dear man, hasn't Russia lost its positions in Libya after what the interventionists set loose there? Regardless of how they have explained their position, the state is falling apart. Ethnic, clan, and tribal conflicts are continuing. Futhermore, there was even such a tragedy as the murder of the U.S. Ambassador. Is this the result of [their] work? I have been asked about mistakes; wasn't that a mistake? Do you want us to repeat these mistakes constantly in other countries?
Our concern is not with the fate of the Assad regime. We understand what's going on and that this family has been in power for 40 years. Of course there is a demand for change. But our concern is something different: what happens next. We do not want to see the current opposition, upon becoming the government, simply launching a fight against the current authorities, who would become the opposition, and so on forever.
Of course we have an interest in the position of the Russian Federation in this region of the world: it is nearby. But we are most of all interested not in our own interests, which are actually not so great; there are practically none. Do we have some kind of special economic relations? No. Has Mr. Assad been constantly in Moscow during his Presidency? Indeed, he has been in Paris and other European capitals more often than here. We advocate finding a solution to the problem which would spare the region and the country from disintegration and endless civil war.
That is our proposal and our position is: not that Assad and his regime remain in power at any cost, but that people first reach agreement among themselves on how they are going to live, and how their security and participation in government is to be assured, and then begin to change the existing order of things in accordance with those agreements. Rather than the reverse, which would be first to drive out and destroy everything, and then try to negotiate. I think that agreements based on a military victory are out of place in this case, and cannot be effective. And what happens there depends above all on the Syrian people themselves."
Posted by beth  on  12/23  at  04:32 AM | #

Putin Answers A Question On Syria PT 1
December 21st, 2012 • 9:45 AM
Associated Press, Vladimir Isachenkov: My question concerns the situation in Syria. As you know, the Western countries, the Arab League, and Turkey are all in favor of Bashar al-Assad leaving his post, and they say that peace in Syria is not possible without this. Don't you think that Russia's disagreement with this position will lead ultimately to Russia's becoming isolated and losing its influence not only in Syria, but also in the Middle East region as a whole, if Bashar Assad's regime does fall?"

See next comment for the answer.
Posted by beth  on  12/23  at  04:31 AM | #


Thanks for keeping this Benghazi debacle "front and center". In the context of the Presidential election, it's notable who was motivated to minimize the seriousness of what happened. Our people were abandoned. So much for not leaving anyone behind.

From the false narrative of a spontaneous demonstration to Hillary's lack of availability to testify (wine tasting in Australia and supposed concussion); any thinking person would discern and conclude coverup.

Every time one hears "I take responsibility" we should all set our "radars" on maximum discernment. This "all are responsible, no one is accountable" BS is typical of honesty being counter cultural in government since the times of JFK's assassination to one degree or another.

Unless the gutless Congress is willing to press for full disclosure as the peoples representatives, we're thwarted in getting to the bottom of any serious matter. The MSM is little or no help because truthful investigative reporting is rare.

To finish this matter and relegate it to the dustbin of history, John Kerry has been selected to succeed Hillary Clinton at State. Nuff said.

Until We The People "wake up" and insist upon transparency and truthfulness in governmental policy and governmental accountability, matters will continue to get worse. Maybe it's not so bad to be disillusioned because at least one is no longer under illusion. For standard operating procedure these days is to say "perception is reality". It's catching up with the U.S. and "coming home to roost".
Washington, D.C. has manifested moral illness for a long time. The people must now manifest as much moral courage as your article. Well done.

What we see from the Executive and Legislative Branches is the result of situation ethics and moral relativism run amuck.

Posted by SDavis  on  12/22  at  07:16 PM | #

Doug, I am sure that you are as fed up with these “reports” which are nothing more than a cover up as I am. We both could name numerous “investigations” of the type we are seeing in the Benghazi affair.
I too wonder if the people will ever insist on “the truth, the whole truth and noting but the truth” in these matters.
I am sure that Mr BS already has a pardon written for those guilty of this subversive activity which will complete the cover up. Of course those records will be sealed “for security reasons” until the year 2040 or beyond so that we can not obtain a copy of the data via a FOIA request.
Please DO keep up your investigations so that the people can see for themselves what is being so diligently covered up.
People are already speaking of Mrs. Clinton as a 2016 Democratic candidate for president.
IF the people knew what that woman has done in the past, they “wouldn’t touch her with a 100 foot pole”, but her evil deeds are buried in the closed (“for security reasons”) records.
Thank God, there is a court where ALL the truth will be laid out there in FULL detail, and she will reap the harvest of her deeds as will all those who diabolically caused the deaths of ever so many innocents.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/21  at  08:38 AM | #

So, can you explain to me, if the outpost wasn't really a consulate, what was Stevens doing there? Are you saying he was really CIA?
Posted by A. G.  on  12/20  at  09:27 PM | #

Re: "...willfully ignored his or her responsibilities,..."
Really? Did they "accidentally" forget that security is their job?
Posted by Cats1cowboy  on  12/20  at  12:00 AM | #

I have a hard time believing that any of this is a surprise to the informed readers of CFP. When you have a Muslim in the WH, Hussein, and a Muslim chief adviser in the WH, Jarrett, and friendly Marxists all around the administration, what else would one expect? Our country is headed for Hell and no one is doing anything to stop it, myself included. I am not "formidable" enough to get the word out to a sufficient number of patriots to get the ball rolling on turning our country around. The Marxists in Congress sure as heck won't do anything so what are we to do? No, this report is no surprise. Evil surrounds us and all we are doing is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On a happier note, God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas and joyous New Year.
Posted by AJ  on  12/19  at  07:29 PM | #

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The wretched absurdity of the Benghazi report

Posted by Doug Hagmann on Dec 20, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Only if this report was written with the blood of the dead Americans could it be more insulting to their memory, their families and to the intelligence of the American public

Under the cover of the Newtown school shooting, an “independent” five member investigative panel quietly released an unclassified, 39-page report Tuesday night, detailing their findings of the attack that led to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The report cites five main reasons for the loss of life, all primarily related to inadequate security for U.S. personnel. However, the independent panel found that no “U.S. Government employee engaged in misconduct or willfully ignored his or her responsibilities, and, therefore, did not find reasonable cause to believe that an individual breached his or her duty so as to be the subject of a recommendation for disciplinary action.” Stated another way, no one is to blame nor will be held accountable for the murders of Americans Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty, Tyrone Woods, and Ambassador Chris Stevens, so just continue with your business.


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