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Judi McLeod:

Your article was very well stated - it gives me great pleasure to know someone out there understands what is going on down here.

The obamacrats are so selfish and clueless, it is appalling to those of us that lived during WWII.

Judi McLeod - thanks.

I would have given it a thumbs up but FB wanted me to sign in and I don't "do" facebook.

It would be good if all media had a thumbs up-down button on their articles, they might learn something about the public's attitude without paying for a survey.

You folks have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Next Year.
Posted by Guest  on  12/24  at  09:27 PM | #

Gwen Rye...Your post has got to be one of the ''dumbest'' I've ever read... how ''insulting'', but it means that you're one of the ''OBAMA ZOMBIES''... I hope you open your eyes & ears soon, while we still have a Country left.. As for Judi McLeod, she's telling the TRUTH, which you LIBERALS have NO IDEA what that is...You ''Takers'' were bought off by Obama for ''Free Birth Control Pills, Free Condoms & Free ''Obama Phones''..You don't even know HISTORY, but I guess you'll figure it out when you're in "Bread or Soup Lines'' ...What idiots... The ''13 Reagan Republican's'' are exactly what America needs, men who do NOT compromise their values, ethics or morals.. something that Obama has ''no clue'' what that is.. After the election, it was very clear how 'dysfunctional' our society has become..we're now a 'Land Of Takers, Not Makers''... 'We The People' will turn this TRAIN-WRECK around, and get out all the ''PROGRESSIVES''(Communists), Liberals & RINO's in 2014 & 2016... Do not lose FAITH, people!

Another great Article, Judi, of which you know I've already got it on Facebook...keep up the good fight, Judi, you're NOT ALONE!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Judi, and all the Staff at CFP... ''Your Favorite Tea Party Organizer, Dee''
Posted by Dee in CA  on  12/23  at  10:14 PM | #

Judi, As was stated long ago, Mr. Boehner is not a leader but is indeed a Boner pulled by the “Progressives” in the house. How desperately we need those who are willing to dodge the torpedoes sent their way and still stay on course in their efforts to keep the ship of state from being ground to pieces on the rocks of liberalism.

Obama considers himself to be a “great leader” because he can tell his constituents profound lies and they consider his lies to be the gospel. But leading a starving stray dog to food is beyond his capabilities. What an interesting delusional world he lives in.

Thankfully there are those who DO understand the obligations they have assumed and have the courage to fight against all odds because they know that it is the right thing to do. Pray that others will have their eyes and ears opened so that they have eyes which see and ears which hear.

Gwen, Have you ever read Obama's writings? If you haven't, you should. If you have and don't understand his words, there is little hope.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/23  at  02:08 AM | #


Thank you once again for an outstanding editorial regarding our “dear leader” and his minions. Keep up the EXCELLENT reporting while keeping freedoms dream alive.
I would like to with you and your staff a Blessed Christmas and all the very BEST for the coming New Year.
Posted by Michael D.  on  12/22  at  02:34 PM | #

I just read your latest rant; I am in utter awe of the absurd things you are able to convince yourself of. Obama's a Marxist? I don't know if you've noticed but corporate and Wall Street profits have gone through the roof during his presidency. I don't think you even know what Marxism is, besides the fact that it's, you know, really, really, reeeeally bad! Nothing in your article, or your site, has any basis in reality; it is nothing but a bunch of two bit conspiracy theories which aim at scaring the dupes in our country. "Oooh Obama's gonna git are guns!" "Obama's a commie!" Seriously lady, isn't it time to grow up? Also, your site is called Canadafreepress, and you are from Canada, so I have to ask, what is your obsession with the United States? To be honest, I couldn't give you one piece of information concerning Canadian politics. Actually, I could really care less. Based on the things you've written, you seem like a bitter old hag. Why don't you f*** off back North?
Posted by Gwen Rye  on  12/22  at  12:33 PM | #

I would like a list of those 13 to personally write them letters of Thanks! I think if we can do this, and just get one other person who does as well, this would send a HUGE message. Starting the letter out something like this... Dear Congressman/woman, I am not in your district, however, I still felt the urge to take the time to write you a note of thanks for taking a stand on conservative values.....(then finish the letter as you wish)....
Posted by Wendy H.  on  12/22  at  11:11 AM | #

Bravo. Made my day...this fight is just the beginning. They reap what they sow and it's going to be an ugly crop. God bless and Merry Christmas.
Posted by Digi  on  12/22  at  05:21 AM | #

Book 'em, Dano
Posted by chris  on  12/22  at  12:30 AM | #

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The ‘Reagan 13’ give Americans Something to Believe In

Posted by Judi McLeod on Dec 22, 2012 at 10:08 AM

Fiscal Cliff, Boehner's Plan B

In the astroturfed Christmas Card Version of Obama’s 20-day Hawaiian holiday,  the mental vision strived for is the regime and its staffers running happily, like the Moon-doggies of old, into the surf.

With Axelrod doing the astroturfing,  who needs Hollywood, and if Gidget can go Hawaiian, why not a lugubrious Valerie or Michelle?

The astroturf version of the Obamas’ $4 million holiday in Hawaii is set to demoralize and depress the proletariat.  It vividly underlines how the rich and powerful get to spend long, care free days kissed by the sun, while the left-behind average citizenry of the winter-bound Northeast get to spend theirs slogging through the slush.


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