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For the definitive comments on Endangered Species, you simply MUST listen to what George Carlin has to say on the subject

Posted by Swemson  on  12/29  at  05:40 PM | #

Don't you think for a moment that human activity and sprawl don't affect wildlife populations! The animal populations that are exploding, such as deer and rabbits, are doing so because predator numbers have been decimated. Think of the predatory cats that used to roam the continent, not many of those left. We've thrown the whole balance out of whack to feed our endless greed and fanciful need. Sure you can point to raccoon and possum numbers as proof of your selfish human analysis, but those are only a few species, along with the likes of cock roaches and pigeons, that are resourceful enough to adapt to human environments and again they have no predators there. Think ... what do people who want to save species stand to gain, versus what do people who want to suck resources out of the ground stand to gain? The former? ... a healthy natural environment. The latter? ... lots of money. Who holds the higher ground? Will we die without fossil fuels? No. Will we die without a balanced natural environment? Who knows? And lastly, just because you don't like rats, it doesn't mean they aren't an integral and necessary part of a particular ecosystem. No, every single animal is not endangered, but the ones that are, are worth saving at almost any cost.
Posted by robin wallace  on  12/29  at  01:08 AM | #

Every living thing is endangered.
Didn't your parents explain that to you?
Posted by PacRim Jim  on  12/28  at  03:10 AM | #

Is Every Single Animal and Reptile Endangered?

Posted by Alan Caruba on Dec 27, 2012 at 09:00 PM

It is time to end the Endangered Species Act

If it sometimes seems to you that every single animal and reptile is endangered, you can thank that element of the environmental and animal rights movements that has spent millions to foster this absurd belief. Animals and reptiles, fish and birds, lizards and turtles, all are born in the wild and all are food for other species. Nature doesn’t pick favorites, but thanks to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), humans do.


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