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Great article Judi. Thanks for putting the true facts out there, as usual. As I am a Proud Christian Conservative American, who is Black, I have been a registered Republican since 1976 and the party I first registered with I no longer recognize. The Republican establishment have lost the values we stand for. Last month I registered as an Independent and will not donate any money to the GOP. Instead I will donate to the true great conservative GOP members, as we work to replace the GOP establishment.

My reasons for going Independent are posted @

We Are Winning Our Great Country Back!!!
Posted by Andrew Luck  on  12/30  at  10:06 AM | #

This is so much bull it isn't even funny! Someone is sitting around making up fantasy stories!! The Republicans are doing no such thing!!
We have never had a President that liked spending the people's money as Obama does. He is trying to destroy this country and so far is succeeding. It amazes me as to how many people in this country have become so blind to the truth. He has weakened this country and continues to do so. God help us!!! He has ordered that they (The Government) get raises as he is raising taxes on everyone with trillions of dollars of debt climbing. And millions of people out of work, and many companies that have been around for years shutting down because they can not afford to stay in business because of him and his taxes. He will never cut spending, he doesn't know how. It's not his money he is spending, so why should he care. He is an egotistical obnoxious idiot.
Posted by Leatha  on  12/29  at  08:51 PM | #

Hi Judi, A sad but oh so true article. It seems the Repubs have almost given up. In one way I cant blame them, whatever they do, the MSM will make sure the obummer is the "Winner", but I wish they would just do what is right and let the chips fall where they may. They may be surprised how many people would be OK with that.
All we can do is keep on fightin`.
Best Wishes to you and yours for 2013. If you will still be here--- I will still be here. Audrey
Posted by Audrey Smith  on  12/29  at  08:32 PM | #

It's about time we all realize this dog and pony show, known as the Dems vs the Reps, is nothing more than a who-done-it movie where the audience is the victim. We take sides, boo the opposition, and cheer for our team. All the while, the actors take us through a twisted plot where the heroes and villains become indistinguishable. Just when it appears the culprit will be revealed, the movie ends and a sequel is announced. As long as we keep putting up the money they will keep putting on a show. This is how societies develop that value entertainment over substance. Welcome to the "new" Coliseum, my fellow plebs.
Posted by CDGuy  on  12/29  at  03:38 PM | #

Obama says, "Happy New Year!" with new Executive Order.

Executive Order — Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay EXECUTIVE ORDER

- – - – - – -


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 114(b) of the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013 (Public Law 112–175), which provides that any statutory adjustments to current levels in certain pay schedules for civilian Federal employees may take effect on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after the date specified in section 106(3) of Public Law 112-175, it is hereby ordered as follows

Read more:
Posted by WVPatriot  on  12/29  at  02:24 PM | #

Being from Missouri, I can honestly say that Blunt's entire family is one of crooks and thugs. His son was governor who wouldn't stand for re-election because he knew he would be beat. His other son and daughter are lobbyists, freeloading off us taxpayers.
Posted by Bill  on  12/29  at  01:32 PM | #

Republicans Turning Lincoln the Movie into Obama the Movie

Posted by Judi McLeod on Dec 29, 2012 at 10:38 AM

Roy Blunt, GOP, Fiscal Cliff

Pass the popcorn.

Barack Hussein Obama, the golf-playing Marxist president is being compared to Honest Abe.

Not by the Democrats, mind you, but by white flag-waving, go-along-to-‘git’-along Republicans.

According to some Republicans, desperately trying to duck the blame for taking America over the fiscal cliff and with Congress gridlocked, it’s now all up to Mr. Obama to produce a plan that can both cut deficits and win bipartisan support.


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