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A blood clot or not is a physical medical issue. Veracity, or lack thereof, is a mental problem in which actual truth is supposed to be the arbiter. The problem arises when actual truth is buried under myriad layers of mendacity albeit mendacity with smidgens of truth loosely attached. I personally would never have given Ms Clinton a cabinet post...unless that post was attached to a wood cabinet in an old fashioned outhouse.

In my view, the press reporters, editors, and business managers should each be given one of the posts attached to a wood cabinet in an old fashioned outhouse. In July in Mississippi it would not take long for the truth to emerge!
Posted by Robert Fanning  on  01/05  at  05:52 PM | #

In response to Sam's comment. Yes, I have seen a few articles about the plane crash. IMO, this is a more believable version of what could be going on with Hillary instead of the virus-dehydration-fall-concussion-blood clot story. One of the articles also notes how "curious" the US media is reporting this story. They were referring to the Navy SEAL's supposedly "suicide". Yes, Ms Peschmann, there is major media malpractice in these US "news" outlets. Nothing more than propaganda peddlers. And as far as Hillary now being able to testify, I have no doubt her testimony will be full of lies. Remember, she was the one who told the father of one of the Benghazi fallen that she would hold whoever made that video accountable. Knowing full well the video had nothing to do with what happened. The oath means nothing to these traitors.
Posted by itzashame  on  01/05  at  03:02 AM | #

OK, First, I do enjoy your straight talk approach to the news. Second, let me say I used to live in Mt. Kisco, NY and was a patient at Mount Kisco Medical Group. The purpose of MKMG is to practice profitable medicine and not necessarily to cure. They will treat until the patient's insurance coverage or the patient says to stop. In an area where the median household. Granted, they produced a x-ray or other scan of a blood clot. But I would like to know what caused it. Was this fall witnessed or did it happen in private? Could it have been encouraged? As Hillary announced last year she would leave the her post this month, could this condition have been brewing then? I don't trust anything connected to the current disco queens in D.C. There have been too many situations which were orchestrated just to improve their image.

BTW, the actual income for the area is well over the $200K in the link below. There are a large number of undocumented aliens who are not counted. The household income is closer to $500K+ as the economic base is that of luxurious estates, horse farms and serfs to keep them in order.
Posted by Guest  on  01/04  at  10:42 AM | #

I agree fully, no one questioning anything this administration does is damaging to the country. Glad you are delving into it.
On a side note, did anyone else hear this injury might have happened in a plane crash where a Navy Seal was killed. His death was reported, but only said, non combat Injuries, it was pretty vague. Just curious where she really was, since we have been fed so many lies on everything else.
Posted by Sam  on  01/04  at  07:18 AM | #

"When will she tell the truth again?" When has Hillary ever told the truth? Before she met Bubba, a prince of lies? Face it, Marinka, this is the Age of Obama---the fourth term of Bubba's reign. These people don't ever tell the truth----unless it's a mistake. All the old allegations we all made about Nixon apply to these people---in spades. The moral is to never believe a word they say. You won't be disappointed.
Posted by benton H Marder  on  01/04  at  01:56 AM | #

Thanks for fighting, Marinka !!!
Posted by Vikki  on  01/03  at  10:49 PM | #

Why NOT questioning Hillary Clinton’s illness is media malpractice

Posted by Marinka Peschmann on Jan 4, 2013 at 04:05 PM

Wishing Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery and looking forward to her telling the truth again

Some media outlets such as the New York Post, Fox News, The Daily Caller, Infowars, and Republicans are under fire and criticism from outlets like Huffingtonpost, The Daily Beast, Seattle Times, The Week, Politico, Media Matters, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Atlantic Wire and the DailyDownload for questioning the veracity of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illness. But the real question is—how can they not question Hillary’s truth-telling?


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