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To CityGirl
You said: "I don't get your latest post. Are you disagreeing that our only hope is in God?"
--Simply read what I said. It is plain as day what I said.
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/26  at  06:05 PM | #

@D.Bene....I don't get your latest post. Are you disagreeing that our only hope is in God? As for turning back to God, the "people" may have turned from Him, but He will not turn from His people, regardless of what happens to the USA.
Posted by CityGirl  on  01/25  at  03:20 PM | #

To CityGirl

I did not say: "Our only hope is in God", I said WE need to again, as a people in the USA, OBEY God-Jesus, or there is no hope.
--No widespread obedience to God-Jesus as in 'olden times', the judgment upon us remains, and, there'll be no grace/blessings as before from God-Jesus.
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/25  at  01:57 PM | #

@ D. Bene....agree...of course our only hope is in God. I meant more from a political point of view. Congress is 1) scared 2) clueless 3) complicit or 4) all of the above. We the citizens are focusing on contact our U.S. representatives. At this point, I am inclined to believe that we need to be contacting our state reps and governors. We need more states like Texas and Utah and Wyoming and South Carolina willing and able to enforce and to protect their citizens' rights, not only on the 2nd A. but also on Obamacare.

We should be doing that in addition to turning back to God.
Posted by CityGirl  on  01/24  at  08:04 PM | #

To CityGirl

Yes the States need to stand up ... but IMHO we'll have no real "hope" of even that unless/until we all begin to rethink our obedience to God's-Jesus' desires in all other areas first.
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/24  at  07:02 PM | #

The states need to stand up. It is our only hope.

Posted by CityGirl  on  01/24  at  05:58 PM | #

it warms my heart to hear from so many christians in the CFP. PS revelation wasn't written with NO point of future reference. revelation will come to pass and what better way to prepare america for that end than barry and his godless, satanic intentions for this country.
Posted by jsadowsky  on  01/07  at  08:00 PM | #

To Robert Quinn...
You seem to be missing my point. I am claiming that NO progress will be made in restoring the USA to its constitutional roots unless/until "Christians" get off their cans and OBEY God/Jesus.
--THEY ARE FAR FROM doing that. Consequently, no restoration.

Obedience does not start with prayer, it starts with being willing to obey in whatever God/Jesus asks/commands/desires. (Maybe some folks will have to pray earnestly for even the slightest willingness to obedience and encouragement to obedience (oh! were getting that now!!!)...)

One of those historic disobediences is that they do not share their faith with others. I'll bet you that not even 2% have led anyone to the faith in 2012! And that wouldn't keep up with attrition, anyway, would it?

The "Uninformed" you talk about are not the problem, it is the huge numbers of pagans who couldn't see truth, especially spiritual truths, it they were 5# weights hanging from their upper lips. And that does not/will not change unless "Christians", REAL Christians, are praying for Holy Spirit to turn them to God's/Jesus' wisdoms. (like "REAL Christians used to do)

All the human efforts are useless is what I am evangelism, in abortion fights, in whatever sins the populace is into.

MANY parallel efforts are necessary: BUT -- GET RID OF PERSONAL SINS! Do that first. Then God might be willing to listen to this: 1. Pray for the lost, 2. pray for the enemies, 3. pray for the Christians, Pray for success in Evangelism, etc., etc... and bless our efforts to sway the politicos and electorate.

But obey about not sinning FIRST. That's how one honors God/Jesus. That's what is the FIRST thing 2 Chronicles 7"14 says, uh,... COMMANDS !

WANNA BE DISOBEDIENT? THEN, NO BLESSINGS. Simple as that... and don't blame me, God/Jesus said that

No one seems to 'get it', they don't get that anymore.
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/07  at  07:00 PM | #

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Apocalypse Sooner or Later

Posted by Erik Rush on Jan 5, 2013 at 06:22 PM

There is a dedicated communist residing in the White House

The snapshot of America does not look good. I realize this will appear to some a vast understatement, but bear in mind that not all readers here are part of the choir as yet. While I don’t believe that the momentum of statists (the political left) in the US can be abated at this point (short of civil war or Divine Intervention), anyone who wakes up along the way may be able to prepare themselves for the worst, thus attenuating their suffering.


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