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Mr. O'Connell's article is spot on. Property rights are human rights. Mark Twain nailed it: "No one's life or property is safe when Congress is in session".
Posted by Tigerous  on  01/07  at  08:44 AM | #

As long as there is an IRS, we are not property owners, but property ourselves. We are owned as slaves by the state we elect to serve.

When our homes and grounds can be taken and sold at sheriff's sale for failure to pay property tax, we are not the owner, but a renter of an estate of our overlords. If we were truly owners, our property could not be taken from us for any reason.
Posted by PJ  on  01/07  at  05:17 AM | #

I cannot disagree, Mr. O'Connell. What you've written of here represents the highest ideals that any civilization could aspire to. Allow me to call it "high civilization".
We mustn't forget that the Holy Bible was also a founding document, because that is the Highest Authority to which the other documents refer.
Unfortunately, we must contend with two ersatz religions which don't even recognize the baseness of their foundations nor of their base motives. Their disregard for their own base human nature will forever condemn them to chaos and failure. I might call them "low civilization", but without the natural rule of law, the term "civilization might not apply. They look quite uncivilized to me. I'm referring, of course, to Marxism and Islam, both of which have their hard-core believers.
They both believe in their own righteousness, but without the self-examination, they'll continue to blunder on.
Posted by Carlos  on  01/06  at  08:00 PM | #

What a statement: 'We must get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US. It was the cursed UN that destroyed Africa.
Posted by I. Seider  on  01/06  at  06:45 PM | #

Property, Rule of Law & Freedom

Posted by Kelly OConnell on Jan 9, 2013 at 10:37 AM

Let's Return to Constitutional Economic Rights Before it's Too Late

While in the midst of a wholesale reevaluation of the right to private property, it is timely to reexamine the history of US property rights. What exactly caused America’s unparallelled level of prosperity and freedom? Certainly our economic success then created unparallelled global influence and military might. But what factors allowed America’s stunning growth in economic power in such a short period of time? This economic success was driven by a firm Rule of Law regime which supported the Constitution’s unique defense of private property.


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