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Louise in MO, Mankind has “tuned into” The “siren song” for millennia and they have suffered the consequences. We now have those who not only follow that “siren song” but do their utmost to fulfill its authors wishes and have turned their backs on their creator. Truly there is “nothing new under the sun”. HOWEVER there are those who do their best to serve god, and He will continue to protect them and to bless them.
From the protests I have observed in front of abortion clinics, I have seen those who protest abortions and those who “bandwagon” on both sides, but the most interesting individuals I saw were those who are dedicated to the murder of the innocent, and they consider those abortions to be the sacrifice of innocents to Satan.
Do you think that the sacrifice of innocents at Mt. Carmel and at the Murah building in OKC on the beginnings of high devil days to be a coincidence? NO!, they knew exactly what they were doing.
And too many just sleep on as they are lulled to stay asleep by the "siren song".
Try amazing times we live in.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/11  at  11:04 AM | #

"Well I appoint myself as morally superior those who want to kill babies" therefore I declare those that think that way, have no right to life. How do they like that? These people are truly the evilest of humans.
Posted by Jon  on  01/11  at  10:56 AM | #

This article and its meaning shocked me. In fact, it left me breathless. Is this coming to the United States? Why not? Planned Parenthood performed one MILLION abortions in 2012. We're a stone's throw away from doing the same as the U.K.

What has happened to mankind? Are we to believe that these atrocities can go on indefinitely? The one who created life will be the one who decides the fate of an unholy and debased human race! I'd like it to happen sooner rather than later.

Posted by Louise in MO  on  01/10  at  06:26 PM | #

Dr. It is truly amazing to see how successful the “Progressives” have been in the mind manipulation “game”. One has to stand in awe of their success. On one side of the mind manipulation are the millions who were wiped out by the Nazis while the mass murder of the Socialists/Communists is not even a topic. To see the level of repulsion of the murders under Hitler in contrast with the wanton murder of innocent children and their ability to justify that and call it “normal” is a mental twist which defies all logic. I do actually stand in awe of their ability to inculcate that mental inversion into the minds of the people. “Wanton murder of people is bad, but wanton murder of the innocent is good”. To a scientist, that is totally illogical and both are absolutely immoral. So if you think I can logically explain that, you are absolutely wrong.

A bit like the Orwellian double speak, isn't it.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/10  at  11:01 AM | #

Thank you for your article in CFP. I intend to use it as an exemplar in an upcoming opportunity to discuss this topic.

Posted by J. Thorpe  on  01/10  at  12:12 AM | #

Maybe there is still time for Alberto Giubil's mom to request an after-birth abortion.
Posted by Markon  on  01/09  at  09:59 PM | #

Following along with their same ethical arguments, we as members of society should then have the right to euthanize these miserable creatures. They contribute nothing to society.
Posted by montucky  on  01/09  at  09:31 PM | #

Progressives as “moral superiors” who like to play God

Posted by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh on Jan 10, 2013 at 01:30 PM

Verbal manipulation and influence of the low information masses is what liberals do best

The most famous eugenicists were the Spartans. Their newborns were allowed to live only if perfectly healthy. The state did not want to be burdened by imperfect babies.


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