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Abortion is nothing more than live sacrifice to the pagan god of inconvenience! God does not look kindly on those who kill those He has breathed into the breath of life! Someday they will be paid and it won't be with money and power.
Posted by Louise in MO  on  01/19  at  09:59 PM | #

Great job of pushing back. Until we start pushing back every time Conservatism is brought up as a disease, or this repulsive thing on abortion is kept quiet, we lose ground.
The Reps, are only going through the motions of finding the root of F ad F and Benghazi, and false flags being implemented for their advancement.
We have to be heard and heard loud. Silence gives approval.
2014 we have to clean house if those elected are only going through the motions.
We have to unite and stop this dang snarking among the party. If you can't keep disagreements behind closed doors and you aren't in 100%, we don't need you, you weaken the party.
Start forwarding these great articles to friends and family and if the MSM won't help, at least write a letter to editor, hoping for a post.
Call your reps. Get involved, join forces with the tea party, power in numbers. We can't afford to do otherwise.
This whole administration should be impeached, we should file against all of them at once for tyranny, and mismanagement, until we get down to an honest panel.
Posted by Sam  on  01/18  at  07:51 AM | #

I got into a "discussion" with a hard core liberal in the States on this very topic about four years ago.

He said there's no way Obama would stand for such a thing as partial birth abortion, and so I said, "Look. Let's go down to the city library, or Hall of Records, or where ever the heck it is you guys go to find out about who said what or where in you Congress or Senate and let's settle this. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong."

His reply?

"No. Obama would never do such a thing so there's no point in even bothering."

And that is why you can't "Argue with idiots."
Posted by Dan  on  01/18  at  01:18 AM | #

Thanks for so brilliantly exposing the hypocrisy of BHO. His previous episode of waxing eloquently about how we must do all we can to protect our little ones clashes with his staunch efforts to protect the abortion industry and even brutally kill abortion survivors.

But Newtown provided the most spectacular ‘teaching moment’ for all RTKL folk. We can point out that there have been the equivalent of 2,750,000 Newtown massacres in the quiet execution chamber of the womb since Roe v. Wade. That’s about one every seven minutes. Also the cosmic outpouring of sympathy for those 20 first graders shows that the public would defend the innocent unborn just as much if they sensed their humanity.
Posted by Dave  on  01/17  at  01:04 PM | #

Disrespectful of an elected (Christian ) president.
Posted by Paul K.  on  01/17  at  12:58 PM | #

Well, can't say much more than other posters here...Bravo!

I wonder tho, you question how many children know, I ask how many adults know that he backed partial birth abortions and what exactly that is? I'm thinking not many...they get their knickers in a twist about "abortion" and taking away the rights of women in obtaining an abortion no matter when or how it happens and don't really understand what it is and can include the horror of a partial birth and subsequent death of a living infant...
Posted by Nina in MA  on  01/17  at  11:29 AM | #

Well done, Judi, and God Bless you. I cannot express to you the angst and outrage I feel over what the 'Father of Partial Birth Abortion' is doing to us. He and his ilk are beyond despicable and are insufferable. They are EVIL EVIL EVIL!
Posted by Lily  on  01/17  at  10:56 AM | #

Amen !!! Join Oath Keepers and the NRA !
Posted by Hank  on  01/17  at  01:54 AM | #

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Obama the Children Savior Champion of Partial Birth Abortion

Posted by Judi McLeod on Jan 17, 2013 at 09:02 AM

Guns, Gun Control, Abortion, Children

The White House spokesman Jay Carney-identified “little kids”, filling in as props at Barack Hussein Obama’s gun proposal presser today,  have more respect for human life than the president does.


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