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To answer one of the blogger's questions; yes, it is true the Panama Canal is controlled by the Chinese. Jimmy Carter gave our Treaty back and with the help of Richard Blum (Dianne Feinstein's husband/an attorney with Blum, Kay & Merkel in San Francisco) he brokered the deal. It gets worse. Long Beach Harbor is in the control of the Chinese too. Senator Feinstein is now heading up gun control legislation. Interesting connection? Coincidence?
Posted by Vic B.  on  01/21  at  09:28 PM | #

Thanks to Eric Rush for printing the Truth!! If only my countrymen could lose the scales from their eyes. This is not a race war though they would like to make it such, it is playing a race card to keep Americans quiet while our country is betrayed at every level!
Posted by Neal S.  on  01/21  at  01:38 AM | #

We have but to remember his words to the Russians to understand his conduct.
I do wonder if the people will some day wake up to the fact that they have put a Communist political activist in the Oval office.
I would have to conclude that indeed they will come to that realization when the economy collapses with this traitor at the helm of the ship of State, or will they still say that it was those accursed T-Party people and those nasty conservative Republicans and Democrats who did this.
With an approval level of 54%, I would have to conclude that the latter will be the case.
The people are certainly proving that they like to have their ears tickled and to have someone give them an enemy to hate, and above all things this Obamanation is an expert at spreading hate.
Then we have CBS finally admitting that they too love Communism and their darling Mr. BO.

Some have complained about the "News" media's bias, well now CBS has finally made their prejudice official.

Is it any wonder that CBS, NBC and MSNBC are losing their customers as are so many of those "newspapers" which have consistently insulted the intelligence of their customers?

Mr. BO or Mr. BS (Barry Soetoro) if you prefer, is certainly up to the job. The only thing he does well is to campaign, and he has been in campaign mode for over 5 years. Most assuredly he does not have the time to actually be a true leader. Campaigns are far more important to him.

You do have to give Mr. BS credit in that he is an expert at telling his audience what they want to hear, and truth is so foreign to him that truth never troubles him and he accuses his enemy of the very deeds he is doing.

Now the question is will that 54% wake up?

We had better be on our knees asking God to intervene.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/20  at  12:10 PM | #

Spot on observation and article, Eric! The dictator in chief has only just begun. This would not have gone unchallenged years ago with Newt and other GOP leaders, but since we have no one to call out Obama he is going unchecked with his agenda. It saddens me to see what is happening right before our very eyes-but with the help of the lame stream media he is getting away with murder (Beck has the goods on him and his lack of action in Bengazhi - he allowed for Stevens and the others to be killed and did nothing but lie and have Queen Hillary blame a film). Sad times for our Country. But the time the sheep wake up it will be too late.
Posted by Goodforall  on  01/20  at  11:45 AM | #

There are lots of dots to connect:
the executive order cancelling the re-importation of 800,000 M! Garands (that had been loaned to S. Korea in the '50s and '60s) for the Civilian Marksmanship Program,
the designation of returning veterans as "T" threats by DHS.
The re-make of the re-make of Red Dawn so as not to offend the Chinese (the original premised invasion by the Russians and Cubans, the re-make's invasion was by the Chinese until changed to the N. Koreans.)
The designation of millions of acres in the western US as "wilderness" so that no one can go there except on foot. These include some prime potential oil fields.
The issuance of executive orders placing the entire communication, transportation, power, food distribution and other networks under presidential control (including the internet) in case of "national emergency".

You would think something of this magnitude and impact would quickly be exposed by some patriot on the inside of the plan.
Posted by wizzardly  on  01/19  at  10:12 PM | #

ERIK RUSH FOR PRESIDENT 2016! (or after the impeachment & removal of the Muslim)
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/19  at  06:25 PM | #

This had not gotten notice, but doesn't China hold the contract for managing the Panama Canal?

Also, off the topic of China but still relating to the administration's agenda: Obama and other liberals have connected "guns and religion" in their campaign rhetoric. I will not be surprised if "protection from religion in the USA" is the next obvious target after guns.

Further on the administration's agenda: The hostage trade of the "Blind Sheik" proposed in this latest terrorist ploy is no surprise. Benghazi didn't work, so they/we try again.
Posted by JGC  on  01/19  at  12:59 PM | #

China has already bought into a coal producing co. in the north west, Mr. Buffet has bought a railroad to the east coast, I'm assuming it's for moving coal to N Carolina ports for China's African holdings, it goes on and on ,Canada also is getting into the act , with wheat and oil...what is really good is they are doing it with our or let's say the interest we pay to them so we can give it to the poor to buy cigarettes or booze.. we have closed 35 coal fired power plants,for polluting , in China they are building over 200, remember coal smoke goes straight up it don't go around the earth,, who's kidding who here.. wake up Amerika..
Posted by Rev. Raymond James Smithson  on  01/19  at  12:35 PM | #

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The Darkest Design of Barack Obama

Posted by Erik Rush on Jan 21, 2013 at 08:39 AM

American people are being positioned to suffer most due to the accumulation of debt that irresponsible government officials racked up

For some time, there have been unsubstantiated reports of the Obama administration engaging in clandestine negotiations with China toward satisfying America’s debt to that nation via exchanges of land and resources. Such an arrangement would be illegal and treasonous of course, but given its deportment to date, that would not likely deter this administration.


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