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Once again, you are astutely correct. A play for the guns will not succeed in securing the guns, it will identify - by name - the courageous patriots who are willing to take a stand against these elite bastards. When they identify these, they will use other methods to eliminate the opponents.
Posted by Thomas F  on  01/31  at  07:19 PM | #

Does Obama have a consistent strategy when it comes to fighting Islamists? How does a series of covert proxy wars raise America's standing in the world? And who is killing Kurdish PKK????

Posted by Benghazi speaks  on  01/28  at  01:34 PM | #


I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your articles. You should be an inspiration to every person interesting in being an investigative reporter. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough, so called, journalists that give a rats behind about research and the truth. Tell me, if you can take the time, is there a civil war coming and what is it that you think will set it off? Thanks and please don't stop telling the truth.
Posted by Gary Z.  on  01/26  at  04:42 PM | #

A bizarre day in Washington. A senior General is sacked with no better method than a "see ya later alligator" note sent along from some dufus. Love to see the note, " Hello, General, don't let the door hit ya. But the social activists in the White House are "uncomfortable" with your presence. If you don't mind, don't come no more".
Then you have Hillary Clinton in here face to face in Washington. Basically saying nothing but shouting our "I am woman, hear me roar". Did Hillary actually answer any question.
What I'm reading in this or these stories. Hillary has dirt on Obama. Camp Clinton and Camp Obama, are not friendly, even remotely. Hillary knows something and wants out. Obama Camp is giving her a progressive way out providing she keeps her big mouth shut. Hillary is willing to leave but with conditions. So Obama gives her a soft touch Interview with maybe a few questions. Hillary not the fool to be set up, agrees, and we all have seen the theatrics. A worthy Academy Award presentation after a couple of months of well practiced questioning and come-backs. She got her applause, and Bill was glad to see Hillary is off the hook so that she can cut bait and ride the wave to the 2016 run for President. She gets the Obama Camp to support her 2016 run providing she keeps her big mouth shut.
Hillary knows of the dirt in the White House, and it ain't rosey. Social activists have the Obama Ear, and are planning this last four years with so nasty progressive leadership in store for the people. In fact, Obama's crazy house has two years before the Senate elections. Until such time he is gunna rip any anti social activist General(s)he has lingering around.
Beware, the House of Obama is about to do exactly as he intended. Obama planned a Social Army of Activist, equal to the military and equally funded as the military to confront internal agitators not in tune with progressive leadership.
Posted by Less1leg  on  01/26  at  04:29 AM | #

She also said they didn't "watch anything" despite the fact there was a surveillance drone overhead, and her Deputy Charlene Lamb said at an earlier hearing that they did watch it in real time. Ms. Lamb also said in that hearing that 'budget cuts' were not a factor. Hillary lied about both.

In response to Hillary's "what difference, at this point, does it make" I have 2 things to say:
1. The difference between Lies and Truth, between stonewalling and transparency.
. "AT THIS POINT" -- this from a woman who stonewalled the "investigation" for 4 MONTHS! Gimme a break.
Posted by Sheryl  on  01/25  at  06:20 PM | #

And not a soul asked who offerred up the video as the cause of the attack. If answered truthfully, John Brennan would not be cleared as head of the CIA.
Posted by Lanny Astaslem  on  01/25  at  11:55 AM | #

Unsworn testimony, really? Did anyone really think we would get one iota of truth or facts from this woman who has made it her life's work to lie. Usually, it is. "I don't recall."
They had no intention of saving anyone, period. The kidnapping was staged as a false flag, for O to come in and save the day right before election. It just got out of control.
The Seal had them pinpointed and the drone was transferring the pics and nothing.
Her little offensive tantrum was nothing but putting up a strong defense with a strong offense. They should have asked, if she was done now, and can we continue.
She is in the corrupt weeds knee deep. tossing out red herrings to side track, really.
Asking, what's the point. I dare her to face those four families and say that to their face.
It was all bullish kabuki to get them to stand back. She is just another thug.
Posted by Sam  on  01/25  at  09:35 AM | #

I watched as much as I could and didn't see any testimony to speak of. I did see one whopper of a temper tantrum with the hand-waving, fist-pounding shrill-voiced 3-year-old Hillary. Nice show if you're into childishness in government.
Posted by Cats1cowboy  on  01/24  at  05:37 PM | #

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Running down the clock on Benghazi

Posted by Doug Hagmann on Jan 24, 2013 at 09:08 PM

Yesterday's shameless hearings have done little to reveal the truth

Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton provided unsworn testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee to answer questions about the 9/11 attack in Benghazi and the murders of four Americans.


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