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Good article! When our stupid DUI laws make us all felons, we will no longer be able to own a gun...the only gun owners will be inner city black men, free to loot, burn, riot, rape and pillage...and vote for Obama..the police will be outgunned, out numbered, the blacks will make Greece look like a minor protest..

As Catholics, we learned as children that when the family is destroyed, society is destroyed..our beneficent Federal and State governments destroyed the black family...divorce destroyed the white family...

Posted by Mike  on  01/31  at  08:04 PM | #

Thanks for your article.
Posted by Mike Howse  on  01/29  at  04:55 PM | #

Go, Judi. Great article.
Posted by Donald Muller  on  01/29  at  10:44 AM | #

Please stay out of american politics. Please stick to your own country. thankx.

Posted by Mike Wallace  on  01/29  at  10:33 AM | #

I don't understand, why is it Liberals one day, get to say, 'eh, Limbaugh don't matter, he's just an entertainer, he's irrelevant, the next day 'Limbaugh is the head of the GOP!" I promise you, if Limbaugh were in charge of the GOP, (which is quickly becoming the third, party, perhaps soon it will be between the Tea Party, and the Democrapic party) Obama would have not won the first time around, he certainly would not have been re-elected over free cell phones!
Posted by Jason Prather  on  01/29  at  10:20 AM | #

Right on, Judi! Thank you.

Posted by Don  on  01/28  at  10:48 PM | #

Be of good cheer my Friends here at CFP. I see a Little Big Horn experience in this wanna be Dictators NEAR FUTURE. They are surrounded by WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And our Ponies are thirsty for battle. Our War Paint is ready and our resolve is great. The blood of the Farmers that came out from the Fields at Concord is calling us to STAND TOGETHER once again. May God give us the strength and bless us with his Might. In the words of Sarah Palin. WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGAN TO FIGHT!
If we as a Nation call on his name and turn our eyes upon him. He will guide us once again. But not until.
Posted by ledbythnose  on  01/28  at  08:51 PM | #

Obama is upset because he wants to be the one doing all of the "punishing". He wants to be the final authority on all issues. Not God, not the church, not Republicans, not the NRA not conservative media and especially not Rush Limbaugh.
Posted by lisag  on  01/28  at  08:28 PM | #

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Rush Limbaugh Obama’s New George W. Bush

Posted by Judi McLeod on Jan 29, 2013 at 09:55 AM

el RushBush!

It was bound to happen sooner or later: After four long years,  President Barack Hussein Obama has found a new scapegoat replacement for George W. Bush.

Obama’s new George W. is Rush Limbaugh, who goes by the nicknames: el Rushbo, the Maha-Rushie, Doctor of Democracy, Your Guiding Light, and Titular Head of the Remains of the Republican Party, Harmless, lovable little fuzz ball—with talents “on loan from G..o…D”.

But Obama doesn’t call Limbaugh any of those nicknames.  Up until now he hasn’t openly declared el Rushbo as such, but to Obama and the power-lusting Democrats,  Rush Limbaugh is Public Enemy Numero Uno. (That’s Public Enemy Number 1 to those living in Rio Linda).


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