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This message is for Chris--to encourage you not to give up sharing the truth even though they my reject your friendship. See today's article Black Low Info Voter Converted by Lloyd Marcus--an awesome patriot !!! trying to save our country. He got a call at 6 AM from his Democratic brother who said he will never vote Democrat again !
Posted by Hank  on  02/03  at  01:33 PM | #

Has anybody lost friends over this? I was starting to say something critical of the new leader to a more than casual acquaintance shortly after his rise to power, and this 'person' looked past my eyes to the horizon and said.."'re talking about my president." To this day, four years later, not one word of a political nature has been spoken between us. Doesn't this transcend politics? Our warm relations are being held hostage by this, whatever thing it is; and this is the case with a lot of our friends that we used to have a good laugh with about President Reagan, and his 'war-pigs' back in the day. I had not the dimmest understanding of what happened to Eugene McCarthy when the burden that he was carrying became too much to bear, and so I bought every nuance of what the mass media hype made of it..hysterical conservative flips his lid, on camera! How comical.

I now understand our parallel position in history with the Germans in days of old; and their parallel universe talk-broadcaster, Dr. Joe, giving the daily perspective with crystal-like clarity..families shattered over politics, just wishing it would all go of pipes under a harvest moon, and the smack of jack-boots in the streets. This was a nation of professing Christians. The waters of a constitution, muddied by the perversions of legal experts poisoning the well, becomes an obsolete document, not worth the paper it's copied on. An old Scandinavian gentleman who has since gone to be with the Lord said he is seeing the same now, as when his country was invaded in 1940. What, then, for our children? Listen..God has given us his great promises. God will not fail. Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. A-men!
Posted by chris  on  02/02  at  12:38 PM | #

Brilliant, yet frightening, but timely. Since we opposition types seem to be incapable of getting any kind of truthful reportage in America's main stream media, I have come to the conclusion that we must take to the billboards to get our message across.
Posted by Simon B  on  01/31  at  11:16 PM | #

"Is it reasonable to expect wisdom from the ignorant? Fidelity from the profligate? Assiduity and application to public business from men of a dissipated life? Is it reasonable to commit the management of public revenue to one who has wasted his own patrimony? Those, therefore, who pay no regard to religion and sobriety in the persons whom they send to the legislature of any State are guilty of the greatest absurdity and will soon pay dear(ly) for their folly." --John Witherspoon, A Sermon Delivered at Public Thanksgiving after Peace
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/31  at  01:26 PM | #

A mystery to me is the behavior of the Senate, coupled with the press silence regarding mandatory yearly budgets. It is incomprehensible that Pres Obama has iron clad control of the Senate and apparently iron clad control of the press. It would appear that the problem with our 'free' press is that they are not 'free' of idiots who managed to graduate from dumbed down journalism studies. Most likely voted for Pres Obama, thus the gushing articles concerning even minute details of appearance and entertainment instead of critical evaluative journalism that would expose Presidential idiocy.

I do not believe the President to be smart enough to handle this transformation of America unaided. In fact, I believe that he is merely a puppet to external forces that wish for the destruction of America. The driving force for legalization of illegal residents would be adding sufficient voters beholden to Democrats to enable election of Democrats to control with impunity. The push to disable gun ownership would have simplified eventual removal of constitutional impediments to centralized control. This could not be achieved without complicity of poorly educated individuals who then control the press, education, and even governmental offices countrywide.

I do not envision any but tenuous relief from this basic scheme. Unless the Tea Party suddenly becomes aware of the danger, absolute control of government will be handed to Democrats. Once the current Senate leader is removed, the road to whatever Pres Obama's handlers envision will be cleared. I am sure that Tea Party elected representatives would loudly protest, but be effectively sidelined with no control over the direction of America. It is sad to see the political party of my lifelong persuasion about to disappear from sight in the country that I love.

Posted by Robert Fanning  on  01/31  at  01:10 PM | #

Judi, It is interesting to note that successful despots have always risen to power by telling the people want they want to hear and carefully ignoring the truth of the matter. One would believe that with the level of knowledge available to the people that they would understand that technique, but apparently 60% of them are deaf, dumb and blind because they now claim that the Chicago street punk is doing a good job.
If he succeeds in his quest, freedom will no longer exist but apparently the people want a Santa Clause who will promise them everything their hearts desire as he solidifies his position to become the dictator over the US for the rest of his life.

God please help us!

We know that Truth is always victorious, but how can the people be awakened?
Their eyes are blinded to Truth and their ears do not seem to functional if one speaks of Truth.

Are we now living in the land of Euphoria, where feel good is the only way and the machinations of the miscreants is glorious ?
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/31  at  12:03 PM | #

Your writing is a Blessing for all of us. I consider it a blessing that my job does not require me to watch BHO, or to read what he says. My greatest fear is that he will not leave office when his term is over. One cannot turn on TV without being forced to watch him or listen to some story about him and his gaggle of criminal administration.
In my opinion Fox News is not conservative, they are a lot of fluff and fence straddle.
Even conservative radio has adoring reports about the King every hour and a half.
The only place to get away from him and his ilk is sites like yours.
God Bless you.
Posted by Willow  on  01/31  at  11:19 AM | #

Once again, you've captured the problem, nailed it and nobody in our media down here gives a hoot about what is going on. They continue to kiss his rear and beg for interviews so they can toss perfect softball questions.
Posted by Tom McNulty  on  01/30  at  05:47 PM | #

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Fundamental Transformation of America Equals turning legal civil society into illegal one

Posted by Judi McLeod on Jan 31, 2013 at 07:50 AM

Brokeback America

In the ongoing forced Battle Royale between a president and what he sees as his all but captured USA civil society,  there’s no longer any mystique behind the “Fundamental Transformation of America”.  It’s becoming more clear by day that the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ is a long-planned formula that is forcing legal civil society into a complete illegal society.


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