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This article hit some nerves in me as my parents divorced just before I became a teenager and I have followed their footsteps with my own failed marriage. There are a few key things to point out in today's society. First, the courts are set up to punish deadbeat dads. A father is mostly considered a deadbeat right off from the start unless he proves otherwise. I was not a deadbeat, but the judge and lawyers still took me to the cleaners and made it all about money. It was never about my desire to remain actively involved with my 2 sons. It was all about how much money I could pay the lawyer so he would represent me in court. Then it became all about how much money I was paying in child support. I had zero leverage and my ex-wife called all of the shots.

My biggest mistake was allowing her to be a stay at home mother which brings me to my next point. Women today are far different than the women from 30-50 years ago. The fight for womens' rights has come and gone and they now have a lot of power. Unfortunately, the media and society has produced a different type of woman altogether. Now, sex and money combined with weaker family units and crumbling morals are driving factors. We see more and more women who have come to define the term "money-grubber". Now it may seem like I'm trashing women, so I'll jump on men for a minute. Men cheat. There, I said. Not all men cheat, but throughout history, many men have cheated on their wives, thus weakening the family unit and taking credibility away from fathers.

Now in my case, I was faithful while I was married. My ex-wife had two sons who had caused her to gain a lot of weight over the years. She became very self-conscious and lazy. So she ended up losing a lot of weight over the course of our last year together and she started gaining more self confidence. She started going to the clubs with her friends, which I was fine with because I trusted her, and after a couple of months I found out she had been unfaithful. I couldn't get over her boyfriends and moved out. During the divorce, she turned my 2 sons against me. It didn't matter how hard I tried with them. The more I fought for them, the more I had to pay. Now they don't even want to see me and I don't have the money to keep fighting, so I gave up. The system wasn't set up to help people like me.

How do we fix it? Stop treating child support like it's a form of income. Let's see how many mothers give their kids to the fathers when you take child support out of the equation. Stop glamorizing divorce in pop culture. It's getting old and it's ruined our perception of family.
Posted by Kage  on  02/13  at  03:11 PM | #

Bob G, The saddest part of all of this is that there are so many who have volunteered themselves and their children to be “Cannon Fodder” (the miscreants term for them). Not only have they volunteered, but they also enlist their friends to also become part of the “Cannon fodder”.
Do you wonder that I state: “Ignorance is NOT bliss but can mean death”.
It appears that the “thrill of the moment” is sufficient, and being “Cannon fodder” seems to not trouble them. Perhaps they do not understand what Cannon fodder is or what Cannon fodder is used for.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/07  at  02:26 PM | #

Just look at the television shows of the '50s and '60s as opposed to what we are shown now. Men in general are depicted as total buffoons or even worse, homosexual clowns. The only time you see a man's man is during a football game or the total fighter gigs. Fatherhood in the black communities is almost non-existent anymore. I've seen it at Christmas time when the welfare crowd comes for their "free s***" from Toys For Tots. Five kids names and ages on their welfare form with five different last names. Oh how cool is that. And whites are not faring much better. Time and time again it's just too much trouble to make the marriage work. Who needs a father figure when we have the gubmint?
Posted by Bob G  on  02/07  at  02:07 PM | #

A fatherless immoral society is so much easier for any government to control. Welcome to Liberal Progressivism...
Posted by LMQ  on  02/07  at  01:09 AM | #

It is well known that the first principles of communism require the destruction of the family; usually by sending the fathers off to war and the mothers off to work in the factories. The STATE then assumes the role of parents and teachers from birth to maturity. In the most advanced and dangerous form of communism, the STATE replaces GOD as the only Hope of the hopeless individual. I didn’t write this, Whitaker Chambers did.

That is why communism is so very dangerous, and yet today many in Obama’s government still desire it ………And they’re succeeding.
Posted by Steve L  on  02/05  at  01:08 PM | #

"For example, a society which merely accepts the G-d concept without differentiating between the elements of the Trinity is devolving towards paganism."

So going from the Jewish viewpoint, that means Christianity is just the devolved, paganistic, form.

You really shouldn't be so hard on yourself and your faith.
Posted by Sam  on  02/04  at  10:19 PM | #

The conspiracy to remove fathers from authority is not a scientifically verifiable reality. But removing fathers from authority in our society has happened and continues to happen. So, what's going on?

What is going on is simple. It IS a real, evil conspiracy, but it is in the spiritual dimension. Conspiring evil spirits slickly seduce humans to do their bidding; they encourage the sins that undermine whatever helps human society...sins by both the greedy and power-hungry leaders AND the lazy & comfort-addicted wives & children and their clueless husbands.

And Conservative journalists beware, too.
Even most all the journalists and talking heads are seduced to not see the fact of evil spiritual influences; apparently the devils have seduced and keep in the lime-light only those writers and commentators who are blind guides.
--If the shoe fits....
Posted by D. Bene  on  02/04  at  02:30 PM | #

I have first hand experience with the statistics referred to in this article. My two brothers and I were raised by a single mother until I was 10 yrs old. I don't remember my father ever living with us; he would occasionally visit my mother to impregnate her (hence the birth of my two brothers along with other siblings he sired by other women). Moma tried her best to feed us but an under educated woman in the '50s was not qualified for many jobs. We were helped by the new welfare programs and she did manage to make sure we went to church. I can attest to the fact that one of my brothers was affected by "father hunger". In his teens he was influenced by an older single man. Years later my brother contracted AIDS and died at the age of 33. Of course he never married but we all thought he'd never found the right woman. In retrospect, I believe that the lack of a male role model, poverty, divorce and an absent father all contributed to his sad demise. I, too have struggled with the lack of a male role model and in my own way suffered "father hunger". I'm 63 years old, divorced twice with a daughter who is also divorced with three children. Once their father and I divorced, he rarely paid child support or contacted them. I firmly believe divorce perpetuates itself and is a severe societal problem.
Posted by Cajun Lady  on  02/04  at  02:01 PM | #

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Is Fatherhood Being Killed so the State Can Play God?

Posted by Kelly OConnell on Feb 6, 2013 at 11:32 AM

If Fathers are Removed From Society, How Can Anyone Understand Authority?

Is there a master plan for the subjugation of the human race? If so, it must perforce include a strategy for the removal of the single most influential figure in history—the Father. Complete sabotage of families and marriage would also be necessary to pull off this coup. From a purely secular standpoint, the health of a society can be measured by the vitality of fatherhood, according to relevant statistics. More importantly, the health of a society can be best measured from its ability to grasp the concept of God, the Father. For example, a society which merely accepts the God concept without differentiating between the elements of the Trinity is devolving towards paganism. But who would desire such a purge?


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