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J.D., Although extremely accurate this article saddens me to my very core. It is sad, because it is true. The great Satan has most certainly blinded our people to God's truth. During bible study yesterday with a gentleman of a philosophy which I do not practice, we were discussing "The End of Days". I knew we were close, but I had no idea how close. We have, apparently, already been witness to the first three horsemen of the apocalypse and only await the arrival of Jesus Christ on His white horse and flaming sword. Now, before anyone gets all excited, I am fully aware that man's "time" and God's "time" are eons apart as far as the 24 hour clock goes. So, while I believe with every ounce of my being that we, America, are headed for a collision of unimaginable magnitude, I do not feel Jesus has mounted up, yet.
I believe that the world at large has lost its collective mind! The Middle East is on fire for how many centuries now? Europe is hanging on by its fingernails and the general population can only cry and scream about their free stuff. The Orient has mad-men with their fingers on nuclear weapons and Marxists, Communists and Socialists run rampant in every formerly sacred institution in America.
Make no mistake about it, I believe wholeheartedly that we are headed for a battle that will make the Civil War look like a tea party.
Americans have bought up every semi-automatic weapon they can get their hands on. Ammunition is not available to the general population, and will not be for at least 6-8 months, if at all in 2013. DHS has ordered 7,000 TRUE assault weapons (select fire AR-15s) for "personal protection" and "full capacity" magazines to go along with them. You know, those magazines that we the people are not allowed to own but DHS, FBI, NSA, LEO and military are. DHS just ordered another 450,000 rounds of HOLLOW POINT ammunition. A bullet that is outlawed by the Geneva Convention.
For the first time in my 62 years on this planet, I am scared to death for our future. Hussein has accomplished his promised goal of having a "Civilian Security Force" that is just as well trained and just as well funded as the U.S. Military...hello DHS, and they ALL bow down to him.
I will now step down from my soap box.
GOD bless America, Her men and women in uniform and Her patriots past, present and future, all.
Posted by AJ1911  on  02/04  at  07:45 PM | #

Thank you, sir, for the inspiring words of President Herbert Hoover. Indeed, such wise words can only bring negativity from liberal minds, lest they bring the populace to reflect on noble subjects such as freedom, God-given rights or opportunity. Under the cover of equality, solidarity or security the socialists have led us to reject our morals and values, a ploy to deceive and conquer which the vast majority is unable to identify.
Posted by usfrog  on  02/04  at  03:08 PM | #

J. D., great article!

We need to be mindful of another dimension of the constitution's demise. Conspiracy, but not of the classic type.

What is going on is simple. It is a real, evil conspiracy, but it is in the spiritual dimension.

Conspiring evil spirits slickly seduce humans to do their bidding; they encourage the sins that undermine whatever helps human society...sins by both the greedy and power-hungry leaders AND the lazy & comfort-addicted wives & children and their clueless husbands.

--If the shoe fits.... Well, this one will fits all sinners, even me.

Conservative journalists need to beware, too:
Even most all the journalists and talking heads are seduced to not see the fact of evil spiritual entities and their influences; apparently the devils have seduced and keep in the lime-light only those writers and commentators who are blind to this evil spiritual reality.

By the way, Conservative pollster George Barna has discovered that ~65% of those people calling themselves "Christian" do not believe in the Devil/Satan.
Posted by D. Bene  on  02/04  at  02:57 PM | #

The Constitution?  What’s That?

Posted by J.D. Longstreet on Feb 4, 2013 at 09:00 AM

A republic cannot survive such laziness -- not even America

The dictionary tells us that a constitution is a law, or compilation of laws, determining the fundamental political principles of a government. 

The people of the United States have a constitution.


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