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Hi Sheryl. When you get some time, if it's not too much trouble could you upload a photo of the gown you wore to the Romney Inaugural Ball? I'd really be interested to see it. Also, The GOP have had the name The Stupid Party LONG before Bobby Jindal used it. As for my idea of of the kind of candidates that will win in 2016 or any year for that matter are candidates who 1) have conservative principles & don't put them in a closet come election time to please the media & wishy - washy "moderates" who sit on the fence & stand for nothing, 2) put God, Americans, & country first in just that order as The Founders of this nation did, & 3) won't lower themselves & play their voters for fools by trying to win by being Democrats. If I were a Democrat or a Democrat-leaning independent WHY would I vote for a Democrat-Lite "Republican" when I could vote for the real thing? Keep deluding yourself though & keep voting for Democrat-Lite "Republicans" if you want. Just keep in mind that is those who settle for "Republicans" masquerading as Democrats who are moving forward the liberal dominance you are talking about. Lastly, I mentioned nothing about wanting a Christian theocracy in this country. God will force no one to accept Him or what He offers through His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Like it or not though, any nation that thumbs it's nose at Him through the evils running rampant through this land & funded in a lot of cases with taxpayer dollars (see Planned Parenthood, aka Murder Inc.) will not prosper.
Posted by Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr.  on  02/09  at  05:29 PM | #

@Kenneth Let me guess, you think the Todd Akins and Rick Santorums are what the US needs, and are the type of candidates that will win in 2016?

Good luck with that. Hope you don't mind another 20 years or so of Liberal dominance.

Oh, and by the way, Jindal's reference to "the stupid party" was directed at people like you who continue to equate the words Conservative and Evangelical. I gather from your comment that you missed that point.

Posted by Sheryl  on  02/08  at  10:29 PM | #

Christians & conservatives, do yourself a huge favor & leave The Stupid Party to phony conservatives like Tokyo Rove & willing dupes who continually buy into the dope he & other phonies like him peddle. Reading the comments here there are two people in particular whose names do not need mentioning to know that if Tokyo Rove told them to jump off a cliff in the name of "electability" they would surely do it. The Stupid Party has become a lifeless corpse & it's time it was allowed to rest in pieces. A new 2nd Party is coming no matter how hard Tokyo Rove & his ilk try to deny it. Continuing to support The Stupid Party is no different than continually trying to catch roadrunners with ACME products. In fact The Stupid Party should be renamned The Wile E. Coyote Party until it goes over the cliff for the last time. You just can't fix stupid!
Posted by Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr.  on  02/08  at  06:21 PM | #

@Posted by Robert Fanning on 02/06 at 09:19 PM | #

Would you describe an ideal Republican candidate you think would unite the GOP?
Posted by Ann Jones  on  02/07  at  12:15 PM | #

Robert, The root of our problem lies in the answer to these questions.
Why was Lincoln shot? Why was Kennedy shot? Why was Reagan shot?
What “sin” did these three have in common?
Therein lies the very root of our problem which Jefferson addressed with this comment.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1802

What was the common “sin”?
Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan (and others)went against the wishes of the Banksters.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/07  at  10:16 AM | #

I appreciate the honesty and enthusiasm of conservative posters on this site. I am, myself, a conservative, however, I am dedicated to the goal of keeping Democrats from taking control of government and imposing financially devastating policies. To this end I must carefully examine the political realities in various regions of the country to develop the best chance scenario for retaining at least prevention of permanent Democrat control in Washington.

I am well aware that many prefer voting only for very conservative candidates, however, this may not present the requisite number of acceptable votes in Congress. It may be necessary to make some accommodation to those slightly less conservative in order to elect representatives who will be able to maintain a Republican majority that can prevent complete Democrat takeover of government providing the opportunity to utterly change our governing principles.

In addition the political landscape is changing. With increasing numbers of immigrants...the current amnesty an impending disaster... coupled with ever increasing payments to non-workers, the political dynamics are headed with certainty to liberal democrat territory. To be pressing for extremely conservative policies and candidates would make complete take over of government by liberal politicians simple and certain. The consequences would be destruction of the America we know and love.

The only way to preserve a chance for recovering control of government the focus MUST be election, at minimum, a significant majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives. At the same time the Senate must be at least very nearly balanced if Democrats retain control. I find it unlikely that Republicans will elect a president in the near future. I suspect that there will be two terms after Pres Obama before a Republican President can be elected.

If any believe that my view is too dismal, that simply pressuring candidates for office to vote conservatively will work, I wish you well, however, I could not support financially such tactics. I would vote Republican regretting every moment spent voting for unelectable candidates and granting Democrats access to complete control from law to judicial control essentially freezing out Republican ideas for decades.

God save America!
Posted by Robert Fanning  on  02/06  at  11:19 PM | #

pu5erfish, Apparently you have not so much as a clue as to what is going on in DC. Watch the price of everything you need to exist go up and up and up.
If you think the DINOs are any different than the RINOs then you are really behind the curve.
You might ask yourself how a nobody with no work experience or military experience was put in the White House.
You might also read the books he has written.
OR, Just stay in the tiny box which you are now living in where there is no thinking allowed and hope and hope that you are right, and when the months income buys one weeks worth of food, perhaps you will ask yourself what went wrong. Oh, that’s right it is all George's fault.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/06  at  08:41 PM | #

Hi, Judi. Thank you for doing this piece. Throughout the 2012 campaigns it appeared that Rove was supporting the opposition. With his most recent moves, it appears he is continuing in the same vein. Sometimes I wonder whose payroll he's on. We need to listen closely to Mark, a great guy who we can trust.

We must not lose sight of the fact that if the GOP loses the House in 2014, the game will be over. We won't have any chance of regaining control of anything in 2016 if obama has both houses of Congress in 2015 and 2016. Our Republic will only be a distant memory. That is, if we're alive to remember it. Retaining the House must be #1 for now. We need to find good candidates and then support the hell out of them. If we do that we'll have plenty of time to work on 2016.

Take care of yourself, Darlin'.
Posted by dave3200  on  02/06  at  07:26 PM | #

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The joint Obama-Rove betrayal destined to unite conservatives

Posted by Judi McLeod on Feb 6, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Obama-Rove sellout of America

Thank God for Mark Levin, who tells it like it is, depressing as it is.

American conservatives have an enemy every bit as destructive as President Barack Hussein Obama.  Former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove should be renamed to identify who he truly is, ‘Karl Rogue’.

As Levin describes it, in real time the ship of state Titanic is heading full-speed toward the iceberg known as the Fundamental Transformation of America. Obama is the captain of the Titanic, but the “barnacles on the side of the Titanic” are “Karl Rove and his puppet Stephen J. Law”.


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