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Well BOO BOO, I will be kind to you even if you might not deserve it.
Here are a couple of quotes you need to consider.

"The true liberty of the press is amply secured by permitting every man to publish his opinion; but it is due to the peace and dignity of society, to inquire into the motives of such publications, and to distinguish between those which are meant for use and reformation, and with an eye solely to the public good, and those which are intended merely to delude and defame. To the latter description, it is impossible that any good government should afford protection and impunity."
--Thomas McKean, Respublica v. Oswald, 1788

Now days it is the main goal of the press to delude the voters and defame true patriots. All to the benefit of the liberals. The communists knew what they were doing when they infiltrated the media.

So enjoy your trip while you can, and thanks I don’t wear a tin hat, but I did wear a very heavy metal one at one time.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/24  at  09:55 AM | #

Hells bells! You people are dumb as dirt. Do any of you really believe that a government going into sequestration followed by another budget showdown has enough cash to fund mental hospitals for your crew? Seriously? That said, I'd gladly pay more taxes to lock the whole lot of you # freaks away forever. Time to take off your tin foil hats folks and enter the real world.
Posted by Honey Boo Boo  on  02/23  at  05:59 PM | #

"We won’t know for certain until May"

So in other words, "We have no idea what we are talking about but we wanted to make something up so you would stay scared and not listen to anything Obama says."

Posted by Jojo  on  02/20  at  05:21 PM | #

This is funnier than The Onion. And all the agreeable letters, man they are hilarious. I mean c'mon, no sane person thinks that the majority of the US population will be sent to mental hospitals by a guy who can't even pass his own budget or get cabinet members or judges through a Senate filibuster.

So the only alternative is that this is an elaborate parody. Had me going for a minute. Hahahahaha. Good job guys.
Posted by dowdy  on  02/19  at  07:08 PM | #

Marxist? I've been listening to this utterly ignorant b.s. for 5 years now. Try reading Marx before you label someone a Marxist. He was naive but Marx was not anti-capitalism nor was he anti-individual. Just the opposite in fact. Capitalism was a necessary antecedent to communism. Communism would dubiously increase freedom by allowing the individual the liberty to pursue his own ends without the limits of class. He was wrong but he was not anti-capitalism or anti-liberty. He would have rejected both the Russian and Chinese "revolutions" as a complete misunderstanding of dialectical materialism. A "Marxist" would believe that capitalism is self-destructive and cannot be instituted prematurely through legislation or force. Of course communism does not work but throwing around those kind of hot-button words like red meat to your ignorant audience only strengthens the argument against you. In fact, the kind of divisiveness you are inciting sounds exactly like the type of incendiary crap peddled by Hitler and his henchmen. You wouldn't be a Nazi sympathizer would you? Obama and the APA have no reason to label Christianity a mental illness. "Christians" like you do a good enough job on your own marginalizing your views with paranoid rants like this one. You never established what the criteria would be for determining Christianity a form of insanity. Wouldn't the DSM 5 also identify Muslims as crazy by the same measure? Wouldn't that contradict Obama's whole agenda? Anti-Christian? Jesus was one of the first communitarians and was a revolutionary because he preached distributive justice at a time of oligarchic despotism. Christianity as it is written in the Bible is a bigger threat to capitalism than a defunct philosophy brewed up by some European guy in the 19th C. You are so confused that maybe the DSM 5 should come up with a category for you. Wait, the DSM 4 already did- disorder 301.0. Or maybe you're just ignorant. Read primary sources. Start with the Bible, then read Marx, then read the DSM. Not one thing you said is substantiated by any one of those sources. Never mind. Say what ever you want because you are your own worst enemy. God bless America!
Posted by Dung Flotus  on  02/19  at  06:10 PM | #

Good lord sir, have you no shame?

Or do you really think your readers are stupid enough to believe this tripe?
Posted by Jilli Brown  on  02/19  at  06:05 PM | #

Just out of curiosity, could someone please explain to me how a mental health system - woefully underfunded, understaffed, and under increasing demand even now - has the resources to admit tens of thousands of more patients to its ranks?

Never mind that what Mr. Rush suggests would require the addition of tens of MILLIONS more patients, just where does he think these hospitals will acquire their staffs?

State mental health hospitals today can't attract enough registered nurses or doctors to adequately run the facilities, yet we're supposed to believe that they'll happily cram MILLIONS of new patients into dilapidated and crumbling buildings?

Anyone who believes Mr. Rush's argument - I ask you to volunteer (or even just visit) a state mental hospital, then tell me how this will be accomplished.

This article is pure garbage.
Posted by Stuffe von Gaato  on  02/18  at  07:26 PM | #

I have no doubt that Christians are the reason for Marxism not taking a more solid foothold in America. Jesus said He would establish His Church and hell shall not prevail against it. Considering that Jesus can keep hell from attacking us, it's a given that the use of the DSM-V holds even less power. Glory to God!

However, it will not always be that way. When Believers are taken from here in the Rapture, all hell will, literally, break loose. Being labeled with a "mental illness" will be the least of anyone's problems. Even if one is accounted mentally ill for praying to an unseen God, faith in Jesus is the only thing that will save anyone. Turn to Him while it is yet "today".
Posted by Lonni  on  02/17  at  11:35 AM | #

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Obamacare and the DSM-5: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid

Posted by Erik Rush on Feb 9, 2013 at 11:09 AM

In the case of those who pose the most dire threat to Obama’s designs – Christians – these will certainly be targeteD

One of the many quaint media offerings of the Christmas season is “Harvey,” a 1950 film which starred James Stewart. Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd, a middle-aged eccentric whose best friend is a 6-foot, 3.5-inch tall rabbit named Harvey, whom only Elwood can see.


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