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So, how exactly is Obama going to cart 80% of the US population to insane asylums?
Posted by Dc Wilson  on  02/15  at  11:05 PM | #

Mr. Rush, I don't think we need be unduly alarmed by the changes you anticipate in DSM-5. Yes, the APA has been unduly influenced by what they perceive as changes in social norms. However, those members, there should be many, who recognize these changes as being mere leftist political maneuvering and superficial, should also recognize the social destructiveness of these aberrations.
Those who have families will surely recognize that homosexuality leads to pedophilia and pedophilia leads to even lower abominable practices which are lower than even animals.
They're very likely now aware of what the atheist left has wrought- hell on earth.
But I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
Posted by Carlos  on  02/11  at  12:24 AM | #

He is both a "christian" (small "c") and a "muslim," (small "m"). As a New Ager, he can be both, in his own mind. Actually, he is neither so he is deceiving the Muslims even as he uses them to destroy the Christian West. He will eventually destroy Muslim civilization, also, because they will not worship him. As the Chicago New Age High Priestess, Whopper Nfries, said, "He is The One." The Ain'tIChrist.
Posted by  on  02/10  at  11:12 PM | #

I go first to your articles Mr. Rush, and you are spot on with this one.

A quote from the article concerning what Christians deemed mentally ill for their faith will not be allowed to do:

"And forget ever surviving an employment background check that requires security clearance."

Only jobs that require no security clearance. Apparently that would be jobs like president and commander-in-chief of America and her military?

At the top of the list of atrocities committed by Obama and his regime is the picking of who is or is not an enemy of America, and the sending of our sons and daughters to battle and sometimes to die to literally strengthen radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. The regime even provides arms to the enemy used to fight our military and neither Congress or the people do anything to stop it.

The Marxist/Communist takeover seems beyond the point at which it can or will be reversed.
Posted by Bob69  on  02/10  at  10:05 AM | #

Erik-Exactly correct. The elites get to classify anyone they want out of the way as mentally ill. Then they can do what they want with the "mentals" and what they want to do with the country. Napolitano in April 2009 labeled Christians who believe in biblical values like being against abortion or homosexual marriage as "right wing extremists." That means you're "mental." God, please help us all!
Posted by Workathomer  on  02/09  at  05:59 PM | #

Bob G; You are not "f--ked" until YOU decide to die on your knees.
Posted by Jon, Louisiana  on  02/09  at  04:29 PM | #

Great column as usual Eric! DHS has already judged Tea Partiers, Ron Paul supporters, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr and returning vets as “terrorists” so why not include all conservative Christian gun owners. We are in the battle of our lives and only the righteous will prevail.
Posted by Gundog  on  02/09  at  12:53 PM | #

Professor of Constitutional Law, John Randolph Tucker, explained in his Constitutional Commentaries that the founding theory of American Jurisprudence is the premise that our life and liberty are the “property” of our Creator, who bestows them upon us to be our “possession”, carrying an obligation on our part to protect and defend them as a duty to God while they are in our custody. This gave rise to the Battle Cry of the American Revolution: “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”.

This country was founded upon Natural Law (common-law), our rights being founded in nature, derived from our Creator, and have existed long before the erection of the state. The American state was established to protect these natural unalienable rights. Every State Constitution begins with recognizing God as the source of our liberty. The original citizens were found only in the common-law States; there was no “federal” subject-citizen until after the Civil War.

Professor Tucker explains that prior to the Christian era, all polity was concentrated in the state (statism); little or no regard was held for the rights of the individual. His status was determined by his position in the structure of the state, he existed only to glorify and contribute to the financial aggrandizement of the state. He was no more than a “worker ant” forced to toil to produce substance to satisfy the insatiable needs of the state.

Christianity separated the man from the mass out of a duty to God. All life, and the attendant liberty attached to it, belong to our Creator. In this country, the God given rights of the citizen supersede the laws of the state. Of course Christianity is the avowed enemy of a totalitarian state. Liberty does not come from government.
Posted by frank  on  02/09  at  12:41 PM | #

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Obamacare and the DSM-5: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid

Posted by Erik Rush on Feb 9, 2013 at 11:09 AM

In the case of those who pose the most dire threat to Obama’s designs – Christians – these will certainly be targeteD

One of the many quaint media offerings of the Christmas season is “Harvey,” a 1950 film which starred James Stewart. Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd, a middle-aged eccentric whose best friend is a 6-foot, 3.5-inch tall rabbit named Harvey, whom only Elwood can see.


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