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Norm, you make some interesting points may I explore them a bit more.
1 Rubio the other day set up shop at a local watering hole in DC to a crowd of white people talking about how you would take care care of The Latin and black contingency. Mr Rubio, I suggest you take your circus on the road to maybe Liberty City.( outside Miami a 4th world country atmosphere) or go to the infamous So Cental in LA. Address your policies with the people you say you speak for.Lets hear what they have to say about you. I am sure you will attract media. You never hit the trenches to get elected you did it from the comforts of your office in that Miami skyscraper

2. Cruz, all I span say is holy s***. Your a republican and you mugged a fellow republican named Hagel. You grandstanded for 3 minutes and then attacked? Yep you asked Senator Hagel a question but would not let him answer due to you explanation of time restraints. Then the video. You want Senator Hagel to answer a question taken out of context by your staff. When I saw this I was amazed, your both republican. Why the fracture, aren't you guys on the same page? Obviously not.
After this debate I personally challenged Frank Gaffney and Cindy Crowley on the CNN blog to a debate where I would be the Cruz type and they both would be the Hagel type and let me have at it . I also promised that you could have the final edit and I still could make you look bad. So far no response. I like Hagel, he stood fast with the Gang of 5 when former Senator Dunn wanted to only give reserve status to graduates of our military institutions.
Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/12  at  02:06 PM | #

Dear Less1leg,
I don't know where you got the notion that the USA is not racist . May I point out just one illustration and then you decide.
We have 2 people, 1 from Cuba and 1 from Haiti. They both are crossing the Florida straights. The Haitian makes it to shore. The Cuban is rescued by brothers to the rescue.
Guess who stays?
There is some ruling that if a Cuban just hits the beach he is in, this does not apply to Haitians. Yes they both go to Chrome detention but the Cuban calls family and friends and he is gone. Why you ask? There is a powerful Cuban machine with a very powerful lobby.

Then we got the good ole church groups who pay no tax (church's ) but they can sure spend government entitlement money on the people that they rescue and bring in the USA with there sponsorship. When the sponsorships end what happens to the people? We the tax payer pay yep. I recall I could be wrong but someone rescued people and took them to Portland Maine and Worchester Mass. My memory Sorry, Portland got 16,000 Somalians???? Is it not the job of the government to see fit who deserves to be here. Here we have religion spending someone else's tax dollars. I got a problem with theat.Put RELIGION AND CHURCHES ON THE TAX ROLE. oh forgot the only reason the Somalians got in is we see the from a oil standpoint the straights of Hormuz are critical. How many interpreters for our military in the war in the Far East make it here? It's single digests but they give there loyalty and what do we do spit them out. I could go on with the mujaadeen who were our friends during the afghan /USSR war. We promised them and left them but we went back and asked them for help and they said no. Remember Charlie Wilson ? We need his type around DC today. Thanks more later
Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/12  at  01:44 PM | #

Greetings Judi,

A truism from your story is highlighted as follows:

" watch of both Republican and Democratic administrations, the USCIS grew into a dysfunctional bureaucracy "

Once inside the " Beltway " minds seem to go to mush. My Texas Members of Congress have totally ignored their constituents request
for a balanced budget and a reigning in of the bloated and incompetent " Beltway " bureaucracies.

We have some new Senators, Rubio, Rand and Cruz who talk a good fight regarding spending control and bureaucratic reduction and States Rights. We have to wait and observe if they can be true to their ideals or will they fall into the trap of the obscene
Congress that simply laughs at us " Tax Paying Turnips " ! ?

Keep the Faith, Norm Dallas, Texas

Posted by Norm  on  02/12  at  12:58 PM | #

I've posted the question on the American sites and received some varying comments.
But why is it that there are no northern border issues of Canadians flocking across the US/Canada border stealing northern US States entitlements? Like the Southern border Canada experiences unemployment, and similar issues of desire to gain entry into the United States.
What gives people of Hispanic origin a right to border jump and get ahead of the immigration que for gaining American citizenship?
The US has very good US Immigration Department rules. If followed properly the applicant gets a reasonable consideration for entry. But we must remember, that US citizen deserve rightly so, employment and services ahead of an applicant outsider. Should the US need certain people and offers a Green Card to an outsider, then acceptance is there for immigrants to come right on in. The US isn't racist nor exclusionary. It's just a fact of necessity. No place can have too many of one trade or the trade suffers. Likewise the US cannot permit like any country too many unskilled labourers flooding into the market place displacing US citizens from employment potentials.
But why do Hispanics get a free pass card, every time?
Posted by Less1leg  on  02/12  at  12:16 AM | #

What is written in this vibrant book is great and will get no argument from me, except it only covers the immigrants coming from the south, Mexico Caribbean but does not address our northern neighbors Canada. Let's take a look, Canada has emulated our country in fact may I say we were (USA) like a big brother years ago. That's all changed and has been thrown out with the bath water. Canada's immigration has a huge impact on the USA. Consider that you Canada will let anyone in from any down trodden country with no questions asked but you know what I as a white man educated born in the USA cannot live in your country year round nor enjoy any of your perks. But if I am from a substandard country I can enter and start marking money immediately. Recall the time when a man of Chinese origin decided to run for office in Richmond ( I think) over in BC province. He went out and mobilized all the Chinese who spoke no English and had them vote for him. Guess what he got elected. I was there at the time and many Canadians were very pissed that they no longer have a voice, this man that won I understand did not master your country's language.Now let's address the northern border with the USA. This is not ever looked at or discussed with the voraciousness that is done with Mexico , however some crossings are only cameras and I wonder who and what crosses at night. Some say we don't worry about that were Canadian and that's where it stops. But I noticed in your news there was an issue brought up about what to do if a dual citizen person (I assume this was an immigrant) was involved in a act of terror.) The morons must be related to our morons in political arenas decided we shall just take away there dual citizenship and they shall just be Canadian. What the hell does that say? Canadians can pretty much go anywhere.
I say anyone who commits terror in your country is a threat to the USA. Throw them out. We don't need them coming down here and terrorizing us. The border we share is a joke. Some locations are just cameras? I had the opportunity to take your train from Vancouver to Toronto this past summer. What a ride. I still think BC is where God goes on vacation. I love your country. I would rather live in the BC area than anywhere in the lower 48 but your i,migration are very strict and one must have wealth, lots of money.
I only hope you let this be published, I feel we are in deep dodo and neither republican or democrat can fix it. We need to totally re group. As I heard and I like this statement
"We are a SUPER POWER with a 3rd world grid.
Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/11  at  12:25 PM | #

Unfortunately few know about just how desperate the situation is in those countries I call a “dung heap”.
Graft and bribes are just a “way of life” in those countries. Anyone seeing that phenomenon being promoted in this country?
In just one example: I know of a woman who had built her home at the local garbage dump where she and her children “harvested” their food and clothing and items to sell. She built her “home”, with materials they had harvested from the dump, on tall poles to keep the rats out of her house. She had found a narrow ledge on the side of the near mountain where she could raise a garden, but the ground was so steep that she had to put a rope around her waist and fasten the other end to a tree in order to work her garden plot. Her “husband” took much of the food she produced in that garden to brew up some more booze for himself and his drinking “buddies”.
He believed that you were not a “man” if you had less than 10 children and an “Angel baby”.
In his “thinking” you had to have a baby who died in birth so you had an “Angel” in Heaven working on your behalf.
I surely understand someone wanting to escape that “lifestyle”.
But why in the world would they now promote the same type of government and graft and religion and lifestyle which put them into that situation?
Mind bending to say the least.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/11  at  11:36 AM | #

Judi, you and I know that the miscreants are just using immigrants who came here illegally to increase the size of their power base. I feel sorry for those who are trying to escape some dung heap of a country to come her in an effort to improve their lifestyle, BUT if they insist on keeping the same lifestyle which destroyed their home country, I do not welcome them.
Unfortunately there are those who come here not to contribute to this nation, but come here to get all they can get, and I have no consort with them either.
I am all too familiar with individuals such as the woman who came here and became the “Welfare Queen” because she had learned how to work the system to the point that she received Federal checks under so many names that her income was 10's of thousands of dollars a month.
Doesn’t she, and her students she teaches how to work the system, realize that they are “killing the goose which lays the golden eggs”?
Incompetence? I wonder about that. When I reported the “Welfare Queen” to DC, they did not so much as ask the postmaster at the post office where she had seemingly innumerable PO boxes about her conduct. The empty envelopes she extracted checks from filled a smaller type (about 4 gallon) of P. O. waste basket over half full.
I wonder if she and her students were ever informed that “No thief shall enter the Kingdom”?

Is all that "free" money worth the price?
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/11  at  11:13 AM | #

Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis

Posted by Judi McLeod on Feb 12, 2013 at 10:05 AM

The book that shows you all that the politicians and bureaucrats never wanted you to know

Just as the powers that be in Washington, DC are about to open the“bi-partisan” path for amnesty via 11+ million illegal immigrants, along comes Whistleblower author Marinka Peschmann to open the pandora’s box called the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann’s eye-opening book, Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis takes the reader into the world of crime, corruption, and incompetence that run an uninterrupted daily course at the USCIS.

From its opening pages that shine the spotlight on the politicians and faceless bureaucrats, allowing it to happen,  Crime & Incompetence readers will see what really goes on at the citizenship and immigration services.  The legions of people left in the purgatory of waiting for a process that never comes may see a mountain between them and freedom, but Pechmann’s research and investigative skills show that USCIS’s is a run with nowhere to hide.


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