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FYI.....I love Canada Free Press and ALL of your contributors. Their articles are informative but not domesdayish to the extent that I'm in a panic. lol But most importantly I see you are telling the truth and that is very important. Thanks.
Posted by C. Garrett  on  02/13  at  07:17 PM | #

A true conservative, not left or right, just intelligent, common sense, truth teller legal, natural born citizen of the USA...
Interesting to have someone " normal" like in my own family!
Dr Carson I hope you run for President!
Posted by Naturalized American  on  02/13  at  09:57 AM | #

Sorry Folks, even though i found his words eloquent and refreshing,remember no matter what Obama doesn't care, the majority of doesn't care. Half of America doesn't care. It is an excellent distraction though. I have no doubt Obama sat there and knew right away that he had just found another way to distract those of us who hate his idea of America and his policies. Yes, Dr Carson, thank you for your words and work. Too bad the people it was directed to didn't catch one bit of the meaning.
Posted by jeff  on  02/13  at  01:11 AM | #

As I listened to his talk, I couldn't help but think back to think of my own life experiences. Although I am not black, was far removed from Atlanta, (I was raised in Montana), my mother and father were dirt poor. They always instilled in me the values of hard work, study hard and don't blame someone else for your own failures.

They paid what they could to the Catholic school where I was taught the values of God, Country and education.

I had my first job delivering newspapers on a bicycle 7 days a week starting when I was 9 years old. I remember finishing my route one day and got home and listening to the 8 AM weather new-s with a temperature of -40 degrees. I wondered why I was so cold. So, he doesn't have much over me as far as life experiences.

The most important point is this:

“What we need to do is we need to be able to discuss intelligent ways of solving the multitude of problems that threaten to destroy our nation,”

Barack Obama is the biggest impediment to this intelligent discussion.
Posted by montucky  on  02/12  at  10:40 PM | #

I applaud Dr. Carson for his views and the courage to state them with the president sitting nearby. He is an eloquent spokesman for conservatives. Now I wonder how long it will take for the Mainstream Media to vilify him and his beliefs in their never-ending attempts to protect their man.
Posted by toledojim  on  02/12  at  10:12 PM | #

I saw the speech of Dr. Carson, missed the tv interview -thanks for posting it. Fabulous speech. Bravo Dr. Carson, BRAVO.!!.

I expect that during his state of the un-ion speech tonight, BHO will completely ignore everything Dr. Carson said. Obama dare not mention Dr. Carson' speech, but must attempt to save face while trying to quiet all further mention or discussion of Dr. Carson or what he had to say.

One just cannot compare fine wine and Kool-Aid now can they.??.
Posted by ali  on  02/12  at  08:30 PM | #

this good doctor had better get him a 6'6" 250lb bar bouncer who likes to break things. maybe a retired navy seal as a back up.
Posted by donnieboy  on  02/12  at  07:08 PM | #

God Bless Dr Carson and Judi McLeod for writing about him. I think you can watch Dr Carson's speech he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast on the 700 Club.
Posted by Hank  on  02/12  at  04:22 PM | #

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Spirit of Dr. Ben Carson Will Transcend State of Union Address

Posted by Judi McLeod on Feb 12, 2013 at 10:06 AM

Obama society: Christians can’t speak, Constitutionalists can’t speak, Tea Party members can’t speak, returning veterans can’t speak, and now surgeons aren’t supposed to speak

A real feeling of Hope & Change will pervade at tonight’s State of the Union Address. The first overriding feeling of Hope & Change that cannot be masked by the hypocrisy of the preening Obamas, by the hype of the Mainstream Media or the stridency of Nancy Pelosi.

The roughly 50 percent of Americans who stand firmly against the Fundamental Transformation of America have waited four long years for someone to tell President Barack Obama he has no right to destroy an America built by its Founding Fathers.

That ‘someone’ emerged Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast in the person of Dr. Ben Carson.


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